"Logan?" Mary Anne turned to look at her boyfriend.

"Yea..." Logan replied sleeply.

"You love me no matter what right?" Mary Anne said softly.

Logan brought his lips to Mary Anne's and kissed her softly and than whispered. "Of course I do always." As he brought his head back to rest on the back of the couch.

"That's good." Mary Anne sighed and brought her head back to rest on his chest.

Logan closed his eyes and than opened them once again. "Why with the question?"

"Oh it's good to know just in case...." Mary Anne began.

"In case of what?" Logan asked. "You aren't planning on cheating on me are you?" He asked with sudden hardest in his voice.

Mary Anne sat up quickly "No Logan. I would never cheat on you. I love you and only you." Sudden tears came to her eyes and fell on her cheeks.

"Oh Mary Anne I'm sorry. I know that you would never cheat on me just as you know I would never cheat on you." Logan brought his head up and brought his hands to his beloved face and gently wiped her tears from her cheeks. "Shhh now no need to cry."

"Yes there is." Mary Anne choaked out.

"Why? What's going on?" Logan suddenly felt fear in his chest as he waited for Mary Anne to answer him.

"I'm dying." Was what Mary Anne had to say.

"What!" Logan exclaimed. He shook his head virgolosly "No it isn't true."

"My heart is failuring me." Mary Anne sobbed as she buried her face into Logan's neck.

"No!" Was all Logan could say.

They two fourteen year olds sat in the barn home holding onto each other and crying for an hour. They finally pulled apart and started to talk.

"You know how I havn't had much engery lately? How tried and deathly pale I've become." Mary Anne said.

Logan nodded numbly.

"Well Daddy and Sharon took me to the doctors yesterday and they confimed it. My heart has weaken so bad that I have to have an heart transplate soon otherwise I will die."

"Why aren't you in the hospital than?" Logan asked.

"I am going to be checked in today. They finally have room for me. I will be there for an week before they release me." Mary Anne said.

"But there is hope." Logan said. "You aren't dying not with an heart transplate." He said with hope in his voice.

"There is an long list ahead of me. I am not in the critical stage so I have to wait for my turn." Mary Anne said. "I may die before I get to the top of the list."

Logan shook his head. "No Mary Anne Spier you won't die. You and I are going to get married later on in life and live happily ever after till we both are an hudred." He said with confivence in his voice.

"Oh Logan I'm so scared." Mary Anne sobbed once more and leaned back in to listen to Logan's very strong heart beat.

TOO BE CONTIUNED ..............