Disclaimer: Character concepts should be credited to the creator of Naruto. Everything in this story is fictional and may coincide with other fictional stories with similar concepts.

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An old servant with wrinkled skin, kind eyes, long beard and white hair tied into a knot of the top of his head, calls out "Young mistress! Young Mistress!" He turns around and stared at the bushes, waiting for signs of movement. But after of few seconds of waiting, he turns the other way and begins to call out again, hoping to find the young mistress that his master assigned him to find. He walks in the direction of the living room.

Behind the bushes, a young girl with light lavender colored eyes giggles with a boy that had the same colored eyes. She giggles, "Well he won't be able to find us. Poor Mori-san." She tries to suppress her giggles, and says "But if I get caught by father, he'll probably make me go through the whole lady refinement training. I hate it." She shifts her eyes downwards, staring at the floor with a depressed expression. "I wish I could do whatever I want and not have to care about family and stuff. Anyway, why is the family name so important? Huh? What do you think Neji?"

"I'm not sure, but my father said honor is everything to the family. Everything else comes second. And he said..." He stops himself in mid-sentence because he just remembered his father's words about staying a distance away from his childhood friend.

"What did he say?" She was suddenly curious of what Neji was keeping from her. She doesn't like the way people keep secrets from her. Her face turned toward him and she stared intently into his eyes, hoping to pry him of his deepest secrets.

"Well... the thing is, my father said that my duty as a member of the lower house is to protect you, and not be friends with you because of our status differences." His face was saddened by the words and so was Hinata. But Hinata's eyes was suddenly filled with a burst of fire, and she scolded Neji "Who the hell cares about status and that thingy-ma-jiggy. You are my friend and that is that! Don't let anyone ever tell you no!" Her chest puffed in pride to emphasize her point. "And if anything happens, I will protect you. But Neji..." He gaze was filled with worries, "Promise me you will never leave me and you will stay with me forever... No matter what happens... Because I want to stay with you forever." Her tiny hands grabbed hold of Neji's slightly bigger ones. They were but only 7 years old, but the two had spent most their time within each other company. To Hinata, it was unthinkable to separate for even one second.

Neji stared into Hinata's pleading ones, and he gave up. "I promise. I shall not abandon you no matter what happens." Their tiny fingers were intertwined and they smiled into each other's face. Life was so simple for them, but what holds in store for their love in the future?


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