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Edward: No I won't. My heart belongs to one, my love, Bella. And that will not change.

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For those of you who are familiar with my other story, I'm informing you that I am NOT abandoing "Saving Edward" but this story has been playing on my mind for a while now and I thought I'd give it a try. :) If this story is well received then I will be flicking between writing "Saving Edward" and this story.

Basic Summary: 120 years have passed since Bella was changed. She and the Cullens have moved from place to place throughout the USA, and they find themselves back in Forks, Washington. Renesmee, now an adult, is excited to see the place where she was born, and to see all the places that her mother and father become all wistful over when regaling her with stories of when they first met, and how their relationship and love blossomed against all odds. But what if Bella wasn't the only one from the small town to be changed at that time? There are some unexpected acquaintances waiting for the Cullens when they return to Forks. One of them is a welcomed surprise and the other one will do whatever he can to break Edward and Bella up, behaving in much the same way as he had when he was human. Will these two unexpected manage to disrupt the blissful happiness that Bella and Edward have revelled in since the meeting with the Volturi over a century ago, or will their appearance only serve to reinforce the bond that this seemingly unbreakable couple share?

20th September 2005*

Stupid Cullen!! I thought venomously, walking down the well lit street to where I was meeting my girlfriend. I can't believe that she married him! I mean what as he got that I haven't. Yeah, he may have a big house and fancy cars, but that's all! My Bella would never be that shallow. It wouldn't matter to her whether or not he had money. He must be doing something to her! I mean, he looks at her like she's a fucking meal!!! Like she's his dinner, for crying out loud!

What can I say, I'd never liked the Cullens. I don't know what it was about them. They were just weird! It was weird how they weren't related at all, and yet they all looked the same. That had bugged me ever since I laid eyes on them when they first moved to Forks. I mean the girls were hot. Especially the blonde one, Rosalie. Man, I could ride that anytime! I'd wanted her since the first time I saw her. She was like sex on legs. The other one, Alice, was hot, but not in the same way. She was short with black spiky hair. I mean, you couldn't get two girls that were more opposite than those two.

It wasn't two who freaked me out. It had been the guys. Because they were just as good-looking as the girls. I mean, I'm not gay. Hell no was I gay! My girlfriend could tell you that I'm not. but these guys were extremely good-looking. The biggest one, Emmett, was like a bear. I mean, this guy was huge! Many guys I know wanted to pick a fight with him, just to see if they could, but they never did, because they knew that they'd lose. Another one, a lanky blonde guy, Jasper. I didn't really have a problem with him. But the guy always looked like he was in some sort of pain, and I thought that was a bit weird. I mean, their Dad's a doctor isn't he? Shouldn't he be able to give him something for it? I didn't have any qualms with Jasper, but he was weird all the same. But it was the last Cullen that I really had a problem with. Edward Cullen. I even hated his name. I mean who's called Edward nowadays? What was he born in Victorian times or something? All the girls loved him, that was obvious, even the girls that said they didn't obviously did. You could see them watching him as he made his way down the hallways, looking as though he'd done high-school a hundred times before.

I was quite content to ignore the Cullens when we started up at high-school. Obviously their sudden arrival was the talk of the town. Who could miss the five gorgeous teenagers that were now walking through the town. I swear they thought they owned the town. As if they were some kind of higher species or something. I couldn't stand them. But still, after a while the buzz about them died down, and they were just there, still attracting awed stares but not as much as they'd used to.

All this changed when she arrived though. Isabella Swan. She was beautiful. Everyone in the school thought so. Me included. Everyone was looking to get with the new girl, but I knew deep down that it would be me that got her. I was confident of that fact. That is, until Cullen suddenly took a shine to her. Like all the other girls in the school, she found him irresistable. And when he showed an interest in her, I couldn't stand it. He had every other girl in the school after him, why her?! The girl that I was destined to be with.

Or so I'd thought.

They'd gotten together and even though he'd disappeared for near enough six months, she'd taken him back when he suddenly reappeared. He'd hurt her and I would never forgive him for that. Somehow, someday, I would get my revenge on Edward Cullen for breaking Bella's heart. I would show him up for the slimeball that he really was and she'd leave him and be so grateful that I had rescued her from him that she would melt into my arms. All traces of him forgotten.

