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With the sun beating down heavily on the village of Konohagakure, the brief summer winds were anything but helpful. In fact, it irritated a certain dark-haired shinobi to the point of having to resort to killing someone, preferably his former teammate, who was at the moment, being an idiot.

Said boy looked up at his companion with a grin, while attempting to remove his pants. "C'mon Sasuke, you strip too!"

Aside from being the idiot he usually was, Naruto had, shockingly, much to the surprise of everyone else in the village, grown up as well. The baby fat he once had replaced his face with a clearly stronger and more defined jaw, high cheekbones, and a nose suitable for one like himself. His once short and spiky hairdo had long ago grown out to the nape of his neck, causing him to greatly resemble a younger version of the Yondaime. His tan remained in place, but there was a glow of some sort to it now. It looked natural and healthy. His eyes on the other hand remained the same; a cerulean-blue, bright and honest, loud and friendly. Aside from his looks, Naruto hadn't changed one bit, save for his maturity level going up about five inches over the years. However, his childish and annoying personality remained intact, much to Sasuke's annoyance and slight relief.

The Uchiha merely stared at him in irritation as a vein appeared near his temple.

"No. Freaking. Way," he deadpanned. His arms were crossed, signaling his final decision. No matter how hot it was, there was no way that he was going to go and do that with Naruto.

Sticking his tongue out at him, the blond removed his sandals before heading for the river hidden behind the thicket of trees that led into a dense forest. "Suit yourself, teme. Don't blame me if you catch on fire!" he called over his shoulder before disappearing.

Glad that the idiot was gone, Sasuke sat down on the thick, tree stump. Leaning back on his arms for support, he stared up longingly at the bright-blue sky, hoping that his will alone would be enough to make it snow.

Sighing, the Uchiha fanned himself with the front of his shirt. His training with Naruto earlier had proved to be refreshing. It was however, anything but bearable, considering the heat wave that had taken over Konoha like a storm. Sasuke hated summer, as well as the burning sun that scorched mercilessly at his sensitive skin, not that he would admit this of course. He preferred the coolness of winter and its' darkening skies, which was understandable considering his image physically. In fact, it more than suited him. He was like the night sky itself. And ironically, he preferred night over daytime as well.

Taking after his mother, the young Jonin had not only inherited her beauty, but her dark locks and eyes too. He had her pale skin, but thankfully received a few of his father's masculine genes in the process. These genes included the fact that he was not slender and feminine like his mother, but a lean and muscular young man already in possession of great abilities, fitting for his future position as an ANBU captain.

At the age of seventeen, Uchiha Sasuke was indeed inevitably handsome, if not talented as well.

A low growl erupted from deep within his throat as he raked a pale hand through his damp hair. It was unbelievably hot today, more so than usual. And that really, really pissed him off. He detested hot weather. It was certainly a mystery to him why people like Naruto enjoyed summer at all. Standing up, the Uchiha brushed aside the dirt footprint that dirtied the front of his shorts. He must've gotten it after his sparring match with Naruto. The blond was notable for kicking Sasuke in places he could see after their short training sessions. He purposely did so to make him mad, which obviously worked, since it infuriated the Uchiha to no end.

"Usurakontachi…"he muttered underneath his breath before departing for the village to find something to eat. He was starving.

For all of the men in Konoha, she was a sight to behold, whether she was aware of it or not, which she wasn't. In fact, she never really was, much to their dismay. Until now that is.

Locks of indigo fell just at her slender waist, beautiful, soft, and straight looking hair kept perfectly balanced with no split-ends or flyaways whatsoever. Her heart-shaped face was framed by two side-bangs, both falling past her shoulders. Lavender, opalescent eyes were framed by gorgeously-thick and long lashes, set just beneath her finely shaped eyebrows. With her porcelain-like skin, button of a nose, and petal-pink lips, she was what many could've easily considered to be the most beautiful young woman they'd ever laid their eyes on.

Which was why they wanted to ask her out.

