Another story I wrote and this time I put my OC in there and her name is Kikyo Angel and she is Sanada's cousin (yeah you saw it right COUSIN!).

Rating: T (mainly because of language)

Pairing: Niou x OC, Kirihara x OC

Summary: Sanada's cousin transfers to Rikkai and is the new manager of the tennis club, and Niou gives her a hard time (does that surprise you? Didn't think so.) Kirihara has a small crush on her and… well just read the story and see!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis of the characters (I wish I did though ^_^)


Kikyo Angel got up on a Monday ready for her first day at Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuu. You could say she was excited, but she was a little nervous knowing her cousin Sanada Genichirou would annoy the hell out of her. She put on her clothes,ate breakfast and left for school.

I sure do hope Genichirou will go easy on me today…I doubt it!

At the Rikkai tennis club

"Alright everyone morning practice is over," Yukimura exclaimed.

"Hai!" Everyone started to leave for the clubhouse and change but Sanada told them stop because of an announcement.

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make!"

"You said that 'smart one' now hurry up already."

"Niou, when Sanada is done 20 laps."

"Anyway, my cousin is transferring here and is going to be the new tennis club manger…"


"I want all of you to help my cousin around here got it?"


Everyone walks and goes to the clubhouse room to change and get ready for classes.

"Hey Niou-senpai are you really going to be nice to Sanada's cousin?"

"You should know the answer to that by now brat."

"Oh…well please go easy on him cause you know if you hurt any of Sanada's relatives you'll get slapped harder than usual."

"That's a chance I'm willing to take."

Everyone changes heads for class. Niou is walking in the hallway and notices a girl with dark brown waist-long hair in a long ponytail.(A/N If you've played Final Fantasy X-2, Angel's hairstyle including the long ponytail is like Yuna's except Angel's hair is waist-long not all the way to her feet…)

"Hey girly are you lost or something?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I am. I'm looking for Tamaki-sensei's Math class; do you know where his class is?"

"Yeah it's upstairs, 2-B."

"Arigatou." The girl walks off but Niou grabs her wrist.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I haven't seen you around here are you new?"

"Yeah I am but let go or I'm gonna be late."

Niou smirks. "What's your name and phone number?"

"My name is Kikyo Angel."

"And you number is…?," said Niou with his smirk getting wider.

"1-800-ASSHOLE!!!", Angel storms off to her class angry at the fact she's late on her first day

Such foul language from such a pretty girl. But hey, I like em feisty. I think I'll give her one hell of a first day.

Man that jerk! Who does he think he is? Thanks to him I'm late for my first class on my first day! When I see him I'll give him one hell of a school day!

Angel walks in her math class and Tamaki-sensei asks why she's late…

"I'm sorry this guy was hitting on me and I had a hard time walking away from him and he—"

"Wait did this guy have silver hair in a ponytail?" asked the sensei knowing who Angel was talking about.


"That was Niou Masaharu and yes he's annoying and troublesome and has no respect for personal space and likes to give new kids a hard time, so I'll excuse your tardiness for today, now please have seat right there next the black-haired boy."

Angel sits down next to the boy and thinks he's a little cute.

"Hi I'm Kirihara Akaya you must be new!" Akaya reaches his out for a handshake and Angel shakes his hand back.

"Yeah I'm new. I'm Kikyo Angel nice to meet you."

She's pretty, all she needs to do is get rid of that ponytail cause she resembles Niou-senpai a bit…just a bit though...

During lunch Angel sits down at a table and eats her food out of her bento. Until a certain someone comes up to her

"Hey cutie we meet again."

I know that annoying voice from this morning!

Angel turns around and sees Niou standing there smiling –no scratch that- SMIRKING at her.

"Wipe that damn smirk off your face it's highly annoying."

"Aww and I thought you'd like it." Niou strokes her hair but she slaps his hand off and gives him an irritated look.

"Go away and let me eat in peace."

"Oh ok so that's how it's gonna be, don't worry baby I'll be back." Niou causes Angel to shudder after winking at her and leaves.

Man he's gets on my last nerve! So what if he has beautiful eyes and a soft sexy voice and hot hair and-- NO NO NO NO!!!! Don't think that way about him!!! He's annoying!!

Afternoon practice

"Regulars! I want you guys to meet my cousin."

"Is he a fucking pain in the ass like you?"

"Watch your language Niou and no. As a matter of fact my cousin is a she not a he."

"Is she cute,"? Marui asked after popping a bubble

"Yes she's quite beautiful if I say so myself."

"Awesome! That'll give me a chance to try the condom I've been saving and then the two of us will get--"

"NIOU! Don't you dare touch her!!!"

"Gomen fukubuchou." I'll find a way to get busy with her just you wait...

"Anyway I want you to meet my cousin Kikyo Angel."

"Nice to meet you guys." Angel smirks at Niou and Akaya but mainly Niou.

Niou and Kirihara are shocked that Angel is Sanada's cousin since they met her already.

Kirihara's thought: Aww man Sanada is going to kill me if he finds out I hit on her during Math!!

Marui's thought: Wow she IS pretty, is she single? I'm hungry…

Yagyuu's thought:(well he's not thinking about anything)

Jackal's thought: She doesn't look anything like Sanada, well I guess that's a good thing then...oh no I need to shave I can feel a hair on my scalp!!!

Yanagi's thought: Ii data…

Yukimura's thought: (he's smiling his godly smile as usual)

Niou's thought: Maybe I'll kidnap her in the middle of the night, take her to a love hotel and then we'll get horny like there's no tomorrow!!!

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