But that again, was not to be.

They were now married. I'd even gotten an invite to the wedding. But I didn't go. I couldn't stand to watch the girl who was destined to be with me pledge herself to him! It went against every fibre of my being. They were now on their honey-moon, and I wrestled with myself not to imagine the things that they would be doing. That he would be doing to her! The Bella that was supposed to be mine!

"Mike?" I heard someone calling my name, jolting me out of my hateful daydream as I walked to the diner. "Mike? Hey, you okay?" It was Angela. One of the girls that I was quite good friends with, and one of the best friends of my girlfriend, Jessica.

"Hey, Ang." I said, with a smile on my face. I was somewhat grateful to her for snapping me out of my musings about Cullen and Bella. And yet, I wanted to get back to imagining how I was going to expose him in such a way that it made Bella realise what a mistake she'd made, demand a divorce and marry me instead. "You on your way to the diner too?" She nodded. It was Friday, and the old group from high school still met up each week, even though we had all graduated and were planning to go off to college soon. It was a tradition and no one in our group seemed willing to break it.

We walked side by side in a comfortable silence, neither of us having to speak. That was one of the best things about Angela. You never had to make small-talk with her, as she was just so easy to just be with. I always felt relaxed around her.

As we turned down a familiar alleyway, I knew that something wasn't right. I felt like we were being watched. I turned around and glanced over my shoulder only to see someone standing there. Not moving at all, just standing there like a statue. Weird, I thought, turning back around. But as I did, I noticed that there was a woman standing in front of me and Angela. Again, she was not moving. It was like she too, was made out of stone. I stopped and so did Angela, and when I looked at her face there was a look of sheer fright on her face. I had to admit I was freaked out as well. Nothing like this ever happened in Forks. Ever.

I looked back at the man to see that he was close to us now, and he seemed to be staring intently at Angela. I moved in front of her, as if to protect her, when in my mind that I knew that this strange fucker would probably win. I didn't want her to know that though. He stopped and cocked his head to the side slightly and slowly walked into the light of the streetlamp that was just above him.

I heard Angela gasp from behind me and I couldn't help it when I felt my jaw drop. He was, and I'm not ashamed to say it, beautiful! He was so alien, and yet familiar. He had extremely pale skin, with long dark brown hair. He had a somewhat graceful movement about him, that didn't really fit in with his whole bodily make-up. He looked to bulky to be moving in the graceful way that he was. His eyes were pitch-black. It was like staring into a black hole, from which there was no escape.

There was something extrememly familiar about this man. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew I had seen people like him before. But where?!

Before I knew what was happening he was in front of me. He was sneering at me and looking longingly at Angela, as though he hadn't had any in years. Hell, no, there was no way I was going to let this fucker hurt Angela! I stiffened my position in front of Angela, even though I was freaked out beyond belief. Just then, his hand appeared at my throat. He lifted me off my feet and threw me down the alleyway, towards the woman who was still standing there waiting.

"There you go, Ellen." I heard him say. He had a beautiful voice. Again, it sent alarm bells going off in my head. I had heard voices like his before, but where?! My train of thought was cut short by the woman approaching me. She too was beautiful, with long, flowing blonde hair and full, red lips, she grinned evilly at me, lifting me off of the ground in one quick and easy motion.

I barely had a chance to process what was happening before I felt a searing pain in my throat where she bit me. I felt her teeth break the soft skin just above my jugular and it took all of my strength not to cry out. What the hell was this bitch?! I thought angrily to myself. She was stronger and faster than anyone I'd ever met. She wasn't human. I knew that as I felt the blood flowing from the wound in my neck into her mouth. I heard Angela scream, as she obviously met the same fate as me. But after a few moments, the woman stopped, and withdrew her mouth from my throat. She looked at me, barely conscious in her arms and then dropped me on the ground. I knew I was going to die. And I willed her to do it. But she didn't. She and the man who had attacked us began to laugh and walk away.

And that was when the fire flared within my veins.

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