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Airport Anarchy

"Seventy eight bottles of beer on the wall, seventy eight bottles of beer! You take one down, pass it ar—ouch! What was that for?!" The pink haired girl now glared at me as if I was the one who had pulled her hair.

"Naruto, you have been singing the same damn song for a half hour! Shut up already!" Ah, Haruno Sakura was so sweet to me. I grinned up at her pixie face, ignoring the green glare.

"But Sakura, what else are we going to do while we wait? We've still got forever to go!"

"We're just waiting for the okay to leave the bus, idiot." Grr. Why did he always have to butt in? I glared over to the black-haired boy behind us, turning in the seat to face him.

"Nobody asked you!" A smirk was evident on the teme's face. Meet Uchiha Sasuke, the biggest pain in the ass I've ever known. Sasuke thought that the world was made for him to own, and everyone was there to fall head over heels in love with him! Well…okay, so Sasuke didn't really ask to be popular, but it pissed me off either way. Ever since middle school, Sasuke and I have been rivals. First it was for Sakura, who I had been crushing on since I was ten. And then she crushed on him, and he crushed on nobody because he's got an icicle up his ass. But once that 'love' phase faded in junior year, we started to fight over everything. Sports, school, friends. He just lived to see me fail. And I lived to see him…him fail too I mean! Gah, weird thoughts. I had been having a lot of those lately, and it was all the bastard's fault. Probably snuck some type of fangirl potion in my ramen when I wasn't looking.

And now, I was stuck with him for a week. I sat in a bus with forty one seniors, waiting to enter the airport to hitch a ride to Italy. Well, actually, Germany first since Rome doesn't allow international planes to fly into it. But then we'd be headed to Italy. For seven days, me, the teme, Sakura, and six of our friends were going to be living in the boot country. February vacation was going to be extremely boring for anyone who wasn't on the trip. I looked up at the group, instantly perking up at how many of us were able to get on the trip. Well, I knew that Hinata and Neji were going to have enough money, since they were from the pristine Hyuuga family. Cousins by their dads, the two were raised together as if they were brother and sister. Even though Neji was technically supposed to be a freshman in college this year, he had started school a year later in order to be with Hinata. It was cute really, especially since he had been offered the choice to skip at least two grades. Family meant a lot to him, even if he didn't act like it.

Then there was Ino and Shikamaru. Yamanaka Ino and Nara Shikamaru were best friends that knew each other since the day they were born. Literally. Shikamaru was born like, ten minutes before Ino in the same baby room. The only difference was Shikamaru was born at 11:55pm, and Ino was at 12:05am. Hence why Shika was older. Still, it's funny to see how different the two are. Ino is loud, exciting, and is always dragging the motivationally challenged Shikamaru around. She's also extra affectionate with him, always hugging and kissing his cheek. He, on the other hand, barely puts the energy to talk or walk. Sakura always babbles about how they're 'so bad for each other', or whatever her woman's intuition tells her. You can't really take Sakura's word though, since her and Ino were almost as bad as the teme and me.

So who am I missing now…oh! How could I forget dog-breath and bushy brows? Inuzuka Kiba was the only kid who was as crazy as me. We had gotten into so much trouble through the past four years of our friendship; it was a miracle that we were still allowed to study at Konoha high. Maybe it was because bushy brows, aka Rock Lee, always romanticized our pranks as 'outbursts of youth' that the school could not try to contain. It was pretty hysterical watching Tsunade, our principal, try to follow of all the words Lee used to cover our tracks. And then our teacher Gai would burst into tears at his pupil's speech and agree to stand by our decisions to spray paint the halls or set fireworks off on the basketball court. And hey, we weren't going to knock it if it got us out of detention.

