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He takes the knife back in his hand and prepares to finish the job, once and for all. Just as he raises the knife and brought it down to strike, the door bursts open, revealing Marui, Kana, Kimiko, Niou and two police officers. Asuna sees them but barely, a weak smile creeping to her bloody yet beautiful face. They came for her. Marui was here to save her. She has never felt so happy in her life. Before she slipped away into the darkness, she silently thanked God for hearing her cry for help.

End Recap

As soon as they saw Asuna's bloody body lying on the floor, her friends and her mother were both shocked and enraged. How dare that bastard hurt, and almost kill their friend and daughter? Itsume slyly runs out the back door with uneven footsteps, yet with stealth. before they can utter a single word. The cops take their widened eyes off the bloody teenage girl and go after him while Marui, Niou and Kana rush over to Asuna. Kimiko hastily calls the ambulance while mentally praying that her daughter is okay.

Marui gently shakes Asuna on her shoulder. "Asuna, daijobou desuka?" He asks. He prays and prays that she'll say something.

No response.

Marui is horrified from the pool of blood all over the floor and the possibly lifeless body lying on the floor. Her eyes are closed, bruises and gashes are covering her body, including the spilled blood, and worst of all, her skin is beginning to feel cold. He wonders much damage she could've given to Kagura, but he knows she gave Kagura a good ass-kicking. But from her current bloody state, he knows Kagura had the upper hand. Damn him. Marui tenderly strokes Asuna's brown hair. He doesn't care if it's drenched in blood. All he cares about is the fact that she will be okay. He knows she will be okay. She will live. Kana soothingly places her hand on Asuna's broken shoulder. "Asuna… if you can hear me," Kana says, "the ambulance is on its way. Kimiko-chan called the police, and the paramedics are coming. Just... hang in there okay?" Asuna weakly opens her diamond grey eyes. "…" Asuna closes her eyes again. Her breathing becomes shallow and everyone is worried. After she called the ambulance, Kimiko rushes over to her daughter and checks her pulse. "Her pulse is weak but we might be able to save her if the ambulance shows up soon."

Marui, Kana and Niou nodded. Niou lays his hand gently on Asuna's bloody back. "Oi, Kurone-chan, don't die on fatty here. He really likes you, and we all know you like him back," Niou says quietly. "You've got a pain-in-the-ass cousin, but he loves you, and he'd be pretty fucked up if his baby cousin died. And Kana would probably go mental or homocidal, knowing her crazy ass." Kana smirks proudly, which scares Marui a little. "Your mom would be torn, since you're the only thing closet to her." Niou looks at Kimiko and she smiles at the blueish-haired boy. "And... Marui... he'd be torn. This is the first time he's really like a girl... and didn't get denied." Kana and Kimiko giggles while Marui glares at Niou. Although he it trying to mask it as always, Marui knows there is worry in the Trickster's ocean blue eyes. They can now see Asuna breathing, but barely. Kami really does answer our prayers.

They remain like that for the next few minutes, and they all hear the miracle they've been waiting for: the sirens of the ambulance.

"Thank Kami-sama," Kimiko whispers. A teardrop falls from her eye, while Kana smiles and Marui takes a deep breath while his hand is shaking uncontrollably. The paramedics run in with the wheeled paramedic bed. Their eyes widen for no longer a second before their faces turn serious and professional and rush to the heavily injured girl. "Alright guys, let's get her on carefully." One of them gently lifts her head with both hands while the other two lift her by her legs and back. They quickly, yet cautiously place her on the paramedic bed. They stroll her in the back of the vehicle as one of the medics turn to face the worried teens and mother. Kimiko climbs in the ambulance as a mother and a well-respected doctor at the hospital. In the blink of an eye, Marui jumps in the vehicle also and sits next to Kimiko; never taking his eyes off of Asuna. Kimiko smiles while the three medics stare at Marui. "It's okay, she'll be fine." Marui nods while closing his eyes to pray. The medic drives off and rushes to the Kanagawa General Hospital.

Kana and Niou are standing there as they look at each and nod. Niou takes out his cell phone and calls the rest of the tennis Regulars. After several minutes Niou hangs up after informing sais Regulars and puts his phone in his pocket. "C'mon, they're gonna meet us at the hospital." Kana nods and they dash to the hospital.

