Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, ideas, "yada yada yada". (I figured you'd get the gist)

Warning: One use of a bad word and sexual content.

This is a short ficlet that sprang into my head while at my friend's house. This is dedicated to her.


Pause for Thought

Red, gold, green and silver hangings hung in the room of requirement. Two boys lay among them, resting in each others arms. Kissing each other on the lips slowly, passionately. Kissing arms, necks, chests.

Pausing for a moment, green eyes looked into grey. His jet black hair falling across his face, Harry spoke:

"You know, if you'd kept your mind on the game, Ravenclaw wouldn't have won."

"Is that what's on your mind!? Here I am giving you all the attention I can and all you can think about is Quidditch!...I really don't know why I bother." Draco replied looking hurt.

"It's not that I don't really really enjoy your attentions. You're always on my mind. It's just here we are causing exactly the same distraction that meant you didn't catch the snitch…………even though it was hovering very close to your left ear. "Harry finished his sentence with a giggle.

"Get fucked Potter" shot Draco with a fowl look.

Harry grinned, "By you Draco, any day."


Right I'm done. This is my first attempt at writing, so if it's terrible please don't hesitate to tell me. Thanks a lot.