Well, since I mentioned Gai, I guess I should tell you that he was going to be on the trip too. He was Lee, Kiba, and Neji's check in guy. Ha, Gai is the guy. Anyways, mine, Sasuke, and Shikamaru's was a teacher named Hatake Kakashi. He was the laziest teacher I had ever met, and most of the time he copied things that other teachers already had so he could read his weird books. But he was pretty smart when he needed to be, and was the only teacher (other than Gai) who appreciated me and Kiba's pranks. And sometimes, to my displeasure, he got us back. The girls' counselor was Yuhi Kurenai, one of the science teachers. And she was a babe. If it wasn't for the fact she was getting married to Sarutobi Asuma, I'd so go after her. Huh, was I forgetting any other ones…

"Naruto! Get off the bus or you'll be left behind." Ah! Umino Iruka! I grinned up at the head of the entire Italy trip, sliding out of my seat and scratching the back of my neck.

"Sorry sorry!" I hurried off, glaring at the group who had left me daydreaming on the bus. "Guys, you planned to leave me there forever didn't you?"

"Don't be upset at us for not taking care of you. You're 18 now, you should be able to take care of yourself," Ino said, rolling her eyes and dragging her suitcase toward the airport. I grumbled and followed her lead, almost tripped when Kiba slugged an arm around my shoulders.

"So Iruka said we're going to be in the airport for a couple hours. We're going to get pretty bored there, huh?" I instantly perked up at the mischievous glint in his eyes, returning it with a smirk.

"Yea, you're right. Guess we need to spice things up then, huh?" I asked, slowly looking at the automatic doors sliding in front of us.

"Well, there is this list…" I looked to the paper in his hands, reading the title out loud.

"Things to do at an airport….hmm…" This could get very interesting.


"Na-Naruto-kun…Ki-Kiba-kun…isn't this…this dangerous?" Oh sweet Hinata. She had never stepped out of line, which was exactly how her parents taught her to be.

"That's the sweet part about it! You can't live fully until you've tasted the danger in the air." Now I sounded like Lee…eh, whatever. I fixed the goggles I had packed over my eyes, checking the nearly deserted airport of Konoha. Because honestly, how many people flew on a Monday at seven in the morning? With a town population of 2,000? I'll give you a hint…besides the people in our group….seven.

"Tell me you're not really going to do this." Neji's condoning voice only made the idea twice as rewarding. I settled a bit into my chair, or rather the airport's wheelchair, looking back to Kiba and giving the thumbs up.

"I'm ready dog-breath!"

"You better hope you're a flying fox, because here we go!" I sent a wave to Neji and Hinata, who was clutching her hand over her heart, before Kiba jolted me forward. I laughed at the thrill of flying along the neatly polished floor. Finally I felt Kiba letting go. The freedom of riding alone sent me skidding twice as fast. I threw my arms out at my sides, whizzing past several of the students in our class and waving. Some rolled their eyes at the stupidity known as Uzumaki Naruto, while a few girls giggled. I grinned at them, losing concentration on the path in front of me. Turning back to see where I was going, my heart stopped when I saw Sasuke walking in the middle of the lane. I don't think he realized the danger of what was going on until I shouted his name. He turned to face me, but the distance between us was not going to give him enough time to get out of the way.

"Shit!" I shouted before jerking my weight to the right. Alright, so let's stop here for a physics lesson with Uzumaki Naruto! So when spinny wheels are going straight, they are happy. When they being to forced to try and go a different way then straight, they get pissy. And pissy spinny wheels do not mix well with Narutos and hard floors. Alright, that's the end of my physics lesson. Be prepared to be quizzed next class.

The wheelchair instantly crashed to the ground, and I went flying into the air. I hit hard into the floor, my body rolling a few feet before coming to a stop. I groaned and closed my eyes, willing for the dizziness of the fall to leave my head. I slowly opened my eyes up to stare at the ceiling, only Sasuke's big ass head was hovering over mine. I blinked once before I groaned and closed my eyes again.

"Crap, I died and went to hell. Nothing on earth could look that evil." I heard him snort and it made me smile despite the pain in my back. Suddenly three sets of footsteps came toward me; two running while one leisurely made its way over. The two running dropped next to me, a soft hand on my cheek confirming that one was Hinata.

