Title: Illusion

Author: Mikayla Syaora Yakaishi Winner

Disclaimer: I don't and will never own these characters that belong to J.K. Rowling.

Claimer: I do, however, own this plot, the new personalities of these characters and whatever else I might make up in the future.

Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure, Drama

Rating: R, just being safe. There are ummm…what do people call them? Oh yeah, "mature" content in later chapters.

Summary of the Story: What if Voldemort wasn't the "Dark Lord?" What if he was acting under a higher wizard, one, more powerful than Voldemort himself? What if the only one who could defeat this person was on his side? Would the world ever be saved from this mysterious evil? Would love really conquer all? If fire melts ice and water kills fire, which is the more powerful one? A D/G romance

Summary of This Chapter: More of an introduction than a chapter, let's call it a prologue.

Author Notes: This is going to be the first Harry Potter fic that I'm posting but not the first to be written by me. Anyway, I usually write for Anime shows and I started reading Harry Potter fanfics after the movie. (By the way, wasn't Tom Felton cute?!?) And I have since been reading Draco/Ginny romance and have been completely obsessed. In fact, this is the only couple I support. Since it seems kind of odd to have just one couple dating in the entire fic, I had to reluctantly pair some people up. You'll see who they are soon enough. Hope you enjoy this!

Chapter 1 – And So It Begins…

In a darkly shadowed house, commonly referred to as the Riddle house, sat a dark figure in an armchair and another, on his knees in front of him. Yes, we all know the famed Riddle house. As it's not everyday that you find out that Voldemort was, in fact, a Riddle. Tom Riddle, to be exact. He was named after his father, who left his mother after discovering that she was a witch. To Voldemort, Tom Riddle Sr. had been afraid of the concept of magic. Although no one could prove it, Voldemort had set foot in this house and killed off his father and paternal grandparents.

"You have failed immensely, Riddle."

Voldemort flinched at the name. He had always hated it. That was the reason for his new name, Voldemort. Why did he insist on using it?

As if he had read Voldemort's mind, the dark figure spoke.

"The reason I use your true name, Riddle, is because you use the name Voldemort to hide from yourself. I am merely showing you that you should accept yourself."

Whether he believed it or not, it didn't matter. When the true Dark Lord gave advice, you take it with many thanks.

"Thank you for enlightening me, master."

The master never takes long to get to the point.

"Now, Riddle, I want you to go around the world and get rid of any trace of this prophecy. If I ever lay eyes on it, you'll know what will happen, I expect," the figure handed Voldemort a slip of paper.

Voldemort shuddered, thinking of the consequences. His master did invent the Unforgivable Curses; there was no telling what would happen to him if he disobeyed. He glanced down at the scrap of paper in his hand; the words seemed to jump out at him.

It is said that fire and ice would one day meet,

And fog and mist will we greet.

Through the mockery, teases and taunts,

Love at its finest would be caught.

Fate has it that they will possess elements,

Fire and ice, controlling climate.

Alone, they are strong,

But together they can do no wrong.

Against each other, chaos will fall,

And we would lose all.

For fire melts ice,

Into water, still nice,

But water in turn,

Drowns fire that burn.

Together, side-by-side, for freedom, they will fight,

When the true Dark Lord rises, hiding the light.

For the sake of humankind,

The nature of a sane mind,

Let our heroes prevail,

Let's hope they will not fail.

We have nothing to win,

But everything to lose.

"Remove all trace of this prophecy. And when your task is done, you will receive your next assignment."

"Yes, Master."

Standing up, Voldemort Apparated out of the room. The figure still stood as he lost himself in his thoughts.

"We must bring those two onto our side."

Author's Notes: Draco and Ginny will enter this fic soon, as will the other well-known characters of Harry Potter. I know this was short but expect longer chapters soon!