A/N: I highly encourage anyone who has never seen a picture of or read the history behind the sculpture "Winged Victory of Samothrace" to go out and do a little bit of research. No one should go throughout life without having done so :) Also, many thanks to Eowyn77, a poetess extraordinaire in her own right, for being my sound board for this...

And of course, while these words are my own, the characters and the exact situation being portrayed here belong to none other than the great Stephenie Meyer.

"Isle Esme"
by tersaseda

My toes lighted off the threshold:
final moments of solitude
falling behind in ripples like
Winged Victory's triumphant flight.

In the dark cover of this night,
I could shed all inhibition
to move towards him,
vulnerable to falling
but sure of being caught.

The revealing moon sang
surer still.

The heavy air beckoned
closer still.

The caressing waves whispered
gentler still
until I finally reached him.

And whether persuaded by the magic
or by our own hearts,
we could not help but obey—
because we trusted.

Undeniable rightness bound us
as he vowed forever;
and we lost ourselves
in a love as old as Time,
yet found ourselves anew
in endless embraces.

In the coolness of his touch,
my world imploded
to scatter pieces of me
over him in awareness.

His skin became my skin.
His breath, my breath.
His love, an eternal reflection.

We are a magnetic give-and-take...
in validating the other,
we only confirm ourselves
and illuminate the transcendent.

We are each other's forever.
Soaring beyond the constraints
of this feeble world,
we—he and I—become the reason
for the moon, the stars, the sun...
this is everything.

Amongst sighs and whispers,
the earth nestles against us
again in welcoming.
Night's gentle cocoon
envelops us lovingly, securely;
and we slip into the wonderment
of her ageless secrets as
all falls to silence and reverence...