This is a story about a character in the book Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston. I do not own Wondrous Strange or the characters, but I did come up with this story. =D I would really appreciate it if you would read it and review. This is only the first chapter so far. I am working on the second one.

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Chloe was a siren, a creature that lured unsuspecting men, using her enchanting voice, to her and then ripped away the memories, mainly songs, even if it was just a small fragment of their memories, it still hurt like hell for them to be taken away, sometimes, if enough was taken, and she didn't think they were beautiful enough to live, killed them.

Chloe was one of the first of the fae from the courts to escape through the Samhain gate, one of the few gates that linked the Fearie world, and the human world together that Auberon, The King of the Unseelie court, had closed many years ago, but there was a flaw to his closing of the gates, for 9 nights, its would crack open for 8 and then swing fully open on the last night until dawn each day.

All the Janen -the changelings who guarded the Samhain gate on the 9 nights it was open-knew who she was. She was one of the first to get passed them when the gates were closed all those years ago.

Chloe supposedly went to the human world so that she could be with a human that she had fallen in love with, and when his eventual death came to be she could not go back to the fearie world, so now she made a living in the human world with her voice on the streets, she would sing for money. She was supposedly done with her ways of luring men to their deaths. That was her story; many of the fae didn't believe her at all.

This is her story.


A few years before the fearie king closed the gates that linked the worlds together Chloe would go there almost everyday to the lake in central park to lure some men, feed on their memories, and kill them. She had an insatiable hunger for others songs. That was the thing about sirens, their songs weren't theirs. They were the songs of their drowning victims.

One day Chloe was singing a lullaby trying to lure another victim, her third that day, a tall, lanky, man with light brown shaggy hair, and dark green eyes, came by the lakeside lured by her lullaby. She thought nothing of him at first, she thought he was just another meal per say. He swam to the middle of the lake, and now, Chloe began her hunt. She began to drag him into the murky depths of the icy lake, when she started to feed on his memories. As she was sifting through his memories she started to see herself in them, she saw herself singing in the middle of the, head bobbing above the water, trying to get a man into the water. She gasped when she realized that this man, knew all about her, he was watching her as she hunted.

The man was beginning to turn blue with lack of oxygen when she frantically fought to get him to the surface so he could breathe, for some reason she didn't want him to die, she couldn't fathom why because she had never thought twice of killing a man for their memories. When she got to the surface, he began to gasp and choke up water that filled his lungs, and then he saw her, all of the color drained from his face.

"Your…your….your the…the…thing that has been killing all those men…" he stammered to get the words out between ragged breathes.

She didn't say anything she just stared at the man bewildered that he knew about her, she had always been very discreet about her hunting habits so that no one would be able to figure out what was killing all the men.

"yes…" was all she could say in a wary voice.

"why?" he said sounding angry.

"I have to…or ill starve" she said.

"how the hell could you starve?! Unless you're a cannibal that only eats poor innocent men!" he laughed hoping that he hadn't hit the bulls eye.

"….no im not a cannibal" she smiled wickedly which made his face grow even paler if that was possible.

"then what are you?! A demon? A witch?!" he said beginning to grow a bit worried.

"don't lump me in with those half wits. Demons are really ignorant and stupid, all they do is go around trying to make humans sell there souls for petty things like, letting someone they love live, or, to be rich. When they don't even realize what they are doing once they've sealed the deal, they barely even live a day after that. And DON'T even get me started on witches," she plugged her nose as if she smelled something bad. "those sorry excuses for woman are gross, I mean, who would actually cut off limbs from a human, or a fearie for that matter! HA! Disgusting I tell you!" she said arrogantly.

"fearie? You mean the little tinker bell like fearies with pixie dust and fluffy uniforms and tiny and cute?" he stifled a laugh.

"a what?! Faeries aren't cute at all!" she glared at him, "I dare you to say that to one of they're faces, If you could even get up the courage to talk in front of one." She said.

"ok…the what are you? If not a demon or a witch." He said.

"…." She was hesitant.

"?" he looked at her waiting.

"a siren." She said with finality.

"a siren? Whats that, you don't look like a horn." He said looking confused.

"im not talking about a siren like a horn, im talking about a siren, you know the things in your mythology, the beasts that would lure sailors to jump off their ships never to be seen again" she repeated something she read in one of the humans books she had seen.

"…ok. But you don't have to be a monster?" he said.