AN: I thought about a funny story and yeah I dunno if you guys will like it or not but I wouldn't mind for some peoples remarks on this story!  Thank you!


He He this is gonna be so fun.

It's a good thing Rose, Esme and Carlisle aren't here they are at Tanya's house.

Oh yeah that's right I better not think about it!

"Emmett why in the world are you doing that for?" Alice said in between giggles next to Jasper on the couch.

"I'm doing it for the Guinness book of records and to go down in history" I said as a giant smile spread across my face.

I over heard my so called 'Emo' brother say "Well we all know for sure that he will go down in history as the dumbest vampire on earth" He and Alice laughed and I heard a chuckle from upstairs.

I turned and glared at Jasper sending all my anger at him. Oh I know what I can do! I just think the light bulb blew in the kitchen. He he i'm an evil devil. I heard a laugh so loud I sware our neighbours could here him but aghh that's the thing we don't have neighbours. "Edward, Bella is gonna be here in 20 seconds" Alice called while Edward was down the stairs already from when alice said Bella. Ha ha he's whipped. Edward turned around from the front door and glared at me.

'What I was just saying the truth dude you become as hyper as Alice when the word 'shopping' is used and when it is also used with the name 'Bella' and you can not tell me the smartest most handsome male in this room that it isn't true because it is' I smiled 'he he edward's wipped, edward's wipped, edward'd wipped'

"EMMETT!" Edward yelled and went into a crouch position.

'Bring it little brother' I smiled.

Edward hissed and was about to attack when Bella's truck came up the driveway. He quickly straightened himself out and went to see Bella. Aww I really wanted that fight. Damn it Bella just when he was about to attack. I pouted and went back to my packing.

Edward and Bella walked in the door "Hey guys!"

"Hey bells" "Hey Bella" "Hi miss make Edward not attack me" Edward hissed at me.

'No eddy-kins don't hiss at me I wanted to fight', I pouted

"To bad Emmett" Edward said as he and Bella sat on the love seat.

"Umm Emmett why in the world do you have a superman outfit, snorkel, a snowboard and a parachute?" Bella asked as she was looking at the pile of equipment on the bench with a confused look.

Hehe i'm going to make history!