Me: Nope. Twilight still not mine. Plan will be put into effect pretty soon though.

Edward: Hmmmm.....long time no see.

Me: And your point is?

Edward: *thinks about it* Nope, not got one. Just here to annoy you. *grins broadly*

Me: *Shows images of possible story outcomes*

Edward: OK! I'll stop now.

Emmett: Whipped!


The drive to Forks High school was quick and dull as I had always remembered it to be. Sometimes having a perfect memory really sucked. It meant that you couldn't forget the more tedious aspects of life, or whatever it was we were doing. Like the endless nights lounging about the house, or the many many times that we had to attend High School. An upside to it though, is that we get to remember the best bits. Like my finding Bella. That was something I always wanted to remember. Obviously not the wanting to lure her away and drink her dry aspect of our relationship, but the other stuff. The other stuff was good.

In my car I had Bella, Nessie, Alice and Jasper and Rosalie and Emmett drove in Rosalie's car due to the fact that it was brand new and she wanted to show it off. Jacob wasn't able to start at the high school with us due to the fact that he looks like he should be in college. So that's exactly where he is. He's begun attending a community college that is located just outside Port Angeles. Which I have to say, as a father, is fine by me.

I prepared myself for the usual rush of thoughts that would come plowing my way as I got out of the car. We knew from experience that in a school this small, new kids were a big deal.

As we got out I saw Emmett pull Rosalie into a deep and passionate kiss and Jasper grasp Alice around the waist. Even though, like mine, Emmett's punishment was still in full effect, the girls weren't stopping us from PDA's of all kinds. I grasped my wife around the waist as Nessie bounded off a few feet in front of us. I looked at Bella and we smiled at how enthusiastic our daughter was.

So this is where it all started. I heard her think and I chuckled, shaking my head. She turned to look at me with a grin on her face. What?! It is! She turned around and followed Jasper and Alice into the building, heading towards the office. We followed after her and the others - apart from Emmett and Rose who were still engrossed in their make-out session - smiling widely at our daughter. Normally, she was quite nonchalant about starting a new school, but I guess the idea of seeing the place where her parents' love began had that effect on a child. Or maybe it was a lasting effect of the pixie sticks that Alice had given her.

As we walked, I was trying to ignore the abundance of thoughts that were flying at me from all directions.

Oh. My. God. He is so hot! Maybe he'll go to prom with me.....

Wow! Look at the ass on that brunette....I bit back a growl.

Oh, wow! He's perfect! That's body, that hair.....yum!......

He's perfect! He's mine! Now if only to get him away from her.....

Hmmmm.....I wonder what bronzy would look like handcuffed to my bed, naked, covered in chocolate....hmmmm I'd bet he'd enjoy it if I-

"Bella!" I hissed. "Shield please." Since she didn't know who the disturbing thoughts were coming from she placed it around me instead. I sighed in relief and looked at her gratefully. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." She smiled up at me. We approached the office and stopped. I was half expecting to see Mrs. Cope standing there behind the desk. I swear that woman was old when we first started the last time. Well, old by human standards that is.

I looked at the nametag she wore. "Linda" her name was. Obviously they had forgotten about the use of last names over the last century or so. I looked at the others and saw them comparing timetables.

"Hello," I said, leaning on the counter slightly. "We're new here. Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan." Bella had reverted back to her maiden name, to avoid any suspicion being raised, even though the cover story was the same as always. A friendly doctor and his wife and their adopted children had just moved into the area. That's the story we had been giving for over two centuries and it had worked pretty well up till now.

"Cullen." She flicked through some papers. Finding what she needed she handed me the papers, her eyes glazing over slightly as she looked at me. She snapped out of it and began flicking through the papers again. "Swan." Finding Bella's papers she handed them to her. "Now, in there is your timetable, map of the school and your introduction booklet." She handed us two more slips of paper. "You need to take these to each of your classes and have each teacher sign them. Then you'll return them here at the end of the day. Welcome to Forks High." She smiled widely at me again as we thanked her and moved over to the others. We had been joined by Rosalie and Emmett who had finished showing the other students around them that they were taken and joined us. They walked up to the woman behind the desk and repeated the same process that we just had.

"You know, you really have to stop doing that." Bella said next to me, looking at our timetables. We shared most of our classes. One class we didn't share was gym. Which was a shame, because even though she may have been extremely clumsy as a human, after she changed she had become one of the most graceful vampires I know and I loved watching her move.

"Doing what?" I asked, looking at her timetable again.