"Naruto-kun! Are you okay?" It was nice to know that someone cared about me well being. I opened my eyes to appreciate the true concern in Hinata's features before I slowly produced a thumbs up.

"Never better." I heard Kiba's laughing a second after the statement.

"Dude that was awesome! You should have seen how much air you got. It was like someone got catapulted or something."


"You're just lucky you didn't break any bones." And Neji the downer was back. I puffed my cheeks and pouted cutely up at him in a way that I knew would make Neji's eye twitch. I knew I was cute, and it was nearly impossible to stay mad at me for too long. Well, unless you're Sasuke. Sure he had the 'hot brooding' thing, and Neji had his 'Too smart for school so I'm sexy' thing going on. But only I could puff out my cheeks and still make it adorable! They'd just look dumb.

"Aw Neji-kun, are you worried about me?"

"If you become the reason this trip is cancelled, I will kill you. Immediately." Alright, so 99% of the time, Neji scared the shit out of me. Like now, where it was clear that he would have no problem in ripping out my heart and feeding it to his young. I shivered and pushed myself to sit up, Hinata's hand instantly moving to rest on my back in case I fell back. I sent her a thankful gaze, and blinked once when her face instantly matched a tomato. What was wrong with her?

"Not like any of the teachers were around Neji, relax." Kiba said with a roll of his eyes. Even though we were crazy, we weren't stupid…we're not! We had made sure that the teachers were still busy checking all of our tickets and seating when we had decided to pull the prank. Give us a little credit here.

"You wanna do it again?" I shook my head a bit and looked around the plane airport. There had to be something else we could do…aha! I spotted an empty podium next to us, and I scrambled to my feet in order to get to it. I could see Sasuke watching me while I jumped over the desk, landing on the other side and popping up again. I increased the smile as I glanced to the others, making my voice sound sweet and feminine.

"All passengers please come forward and give me your tickets. Be prepared to be cramped, annoyed, hot, itchy, and forced to watch bad movies like Norbit and Glitter. If at any point you feel like gouging your eyes out, please shut the fuck about it, because I don't really give a damn."

"You are an idiot, dobe." I glared to Sasuke for a minute before leaning over the desk and grabbing the lanyard that his passport was connected to and yanking him forwards. We glared at each other for a minute before I gave a sickly smile and returned to the sweet voice I was using before.

"Sir, I don't appreciate when men flirt with me. If you want to get laid, you'll have to ask one of the other attendants." Even though my voice was sweet, the smile I had slowly turn into a smirk. I could tell by the narrowing in his eyes that he did not appreciate the comment or the closeness of our faces. Still he didn't pull away, probably because of that damn Uchiha pride.

"If anyone wanted to touch you with a four foot pole, I'd have then tested for mental insanity." I growled and the smirk slid from my lips to his. Cocky bastard.

"You're lucky we're on a school trip or else I'd knock you out."

"You'd try to." He replied, hitting my hand away with the back of his. I crossed my arms, turning my head and tilting my nose up into the air.

"You ,sir, are not allowed on the plane." Kiba's laughter was cut short when I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. Slowly looking up, I winced when I looked up at the happy expression of my room proctor. Whenever Kakashi smiled like that, it was not good.

"Why hello Naruto. And what brings you behind the desk of the airport?" Crap.


"Do you got any fours?" I sighed when Sakura shook her head, her smiling purely evil as she pointed to the pile in front of us.

"Go fish." I growled as the group laughed, struggling in my seat.

"Shut up! You know I can't!" And that, was because a certain porno reading teacher decided it was in his legal right as a teacher to tie his student to the chair in order to 'protect the rest of the community' or some bullshit like that. I whined and tried to untie myself, but the knot was on the back of my chair and all are my friends were traitors. Especially Sasuke for knowing Kakashi was behind me and not saying a word! He was going to get it as soon as I got out of these bindings.

"Ka-Kakashi, I don't think that is necessary. What if his parents complain?" Iruka glanced to me before back at the lazy ass teacher, who just turned a page of his book in response.

