"I'm really sorry, Ayumi-chan..." Conan said in a low voice as he backed towards the door.

"Wait..." Ayumi lifted her hand and grasped Conan's wrist feebly. "The girl...The girl you love...Is it Ai-chan?"

"Wha...How did you!?" Conan turned around, surprised. By the look on his face, Ayumi knew she was right.

"I guessed so..." Ayumi murmured. "Ai-chan is so beautiful, so calm...And she always seems to know what to talk with you..." Ayumi smiled sadly. "Well, I must admit Ai-chan does suit you, Conan-kun."

"Ayumi-chan...I, I am so sorry, but..." Conan stammered.

Ayumi got onto her feet and brushed the dust off her skirt. "It's OK, Conan-kun," She said while wiping her tears. "I'm fine now."

"Are you sure?" Conan is still worried about her. Maybe Ayumi is just putting on an act? But seeing Ayumi smile brightly, he felt relived. She does seem alright after all. "But...Who are you going to go to the prom with?" He asked Ayumi.

Ayumi's face turned into a slight pink color. "I don't know...Probably Mitsuhiko-kun or Genta-kun. They seem to be, well, how I should put it..."

"Yeah." Conan grinned. "They do have a crush on you for ten years now." And they also chased after me angrily in these ten years, Conan thought. "Let's go, shall we?" Conan headed to the door again.

"Hey, Conan-kun?" Ayumi called out.

"What is it, Ayumi-chan?" Conan glanced back.

"You know..." Ayumi started, unable to hide her smile, "You should ask Ai-chan to go with you soon. I'm sure she would love it."

"Yep, I will ask her soon!" Conan beamed happily. "In fact, I think I will ask her this very day!"