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This is the prologue (thus the shortness), and the first chapter is well on it's way.

White Flag

I can't say I've never given much thought to how I'd die. Quite the contrary, actually. For the past four years or so I'd done nothing but think about such a depressing matter.

How could I not?

With the madman who killed your parents constantly at your heels, it would seem inevitable that you'd die by his hands.

Like fate…

Then there was that prophecy. That prophecy which ruined everything. It made what we all feared set in stone and shattered all my hopes of ever having a happy life with the people I loved.

It killed my faith…no…that's a lie.

That bastard killed my faith.

I'd gotten careless. I'd forgotten what it was like to live in fear. All because he made me forget. I should be angry at him for it, but how could I? How could I have a negative emotion for the one I love the most in this dark world?

It's impossible, you know?

My laboured breathing brings me back to the here and now. Its rhythmic sound, which is loud in my ears, helps ground my focus. The coppery smell of blood fills my nostrils. The taste of it dances across my tongue. My eyes are probably dilated from the adrenaline coursing through my body. It numbs the pain which still makes me feel like my whole body is on fire. That's how bad this pain is.

I look into the eyes of my attacker. Those cold, cruel eyes which are both foreign and familiar to me at the same time.

I look into those eyes and all I can think is that I wish I could speak.

Just so I could tell him the truth.

'You are the worst kind of scum.'

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