"His parents would probably do worse." I grumbled at the true accusation. My dad was the mayor of the town, and knew Kakashi from when he was a teacher and Kakashi was only a student. I guess my dad helped his decision to become a teacher after he retired, although I never understood why that meant that I had to suffer for it.

"This has got to be against some type of abuse law," I muttered out, glaring when the teme scoffed. This was all his fault.

"If you weren't such an idiot, they wouldn't have to cage you up like an animal."

"Yea keep talking big while I'm tied up, but remember I'm in your room for the next week!"


"Naruto-kun!" I looked up when the dark haired girl sat down in the seat next to me, holding out a small cup of ramen. My eyes instantly lit up and I forgot completely about the idiot. After all, there was more important issues to talk about.

"Where did you find that?!" She blushed and glanced to her lap, her voice shaking while she spoke.

"I-In one o-of the small f-food stands." I smiled at how cute Hinata could be. It was strange that she was always nervous around me, but I passed it off. It was probably the same with the rest of the women in her family.

"That's awesome Hinata! I'll pay you back when I can get to my damn wallet." I tried to jerk my arms again before I sighed, shaking my head and turning my attention back to Hinata. I frowned, trying to think about the best way to get the ramen to my stomach without my hands. "Hey, will you feed it to me?"

"H-H-huh?!" Wow, that was a record for darkness. It was straight past apple and onto fire truck. I opened my mouth, trying to keep it open while I spoke.

"My hands are stuck, I can't reach it. Friends help friends, right?"

"Fr-Friends?" I blinked once before nodding at the weird question.

"Yea. What, you think I hang out with you cause of Neji?" I laughed and leaned closer to her, shaking my head. "No way! You're a good friend of mine Hinata!"

"O-Oh! Na-Naruto-kun…I…" She seemed to glance from me to Kiba, who simply crossed his arms and looked away. There was a moment of sadness that filled her features before she shook her head."I have to use the bathroom!" And before I had time to complain about the unfulfilled favor, Hinata ran away. I almost cried when I realized she took my yummy ramen with her. Why did god hate me today?

"Naruto if you embarrass that poor girl anymore, her head is going to pop off." I looked away from Hinata to see Ino rolling her eyes, placing a pair down onto the floor. What the heck what she blabbing about now?

"Just ignore her Naruto." Yawned Shikamaru, who I had thought was sleeping. Ino just glared at her best friend and crossed her arms.

"You know Shikamaru; you do everyone a lot more help when you just stay asleep."

"Says the one butting into people's lives."

"I am not! I'm helping a fellow woman get her feelings out." I glanced between them in complete confusion. Just what were we talking about?

"Why the heck would Hinata feel like that for fox boy?" I glared over to Kiba, who seemed to suddenly get bent out of shape. People sure acted weird in airports.

"Listen dog-breath, I don't know what you're talking about but I'm ten times better than you!" Kiba growled at me like a dog. I continued to glare even though I didn't know why he was so mad at me. All I did was talk to Hinata, not like I stole his girlfriend or anything!

…oh! I got it.

"What's with the dumb look?" I grinned despite Kiba's comment.

"I get it now. I know why you're mad!" The girls giggled at Kiba's random blush, thought I didn't understand what the big deal was. By the way he was acting; he was making it pretty damn obvious.

"The dobe actually figured out something on his own?"

"Shut up teme!" Who invited him into the conversation anyways?


"As I was saying, Kiba, you're just jealous."

"Jea-Jealous?! Why would I be jealous? That's stupid!" But despite his laugh, the blush on his cheeks kept growing. Why did he have to be so obvious? If he turned any brighter, than he was going to match Hinata!

"Because I got ramen and you didn't! Well that one's mine, so you can go get your own!" A loud bang was heard as the girls and Kiba fell from where they were sitting. Shikamaru hit his forehead and glanced to the window across from us while Sasuke snorted.

"Such an idiot."

"What? Why is everyone staring at me?" Before anyone could answer, a loud voice started to speak over the intercom.