The paramedics, inclusing Kimiko, rush Asuna through the emergency room doors with Marui in tow. Doctors and nurses rushes to them. "Alright what's the status?" A doctor in his early-thirties asks. "Adolescent at 13-years-old. Numerous bruises and gashes on the back, arms, and legs. Forehead is continuously bleeding. The victim was brutally assaulted by a young man who had broken into her house," Kimiko informs professionaly. It's breaking her heart to say such conditions about her own daughter, but she has to get it together to save her precious baby girl. They arrive at the emergency room as they stroll Asuna in and begin inspecting her injuries thoroughly. Kimiko and the other doctors can only pray that this girl will survive.

It has been 30 minutes of waiting, praying, and painful memories. The team had come 10 minutes after Asuna was rushed in. Sanada is trying to keep a stoic face as always, but everyone knows he is pleading for his baby cousin to be okay. When Kimiko and another doctor come out Asuna's obvservation room, Sanada goes up to Kimiko and gripped her hand.

"How is she?" Everyone is hoping Asuna is okay. Said girl hasn't been at the school for very long, but they've all become attached to her, like a sister. Sanada doesn't want to lose his cousin, Yagyuu and Jackal hope she'll be okay, Yukimura has a pained expression as he recalls his memories at this hospital. Akaya looks like he's about to cry as his emerald green eyes are welling up with tears, Kana and Niou are trying to mask their heavy conern. But Marui... he looks like he's about to break. His violet eyes are painfully pleading, begging, and screaming that's Asuna is okay.

"She has internal bleeding," Kimiko says. Internal bleeding? There is a good she could die from that! Sanada's grip on Kimiko's hand tightened as if Asuna had already died. Kimiko hugs her only nephew.

"She'll be okay, we just have to keep her legs slighty elevated and see what happens from there," the other doctor says after being silent. Marui looks at both doctors with his eyes indicating that he would cry in a second. "Kikyo-san," Akaya says using Kimiko's alias name, "I don't want Asuna-chan to die! She has to live!!" Akaya's shouts as his voice begins to crack. "Akaya, calm down," Jackal says. Marui snaps his head to face Jackal. The Brazillian boy flinches from the glare that Marui is giving him. "How could Akaya calm down? He has a good reason to shout, Jackal! So Akaya's got a damn good reason to be highly worried! And yet you look this is nothing to you!"

"..." Marui can't take it just standing there. He runs out of the hospital while everyone watches his retreating form.

Marui is running to...to...oh he's just running damn it! His heart is torn right now. The one special girl in his life was at risk of dying, the bastard who hurt is still on the loose, and Jackal had the freaking nerve to act like everything was humpty dumpty! Right now, all he needs is Asuna in his arms; including a pack of cakes and candies. He continues running to who-knows-where. But unfortunately his stamina dies down and he stops. He begins to focus clear his head of his thoughts and take in the surrounding of where he is.

The local park? The park is at least three miles from the hospital. He is actually surprised that he ran that far without getting in the first mile. Marui sees a bench and goes to sit down as he buries his face in his hands. This is so damn hard for him. For once, a girl likes him and not just because of his tensai tennis skills and good looks, and some perverted lunatic comes and almost kills/rapes her! Marui clenches his fist as he imagines Asuna being hurt like that... it makes him sick and enraged even more. He pushes the thought of his head as he takes out an unopened wrapper with a candy bracelet in it.

In my hands, a legacy of memories
I can hear you say my name
I can almost see your smile
Feel the warmth of your embrace

He remembers when she bought him the bracelet a few days ago. She and Niou gave him the bracelet as a "reward" for not eating any sweets for an entire 30 minutes. Asuna had told him that the candy bracelet would rid him of his candy urge. But seriously, it was only 30 minutes! It wasn't like he was going to go completely mad and snap Akaya's arm whenever the Junior Ace mentioned any sweets. Marui chuckles at the memory, although it is a small memory, he will never forget.

But there is nothing but silence now
Around the one I loved

So many memories with her are in his mind, and in such a short time. She has only been to Rikkai for about three weeks going on four. But now... she is in the hospital, because of some bastard from her past that had to ruin her happiness, and his. But she's strong, so she has to live. She mustlive, because he cannot imagine her dying in the cot becuase some amateur doctor can't do much to save her.

