Hi everyone,

It's been over a year now, and I'm sorry that I've been so indecisive with the future of White Flag.

I was in talks for the better part of the year with another author on this site to adopt this fic. However, seeing as nothing has been posted, I have decided to move on and sort this out before I move to Japan for the year.

So White Flag is officially up for adoption and I would like to work with whoever I decide on giving my baby to, whether it's betaing, co-writing or chatting and sharing ideas.

Yep, instead of first come, first served, I'll be making the final decision based on the other author's compatibility with myself and their quality of writing.

I do want to see this story finished as much as the next person, but my lack of love for the Twilight fandom isn't helping at all. So I look forward to hearing from everyone interested in helping this story get to the ending that I envisioned.

So if you would like to adopt and work with me, please private message me, review, or email me at the address listed on my profile page.

Bittsweetmis xx