"Flight 94, now boarding. The plane arriving in Germany, please come to gate 6. Flight 94, gate 6 please. Thank you." I nearly jumped out of my seat except the stupid wrapping kept me stuck in my position.

"That's us! Let me out, I wanna go get my seat!"

"Hey forehead, if I have an aisle seat, you wanna change?"

"No way Ino-pig, I want to see the ground when we get to Germany! I wonder if it'll be cold there?"

"Oh it'll look so beautiful! The majestic water laping onto the quiet pale shores while the earth sighs in ease!"

"Lee? When did you get here?"

"I'm always here for you my darling Sakura." A loud smack was heard before a weak sigh.



"Aw they're not that bad guys. Especially when they like dogs."

"GUYS!!" I cried while they walked away from me. Why did this keep happening? I struggled for a couple seconds until I finally felt the bindings fall away from me. Glancing up to the man who had kept me locked up, I growled. "Who certified you, anyways?"

"Your father." He tapped my nose as if I was three before grabbing my bag and slinging it over his shoulder, starting to read his book as he walked. "Come along Naruto, this trip wouldn't be quite as…interesting without you."

"Alright! Italy, here I come!" And I was going to show the country that it would never be the same after Uzumaki Naruto got into it. Clenching my fists in front of me and nodding, I ran after my proctor and toward the most important week of my life.

Off we went, on the horrible seven hour trip. You never realize how much your personal bubble is affected when you get on one of those things. I got the 'privilege' to sit between Neji and Sasuke on the plane. Kiba was lucky, sitting with Sakura and Hinata, while Shikamaru, Lee, and Ino all sat behind them. I tried to get Neji to play a game, like 'I spy' or 'tic tac toe' but he quickly denied me of any fun times. Sighing, I turned my attention to the other plane buddy.

"Neji's such a hard ass." I listened for a response while keeping my eyes on Neji in case he heard me. Apparently he hadn't, because I was still breathing. But when I got no sarcastic reply from Sasuke, I looked over to see him blocking any sound out with a CD player. Instantly my eyes lit up at the thought of music (I had always been fascinated with music, but I forgot to pack my MP3 into my carryon luggage) for the rest of the trip. Grabbing the ear piece closest to me, I eagerly placed the music to my ear. Or, what I thought was going to be music. "What the hell is this?"

"It's Italian, dobe. If you plan to go to a country, you should know at least part of their language." I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"That's what the translator is for."

"And if they're not around? Can't rely on your brain, since you lack said part."

"Oh hey, I got a phrase I wanna know. 'Shut the hell up teme'. Do you know how to say that yet?" He stared at me, and for a minute I thought he was actually going to know. I wouldn't put it past him that smart bastard. But as he continued to stare at me, that stupid superior expression in his dark eyes, I felt myself squirming. Had Sasuke's face always stood out this much to me? I mean, he was pretty pale, much paler than most of the kids I hung out with. And the double dark image he had going on between his eyes and hair was kind of…uniquely Sasuke. His skin looked smooth, and now that I thought about it, he didn't have a freckle or mole on him. What was this kid, a friggen robot?

"Stop staring dobe." I jumped a bit and shook my head to rid any more thoughts of the annoying guy next to me. I didn't care if he was made from god himself, Uchiha Sasuke was not a big deal. The girls in school were just crazy!

"I wasn't staring, my body just didn't know how to react to something so weird looking." I tugged a bit on the earpiece and closed my eyes, listening to the random Italian woman speak.

"Ciao. Come stai? Hello. How are you? Now repeat." I scrunched my nose at the funny sounding language. Did everyone sound this annoying when they said it?

"Ciao. Uh…come stai. Hot damn I sound good speaking Italian!" Sasuke glared at me as a few people, including our chaperone, looked over to me and scowled. I shooed them away with my hand before leaning back in the seat, continuing to listen to the simple phrases that the woman was teaching. Every time she would ask us to repeat I would, not caring that the teme stayed silent through it. He wasn't going to just learn a language by listening. Maybe he was just scared he'd sound as goofy as this lady on the tape did?