"Dazzling people." She replied. I should have known that that would be the answer. It was the same thing she said each time we started a new school, because apparently, I dazzled the receptionist when I smiled. Personally, I couldn't see it, but after the events of a few days ago, I was not in a position to argue with my wife.

We still had a few minutes before the bell rang so we all wandered at human pace towards our homerooms. I had mine with Alice, so I gave Bella a quick kiss and walked with my sister to homeroom.

There were already a fair amount of students in there, but the teacher hadn't arrived yet so Alice and I made our way to two empty seats in the back, both of us receiving awed stares from both sexes. Alice was receiving looks of lust and longing from the boys in the room and glares from the girls. It was the opposite way around for me. I was receiving glares from the guys and looks of longing from the girls. It wasn't anything we weren't used to. We had spent the last two hundred years or so receiving these looks so they were easy to brush off. The thoughts coming from the students were something else all together though.

I would so ride him! I hope I get the chance to.....

She may be small, but I bet she knows her way around the bedroom.....

Oh my, the things I'd love to do to him.....

And the worst thing was she was beginning to imagine them. I was really wishing that Bella was here in this class. Some of the thoughts running through this girls mind wouldn't even be seen in an X-rated movie. I pinched the bridge of my nose between my thumb and index finger. An action that didn't go unnoticed by Alice.

X-rated thoughts again? I nodded, grimacing as a fresh wave of disturbing thoughts were sent my way.

Thankfully at that moment the bell rang and Alice and I flew out of there as fast as possible, but unfortunately that wasn't enough to get away from the disturbing thoughts of those around us. It's worse than the first time we were here. I thought miserably, walking to meet Bella outside of her homeroom. I waited outside her classroom and waited for her to come out. When she saw me a huge smile broke out on her face. I gave her a quick but deep and passionate kiss before we made our way to our first class which was History.

All throughout the hallway people were staring at us. We were the "beautiful new kids" again, as we had been every five or six years for as long as I could remember, and let me tell you that was a long time. We stopped by Bella's locker and while we were there I came upon a scent that I didn't expect to smell here again.


I felt Bella stiffen beside me and I knew that she had smelt it too. I looked at her to see a look of panic on her face. She lifted her sheild temporarily. You smell it too don't you? I nodded slightly. Did Alice see this? I shook my head just enough so that Bella would see but no one else would be able to tell. Shit! I couldn't agree more with that statement. I turned to face her.

"We're going to have to keep an eye out for them today." I whispered. People were still staring at us but I knew that we were talking so low and fast enough so that people wouldn't be able to see our lips moving or hear us. She nodded in the same fashion that I had a moment ago. She closed her locker and we made our way to History.

Walking into the classroom we handed our slips to the teacher, who signed them and handed them back to us. Thankfully we were some of the first ones there so he didn't introduce us to the class. He pointed us to two seats halfway down the class. We gratefully sat down and waited for the class to begin.

The rest of the class to get settled and the class began. When it did we found out that we were in fact studying the spanish influenza epidemic that had swept through Chicago and killed my parents and according to the records me as well. When we heard this Bella and I exchanged knowing glances and she giggled quietly as I smirked and faced the front again.

"Now," the teacher said, clapping his hands together and picking up a box that was on his desk. "For this semester's project, I've gathered up some of the names of the victims of the epidemic and placed them in this box." He tapped the box in his hand. "Now in your pairs you will gather as much information as you can about these victims and then you will present it to the class at the end of the semester."

He began to walk around the class, pausing so that people could reach in and take out the names and starting information that was on the papers. When he reached our table I reached in and grabbed a piece of paper randomly. I opened the paper and got a mild shock when I read the family name and information written on it.

The Masen's

Father - Edward Jonathon Masen Sr - 1881- 1918 (37 years of age)

Mother - Elizabeth Ann Masen - 1882 - 1918 (36 years of age)

Children - 1 son - Edward Anthony Masen Jr - 1901 - 1989 (17 years of age)

Okay, mild may have been an understatement. I was a lot shocked. I looked at Bella and showed her the paper. I saw her eyes widen in shock and then a smile spread across her face. She lowered her shield for a moment. Well, at least our project will be easy enough. She said and I smiled at her. This was true enough. My memories from my human life were pretty clear, with only a few fuzzy moments.

I looked around at the class and saw that they were either trying to figure out how they would go about researching the families they had picked or how hot the new students were. I rolled my eyes at how focused the group was.