Is this our farewell?

No, he can't make such thoughts. He can't doubt her ability to survive the assault. She will make it!

Sweet darling you worry too much
My child, see the sadness in your eyes
You are not alone in life
Although you might think, that you are

"Asuna-chan... please don't die. I beg of you. I... I..."

Never though this day would come so soon
We had no time to say goodbye
How can the world just carry on?
I feel so lost when you're not at my side

Marui hears a chuckling sound from behind that is too familiar. Marui turns his head and sees Itsume sitting on the ground with his back rested against a tree. Marui inwardly laughs. The guy looks ridiculous! His shirt is torn, his jeans has fresh holes and some blood on them, and his head... Marui tries not to laugh. He has bruises on both his cheeks while his forehead has a pretty bad cut on it. Now he really should praise Asuna for giving him such a beatdown. But the humor is quickly replaced by anger. Marui quickly stands up. "I'm gonna kill you!!" Itsume's only reply is another chuckle. The nerve of that guy!

"What's the matter kid? Pissed off cause I hurt your precious Asuna? Well newsflash kid: she was never yours! She was always mine!" What in sugar stick's name? Is he delusionsal or something? Oh what does it matter, Marui needs to get Itsume to pay for what he did to Asuna!

"Asuna doesn't like you. I bet she felt sorry for you when she fought you. Look at you, you look like you've been out of rehab for drugs! What makes you think Asuna will want a guy like you?"

"..." Itsume glares at Marui


But there is nothing but silence now
Around the one I loved

"...it ain't like I wanted to take drugs."

"Then why did you?" Marui dials the police discretely.

Itsume suddenly stands up. "It's none of you damn business!!" He shouts then laughs maniacally. "But whatever, Asuna's gonna die, so I'll won't have to see her face again!" Marui clenches his fist enraged.

Is this our farewell?

"Teme!!" Marui lunges at Itsume and collides his fist with his face. Itsume falls back against the tree. "That all you got?!" Itsume punches Marui back with double the power. Marui flies back and lands on his back. His blows hurt that's for sure. But Marui has to keep Itsume busy until the cops show up. He can't let this crazed lunatic get away. Not after what he did to Asuna. Marui gets up quickly and charges at Itsume again. He successfully lands a punch to Itsume's cut on his forehead. Itsume yells in pain but recovers and knees Marui in his knee. Marui falls to the ground in pain. Itsume repeatedly kicks him in the stomach then punches his head. It hurts, it hurts a lot as he feels blood trickling down his head. But he can't give up. Marui quickly rolls over and stands, grabs a large rock nearby and hits Itsume in the head with it. Itsume falls to the ground unconscious.

Sweet darling you worry too much
My child, see the sadness in your eyes
You are not alone in life
Although you might think, that you are

Marui hears the sirens of the police cars. It was a good they tracked him on his phone without him giving any info. Marui falls to his knees exhausted. "Daijobou desuka?" A cop asks. "Just fine. Arrest that maniac already!" The two cops who were at Asuna's house earlier handcuffs Itsume, who is still unconscious, and puts him in the back of the car. Marui starts walking. "Oi, where are you going?" A cop asks. "The hospital." "Matte! We need you to tell us what happened with you and this dirtbag!" But Marui ignores them and runs to the hospital. He keeps running until he finally reaches the hospital. He runs through the doors and up to where everyone else is.

"How is she?" Marui asks Akaya.



"She..." Akaya tears up.

"She didn't make it..." Yukimura says quietly.


Kimiko and Kana tear up as well while Sanada already has tears rolling down his cheeks. All three have lost a daughter, a best friend and a baby cousin. And Marui has lost someone prescious to him.

"She's gone..."

"I'm so sorry Marui, I--" Marui doesn't let Jackal finish his sentence. He runs home ready to break down and cry. He just lost her. He actually lost her! He won't see her again... and he didn't get to tell her how he really feels about her.

So sorry your world is tumbling down
I will watch you through these nights
Rest your head and go to sleep
Because my child, this is not our farewell

"Dr. Kikyo-san! Dr. Kikyo-san!!!" Kimiko sadly turns around. "What is it?" "We got a pulse! A weak one, but it's a pulse!" Everyone widens their eyes. "You mean...?" "That's right. She's alive! And we can still save her!"

This is not our farewell

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