The hours seemed to go much faster than before while I sat with Sasuke and learned the language that I hadn't even bothered to think about while I prepared for the trip. We stopped for a bit when the food was served to us, and I use the word 'food' lightly because it was more like cooked rubber than any type of dinner I've tasted. Then once we discovered that our knives couldn't cut through the food, we both agreed for the first time in our entire lives. This stuff was not edible. So we shoved it as far away from us as we could and started to listen to the CD again. And I hated to admit it, but Sasuke's reasoning for learning the language was true. Some of the stuff was pretty useful, like asking for directions or where the bathroom was. Plus, I could impress all of the girls with my amazing new talent!

"Attention folks, if you now look outside of your windows you will see Frankfurt, where we will be stopping in a matter of minutes. Please wait until the buckle light goes off above your heads to unfasten your seatbelts. Flight attendants will be coming through the aisles with trash bags in case you wish to throw something out before landing. We ask at this time that all electronic devices please be shut off until the light turns back on. Thank you for flying with Lufthansa, and have a safe trip." The pilot stopped for a second before another voice came on, speaking in what I could only assume was German. After all, it only made sense since we were coming from America, into Germany. My attention was brought away from the voice when something soft passed my ear. I blinked, but didn't have time to identify it before Sasuke had pulled the earpiece from me, making me yelp.

"Ouch! That was in my ear damnit!" I rubbed the tender appendage while he wound the cord around his CD player, tucking it into the wide pocket of his black sweatshirt.

"I know that, dobe." Well if he knew it, why the heck did he do it?! Oh wait, I almost forgot. He's an asshole. I crossed my arms and glared forwards while the plane made a rocky landing onto the runway. It seemed to take forever for the plane to cruise along the pavement, as if it was a car in a mall parking lot and not a plane. Finally the plane stopped, settled into it's new resting spot, and allowed us to get off. The whole process was crazy, and that's saying something from me. But when you have about eighty passengers sitting on a plane for seven hours, it's bound to get out of control. I barely had time to grab my luggage from the top shelf before Kiba was shoving into my back. I growled at the uneasiness of being pressed between Kiba and the teme.

"Uzumaki sandwich was not on the menu."

"Stop your yapping Naru, it's not like I planned this. Sakura pushed me." I could hear a faint cry of protest behind us while we slowly pushed with the tide toward the door.

"Like I have any control over this either!" Well, that was true. Sakura weighed 105 pounds wet. There was no way she'd be able to push Kiba, me and Sasuke without a bulldozer to help her out. Once we got out of the plane, I instantly shivered. Damn Germany was cold! I almost pressed closer to the person in front of me before I realized just who it was. I slapped my cheeks to keep the blush down.

"Shit, it's like 6am here! No wonder it's so damn cold!" we hurried our way through the cold unloading tunnels in order to reach the warmth that was awaiting us in the airport. I instantly relaxed when I went inside; ignoring the shivers and tiredness I felt in order to enjoy the fact that I was no longer stuck at home. Sure I couldn't read the signs or figure out where the hell I was, but that didn't matter. All that was important was that I had made it to Europe without being killed. That was a pretty big accomplishment in my eyes.

We all settled down into the spacey area around the next gate that Iruka had ushered us to. Our plane to Italy wasn't for another three hours, which meant sleep time for most of the group. Ino was passed out against Shikamaru, who seemed surprisingly awake and attentive on the blonde laying on him. But then again, he probably slept the entire way to Germany without a problem. Neji, Lee, and Sakura were resting against the wall near the gate, though Sakura was the only one asleep. Lee and Neji seemed to be having a quiet conversation while observing the people who passed by them. Kiba was completely knocked out on one of the rows of seats, with a blushing Hinata let his big head rest on her lap. I watched how Hinata seemed extremely nervous and relaxed at the same time. It was a cute mix that I was hoping Hinata would show around me too, since we were friends. Even though I thought she was a really sweet girl, she didn't like to talk much around me.

"Hey Sasuke, can I borrow your CD player again?" He shifted a bit against the set of chairs we were sitting in, and I was amazed that he wasn't tired yet. I could barely keep my eyes open!

