Here we have Sonic the hedgehog, riding to school on his trademark hoverboard, the "Blue Star" wearing a white-T with an open short sleeve blue shirt and blue jeans and of course his sunglasses. Sonic races towards his high school; where he's about to be late. But of course Sonic being the fastest thing alive will never be late for anything but because he didn't get too much sleep last night, he was having a hard time dodging traffic as he sped towards school. Once Sonic reached the front door, he looked at his watch and noticed that he was actually 15 minutes early. Therefore, he got of his board, kicked it up, and walked inside to his locker. Sonic just walked to his locker in a daze where he was having trouble staying awake. As he walked down the hall, he noticed something sparkle from the corner of his eye. Naturally, this got his attention so he placed his sunglasses on his head and cocked his head to his left. What he saw was a poster that said, Prom Night: Fri, April 11. Then he remembers that today was Tues, April 8 and he was the only one of his friends without a date. He remembered that Knuckles was going with his long time girlfriend, Julie-Su. Shadow gathered the courage to ask out Rouge awhile back and they've been dating since so he knew they were going together. Then a memory popped into his head that made him laugh a little:


"Come on Sonic!" Tails said as he sat by his brother under the big Oak tree in front of the school. Tails was wearing Kaki pants with a white-T shirt, a sweater vest over top of it and a tie tucked underneath it.

"Come on Tails! Just ask her out. I doubt she'll say no to YOU!"

"You think everything is so easy don't you?"

"Look you like her and I bet she likes you, so just be honest and ask her out."

"It's not that easy. I'm mean Cream's sweet, innocent, caring, cute-"

"Ok after hearing that I know you got to do something!"


"Oh. Speak of the devil."

"Huh… wait! She's coming!? Right now!?"

"Yeah and I gotta jet, later!" Then Sonic took of running at his traditional high speed.

"Hi Tails." Came the voice of Cream the Rabbit standing over him. She was wearing a normal light pink skirt with a short-sleeve collared shirt with a pink ribbon tied around her neck underneath the collar.

"He-hey Cream, what's up?"

"Nothing. Just answering the letter you sent me."

"What letter?"

"This one silly." Cream said smiling as she handed him a folded piece of paper.

Tails took the paper, opened it up, and in his handwriting said as he read it. 'Cream would you like to go to the prom with me on fr- PROM!!!' Tails' mind raced as he thought about what was happening then one person came to mind 'Sonic! I can't believe he did this! Oh I'll get you back for this just you wait!'



"Why do you look so confused?"

"Well I… you see… I-I mean…" Tails stammered as he began to blush.



"You… do like me… right…?" Cream began to blush and Tails began to blush harder. "I mean if you don't… it's ok… I mean… we're still friends… right…?"

"No Cream…" Cream looked up at Tails in total shock. But when she looked up, she saw Tails smiling at her. "I want to be more than just your friend."

Cream's face lit up. "You mean…"

"Yeah…" Tails took a deep breath, "I like you a lot and I hope you like me to-" but before he could get the words out Cream began to hug him and was crying a little.

"Yes! Yes! I do!"

Tails felt as if he could melt into her arms and couldn't help but hug her back. Then Tails looked down at the card and noticed that two prom tickets were attached to the note. 'That sly hedgehog,' Tails thought to himself while holding Cream. 'I'll get him back for this.' Tails thought grinning. Over on top of the building was Sonic grinning down at his little brother and his new girlfriend.

"Way ta go bud."

Flashback's End

Sonic couldn't help but admire his own handy work seeing how the two have been going out for the last couple of weeks. But then Sonic remembered how he bought himself two tickets as well and his dilemma came rushing back, Sonic the Hedgehog, the coolest guy in school, was without a girlfriend or even a date for the prom. "Ah Damnit."