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Chapter 1: A Dark Evil Gets Darker

Way down South on a tropical island off the coast of South America trouble was brewing. The leaders of the evil Cobra organization had come up with another plan to conquer the civilized world.

"Destro, have you got the Flashblasters distributed yet?" asked Cobra Commander. The Flashblasters were new weapons their engineers had designed. They looked like ordinary flashlights, but in truth, they were deadly weapons that could shoot flames, fireballs, or laser blasts, depending on the setting.

"Yes Commander. They're distributed and our new armor formula has been sprayed on all our vehicles. We're ready to attack!"

"Great work Destro! Let the attack commence! Cobra!" With that, the Cobra troops departed their headquarters and were on their way.


Meanwhile, far away at G. Headquarters, the Joes were enjoying a day of peace and relaxation. Gung-Ho, Alpine, and Bazooka were golfing; Lady Jaye and Flint were taking a dip in the pool; and a whole group of Joes, including Duke and Scarlett, were playing volleyball in the sand volleyball court.

"I wish we had more days like this," Shipwreck said.

"With Cobra around, we're lucky to have today." Scarlett told him.

"Yeah man, enjoy it while you can." Footloose put in.

"Wait. What's that?" Scarlett said as a loud jet-whining sound filled the air.

"Don't look now. It's…" Breaker started.

"Cobra!" The battle cry finished Breaker's sentence.

"They're attacking our base!" Lady Jaye exclaimed.

"Battle stations, everyone!" Duke yelled.

As the Joes scrambled for battle stations Cobra attacked the base. The Joes got to their weapons; Tanks, Skystrikers, and the Brawler. As the Cobras continued to attack, the Joes fought back with everything they had. But the Joe's missiles and bombs weren't doing much good, thanks to Cobra's new armor formula. And when the Cobra troops brought out their Flashblasters, the Joes got pounded even more. As the battle raged on and on, Cobra captured Flint and Scarlett. Lady Jaye counterattacked and captured the Baroness. Cobra took their hostages and left.

"What's going on?" asked Bazooka.

"Why would they just leave?" replied Breaker.

"Yeah, and especially not try to free the Baroness?" added Lady Jaye.

"And what's with those new weapons?" Gung-Ho asked. "We've never seen the likes of those before."

"I know," Roadblock replied. "And they sure are powerful. And when you add in their new armor, Cobra has just gotten about ten times more dangerous." He was so upset that he forgot to speak in rhymes like he usually did. His words were met with grave nods.

"I don't like this one bit." Duke told the others. "Cobra must be planning something big, to go to all the trouble of developing new weapons and armor in such a short time." It had only been a couple of weeks since their last battle, and they didn't have either at that time. "Let's get inside and see if we can locate their base. Then we'll go from there."


Back at Cobra headquarters, a squad of Vipers were leading the G. captives to the prison as Destro and Cobra Commander looked on from the balcony above.

"Your Flashblasters have performed beyond expectation, Destro," said Cobra Commander. "We were able to deliver our enemies a crushing defeat!"

"How can you say that, Commander?" Destro asked. "We do not have G. Headquarters yet."

"Yes, but G. will sacrifice their headquarters for the safe return of their comrades."

"How can you be so sure, Commander? With the Baroness captured, they can also deliver a ransom. We must rescue her immediately!" Destro exclaimed.

"Yes we will," said Cobra Commander. "I have a plan. We will move their comarades to our desert base. When the Joes come looking for their comrades, they won't find a trace of them! And with new our cloaking device, the desert base won't show up on their radar or tracking systems. They'll be on a wild goose chase; leaving their headquarters open and vulnerable to us. And so we go in and free the Baroness and take it over!" Cobra Commander threw back his head and laughed with evil glee. There was no stopping them now!


Meanwhile the Joes were surveying the damage done to their headquarters. It didn't look good. Wreckage of planes and vehicles were everywhere. The training and practice fields were in ruins.

Duke came out of the main building. "Well, even though the outside is a mess, the inside is still intact. Mainframe went through our central computer and was able to locate Cobra's base. We need to get there immediately and free our comrades." He said, looking anxious.

"That could be a problem, with all of our planes destroyed." Ace told him.

"Not all of them are destroyed," Ripcord spoke up. "We have three Skystrikers hidden behind the base for repairs. I had just finished fixing them when Cobra attacked."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Lady Jaye exclaimed and ran to the back of the base with Ace and Roadblock. They got into the planes and took off. They were on their way to free their friends. Or so they thought.


At the same time, Major Bludd was flying the two Cobra hostages to Cobra's secret dessert base.

"You'll never get away with this, Bludd!" Flint Shouted.

"Yeah! Our friends will find us and stop you!" Scarlett added fiercely.

""They will, eh." Major Bludd said mysteriously.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Scarlett demanded.

"That's for me to know and you to find out!" Major Bludd said and laughed evilly as the Night Raven flew further into the dessert.


Meanwhile, at Cobra Headquarters, Cobra Commander and Destro were planning the rescue and takeover mission.

"I've got it!" Cobra Commander cried. "We attack a city somewhere away from their headquarters and lure the remaining Joes away, and while they are concentrating their efforts there, we will attack their headquarters and take it over! Since we're attacking on another front, they won't expect us there!"

"Excellent." Destro agreed. "But it's got to be convincing. We need a sizeable force attacking Washington. Let me lead it, and once we engage them, you and your force then go in and take over their headquarters and free the Baroness."

"Excellent! Have the Twins go with you as well. That will make it even more believing," Cobra Commander exclaimed.

Let's do it!" Destro replied, but before he could say anything more, the sound of the door opening behind them cut him off. He and Cobra Commander whirled around and gasped in total shock when they saw a very familiar figure standing there in the doorway.

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