"What for?"

"I wanna listen to the stupid Italian woman again. You know for a smart person, you sure are stupid." I looked up at the ceiling while I stretched my arms above me, letting them fall behind my head.

"Coming from you, that's hardly an insult." I should have fought with him more, but I was way too tired to even keep my eyes from sliding shut.

"Whatever…never mind teme. Just wake me up when our plane comes." I relaxed a bit at his scoff, knowing he'd do it whether he wanted to or not. I dozed off, and I wasn't exactly sure how long I slept. You never really can tell, because it all feels like a second before you're jerked out of your hot dream of Jessica Alba in a bikini.

"Wake up, idiot." I groaned weakly and swatted at the hand shaking me. No, Jessica was just running from the water. But I was taken from the dream when another hard shake brought me back to the airport. I pushed to sit up completely, wiping the drool from the side of my chin while I forced my eyes to glace around. The group was around us now, chatting and glancing to the plane that was next to the window of our gate.

"We're leaving already?" I asked, blinking in shock. Ino nodded and yawned, seeming to have just woken up as well.

"Uh-huh. Iruka said about another 5 minutes." Instantly the remains of sleep disappeared. The second plane ride was going to be about an hour, which was way too long in my opinion. I was sick of planes and airports, I wanted to get going! Apparently the eager look on my face must have shown through because Ino rolled her eyes. "Oh calm down, Rome isn't going anywhere."

"Venice is." Ino glared to Shikamaru, who shrugged. "Well it's sinking."

"Shut up Shikamaru! You're missing the point."

"Whatever." I laughed at the two bickering friends, mildly wondering how it was they had made it through all of their lives without killing each other. But, seeing how Ino couldn't hide her smile, I was guessing she enjoyed it more than she let on.

"I just can't wait to get in Rome. I heard that the word 'romance' came from the city Rome. Isn't that so dreamy?"

"You're such a sap Sakura. As if a forehead like you will find love in the country for romance." Ino's roll of the eyes set the pink haired girl off.

"Like you can talk! Pigs are still considered ugly in Italy."

"That's not going to be a problem if they can't see me past your big head!"

"You smelly piglet!"

"You Pepto-Bismol wannabe!"

"Should we stop them?" I asked, glancing to Shikamaru. He didn't answer me for a minute, keeping his gaze on the ceiling before closing his eyes.

"Do you really want to get in the middle? Women are too troublesome."

"What did you say?!" I cringed at the death glares both girls spent the motivationally challenged guy. Luckily, the calling of our flight saved Shika's life. The girls, instantly forgetting their differences, hurried to get their carry-on luggage. The second trip was more of a blur than a real flight. This time I was sitting with Shikamaru and Kiba, so it was a hell of a lot more fun. Especially watching Kiba try to understand what the German pilot was saying. It was completely impossible, but you can't seem to tell Kiba that.

Or me, since I was trying twice as hard.

"Hey look." I glanced over to Kiba, who was pointing out his plane window. Glancing out the window, I was shocked to see the awesome view in front of me. Through some of the white haze, I could see the shores of Italy. Everything was so small, but it didn't matter. The sight was insane, and I had to hold my breath from swearing in awe. What, you didn't expect me to gasp did you?

"That's sweet!" I reached behind me and grabbed Shikamaru's arm, shaking him awake as I spoke. "Wake up you lazy ass and look at this!"

"You're way too awake." Still, he moved over to look out the window, seeming more interested than not in the slowly enlarging lands below us. We didn't bother to listen to the blabbering of the pilot, we had heard it all before. I whistled at how different the land looked from our town before I fell back into my seat.

"This is so cool. I can't wait to go explore!" I could practically feel the seat vibrating when I heard our plane hit the ground. Shikamaru rolled his eyes at my anticipation, but Kiba seemed just as enthusiastic.

"We're going to Rome first. If we were alive back then, I'd so kick your ass as a gladiator."

"Chea right! I'd so make you beg for your life."