"Now," The teacher said, returning to the front of the class as the last table picked a piece of paper out of the box. "Your aim is to find out everything you can about these families. Birth places, relatives, when and in which hospital they died. Also I want you to locate photographs of these families, both as a group and individual photographs or portraits. I don't want to put any pressure on you, but your project will be classed as incomplete if you do not include photographs or portraits." He raised his eyebrows. "Sorry guys, but that's the way I roll."

Oh, crap! I thought, beginning to panic. Before he'd said that we would have been able to get away with doing the project and leaving it at that. But we had to get photographs or some sort of physical evidence of the families. I felt my faced morph into a look of shock as I realised that he probably already had some photographs of all the families that he had chosen. Which meant that he could uncover who I was in a heartbeat.

Are you okay? Bella asked with her mind. Looking around, I saw that everybody else was talking about nothing much really, none of the conversations relating to the topic so I turned to face Bella.

"He wants photographs or portraits." I told her, talking too low and fast for anyone else to possibly hear me, and she looked blankly at me. "Which means that I have to dig out an old picture of my family, which means that he'll find out exactly who I am." Her face morphed into shock as realisation hit her. "There we go." She scowled at me. "And I'm also thinking that he's already got pictures of the families that he's picked so he'll know if a group is cheating on the project."

"What are we going to do?" She asked me in panicked tones. I glanced at the teacher and saw him staring at me intently.

"Shit, he's looking at me." I whispered. "I don't know. This could be trouble for us." I sighed. "I'm just glad that I was registered as "Cullen" instead of "Masen". I think that would be too much of a tip-off for him."

"We'll be alright. Everything's going to be okay sweetheart." She rubbed my arm soothingly, feeling the panic that was rising within me. "We'll work this out."

Just then the bell rang and we gathered up our possessions and made our way to our next class. The teacher was looking at me all the time I was in the classroom. His thoughts were not encouraging me to think that he would let the niggling feeling that there was something familiar about me go. He was thinking that he had seen me somewhere before but he wasn't sure where from. That only confirmed my fears of the fact that he had photographs or copies of portraits of the families that he had chosen.

My next classes went by without incident. They were actually extremely tedious as I had gone through the material more times than I could count. I was still in mild shock of what had happened in History. This was odd for me, because if and when something managed to shock me, and things rarely did, I was always able to recover from them quickly. So this development was getting to me. Bella could sense my unease and tried to reassure me the best she could.

I had caught whiffs of the scent of vampires all through the day. From the scents I could tell that there were two of them.

Finally, lunch had arrived and Bella and I met up with Alice in the hallway. We all walked into the cafeteria. The amazing thing, or maybe not so amazing, was the fact that it had not changed in a century. It was mildly depressing actually. To think that we weren't the only things that didn't change with time. We saw that Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper were already seated at a table. The three of us purchased our props and went and sat down with them. The only one we were waiting for now was Nessie. We began talking quietly between ourselves. Bella and I told the others what had happened in History. Alice and Jasper looked worried, Emmett was laughing his head off and Rosalie was looking less than happy. Actually severly pissed would be a better way to put it.

Just then I heard the bouncy and care-free mind of my daughter.

"Hey everyone!" She exclaimed jumping in front of us and bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet. Bella and I looked pointedly at Alice, who looked at us innocently and shrugged her shoulders. Hey, I didn't do anything! She complained, and I knew that she was telling the truth as she wasn't shielding her mind from me. "I know that you've all probably smelt the others in the school and I met them today. I ran into them in the hallway. They're both really nice, but the guys a bit grabby." I growled low in my throat. Vampire or not he was going to stay the hell away from my daughter. I had enough trouble with Jacob let alone some other immortal making a pass at my daughter. Humans I could just about deal with, but I'll be damned if a vampire was going to be hitting on my daughter. "Oh! Oh! There they are."

I didn't bother turning around and I noticed that the others didn't bother looking. We knew that if we all turned to look at something pretty much the rest of the cafeteria would as well. I began sifting through the thoughts of those around us, trying to discern the vampires' thoughts from all the others.

Those new girls are so hot! I wonder if I can get in with the blonde one-

Oh, he is so cute. And those gold eyes.....yummm.

I think I'm in love. And that southern drawl makes him even better - I smirked. I was not going to be telling Alice about that one. I didn't want to inflict the pixie wrath on the poor unsuspecting girl.

I think I'm going to ask out the brunette. She's so hot. Yeah, I'm gonna do it - I leant over and gave Bella a kiss, stopping that thought in the middle. I smirked when I pulled away and she looked at me quizzically.

I want him! I wonder what he uses to get his hair that colour.

What the fuck! Cullen?!

This last thought made me shoot ramrod straight. I whipped around in my seat, and saw one of the last people I expected to see.

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