"We'll see tomorrow. I'll take you on right in the Coliseum."

"You can't. The floor is missing now," Shikamaru said.

"What?! When did that happen?"

"Didn't you even try to read about Italy?" I shook my head at his question. "Troublesome."

"Well that's why we got you with us Shika! You're our official Italy knower...person." Kiba laughed and slapped Shika on the back, who lurched forward at the hard hit before sending a bored glance Kiba's way.

"I didn't—"

"Thanks Shikamaru! You're a real pal."

"…What a drag." He sighed while the announcement to let us off the plane came over the speaker. We hurried to get off the plane, learning from our earlier mistakes and not rushing once we were in the line. The way to the airport was pretty cool, and they had trains that led you from the terminal to the rest of the airport. Italy wasn't as cold as Germany, but I still tucked my hands into my sweatshirt to keep them warm. The last thing I needed was to get sick.

"Alright guys, gather round." Iruka waved our group over to keep the chaos in the airport from distracting us. Iruka would have a baby right on the floor if one of us went missing. He was sort of like a mother hen that nobody remembered asking for. Still, he was really nice and he always helped me out with my homework. "Now we're going to go to the hotels so that we can rest up and relax. It's about 11 now, and we have dinner plans for six o'clock. There are two buses waiting for us outside. The one on the right is for the people who signed up under the yellow paper, and the one of the left was for the people who signed up on the blue paper. Once we get to the front of the hotel, please wait for your proctor on your bus. They will go get your keys and room number, and you cannot lose them. Those are your rooms for the next three days."

We all nodded like we weren't too busy watching everything around us. We scurried to the buses as soon as he pointed to it, chucking our bags on the undercarriage and calling seats on the bus. Our group had all signed up on the blue paper together, since we hadn't wanted to be separated. Moving to the back of the bus, we all scrambled to find a place to sit. Somehow, unfortunately, I ended up sharing the seat with the asshole. Shikamaru and Kiba sat in front of us while Neji and Lee were to the side. The three girls called the back seats so they could sit and probably gossip the entire time. I sighed loudly and stretched in my seat, glancing out the window next to me.

"This place is friggen huge. I can't wait till we get to see it all tomorrow." I pressed my hands to the glass when the bus started to move, ignoring the scoff behind me.

"You're too easy to please."

"Aw come on Sasuke, you've gotta admit you're stoked." Kiba hung on the back of my chair while he spoke, and in the reflection of the window I saw Sasuke glare.

"No I don't."

"Don't mind him Kiba, he's an ass to everyone." I glanced over to my shoulder to the glaring boy, sticking my tongue out. "He's just no fun is all."

"Your equivalent of fun is flying out of a wheelchair. No, I don't consider that fun."

"You're too old for your age!"

"You're too stupid period."


"Oh great, and I get to share a room with these two. Lucky me," Shikamaru mumbled, leaning his head back on the chair.

"You've got the best room Shika. You get to see which one of them kills the other first." Kiba said, laughing and throwing his arm around Shika's shoulders. The lazy boy sighed from the lack of interest.

"Like I care. Either way I'll still be bothered."

"Cheer up Shikamaru. At least you'll be alive in the end of it all." I rolled my eyes at Kiba's remark, changing the subject while leaning on the top of the chair.

"So you think they'll let us go on our own and stuff?"

"Probably. I doubt they want to spend all their time with us anyways." Kiba answered while nodding. He paused for a second before sending a cocky smirk my way. "Course they'll probably keep an eye out for us."

"True true…but once they see gramps with us, they'll know we're fine." I emphasized my point by hitting my knuckles against the side of Sasuke's head, the connection only lasting a second before Sasuke shoved my hand away.

"Don't touch me." Apparently he thought I had the plague or something by the way he spat out that sentence. I sighed dramatically and moved back to face forwards, staring out the window at all the places we'd be seeing tomorrow. Even with Sasuke's sour mood, I couldn't help but grin. And to be honest, I had every right to.

Because it was going to be one hell of a ride.

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