Hinata fell into step beside her former teammates, attempting to help support a dehydrating Kiba with as much strength as she could. The canine-like teen looked ready to die from the heat and thirst, his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he panted heavily, coughing as he struggled to keep himself up without putting too much weight on the delicate Hyuuga, who from the kindness of her heart was willing to help him. He fanned himself with the front of his loose and white wife-beater, wishing that he could just take off the damn shirt along with his pants and boxers. Unfortunately for him, Hinata was there, and the last thing he wanted was to subject his teammate and sister-like friend to more embarrassment than she could possibly handle.

Kiba had grown over the years as well. His frame was no longer thin and lanky, but lean and muscular, like most of the other male shinobi around his age. His trademark tattoos were still in place, his eyes and nose sharp, showing just how keen his senses were, akin to his looks.

Hinata watched as Kiba shot their other former teammate, Shino, a glare. The bespectacled young man walked alongside them calmly as usual with his shades, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans. He seemed to be the only one in their group unaffected by the heat. Just watching him made Kiba feel like he was literally in hell.

Shino hadn't changed too much, aside from the fact that he was noticeably taller and muscular. On rare occasions, mainly due to the weather, he would replace his thick jacket, once-in-a-while, with a sleeveless, white shirt, the collar still managing to cover the bottom-half of his face for some reason. But for a reason unknown to his teammates, he wasn't too fond of overly exposing himself in public, facial-wise that is.

Kiba cried out in pure agony as he held onto Hinata, unconsciously crushing her small frame against his own. "DAMMIT, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HOT!!!" he cried, as though his words would reach Mother Earth herself. Sighing, he said "I'm gonna die, Hinata. You might as well leave me here on the road and save yourself."

"Perhaps we should do just that…" Shino quietly mused to himself, apparently not quietly enough considering the fact that Kiba had heard him. The dog-boy used what little energy he had to glare daggers at his teammate and friend. Hinata, however, tried her best to encourage her teammate to not give up.

"D-Don't worry, Kiba-kun, we're a-almost near the shop," she smiled, despite the energy she felt herself slowly being drained from her body. Hinata wasn't one to complain, and since Kiba seemed to be doing most of it, she felt that he'd done enough in place of her share.

"Hinata," Shino began in his deep voice. "You don't have to help Kiba anymore from this point on. He should be able to walk the rest of the way by himself."

Kiba shot his friend another glare. "If you were helping me instead, then maybe she wouldn't be doing this right now, y'know!"

Tuning out Kiba's curses towards Shino, Hinata focused solely on getting the three of them to the shop, where cold iced-tea, ice-cream, and desserts awaited them, along with built in air-conditioning.

Today was hot. Being the shy-beauty that she was, Hinata wore clothes, in her opinion, appropriate for a girl around her age. As a child, she'd worn baggy sweatshirts and over-sized jackets, conscious of her figure. During her growth however, her father, as well as the women of the Hyuuga household had eventually reprimanded her for not properly dressing as a lady should. Seeing as how hot it was today, Hinata took this chance to wear something more lady-like, with a casual elegance fitting for her image.

Wrapping snugly around her slender form, the baby-blue sundress fell just above her knees, revealing beautiful and supple legs. The thin straps that hugged her shoulders revealed more skin than she was used to showing, her arms bare and visible. The sandals she usually wore were replaced with a black and more feminine pair. She had to admit the dress was cute, seeing as how it was her father who had picked it out for her, but these were the least of her troubles. What bothered Hinata the most was the gift God had bestowed upon her when he could've given it to other girls. If anything, what she hated the most about herself were her large breasts. Her breasts were just about one of the many reasons she'd taken a liking to wearing baggy clothes in the first place. It was because of the 'twins' that she attracted unwanted attention. She hated being in the spotlight more than anything.

Ignoring her chest-complex, Hinata continued to support Kiba as the two walked alongside one another. The close contact didn't bother her in the least. To Hinata, Kiba, as well as Shino, was like a brother to her. He of course felt the same way and paid no mind to the chest just inches from his dangling arm that hung over Hinata's bare shoulders.

As they rounded a corner down the road, Kiba nearly stumbled over his own two feet while running towards the shop. Hinata and Shino calmly followed him. Once inside, the three were greeted by a blast of cool air, caressing their burning skin as they made their way to an empty table with three chairs. By this point, Kiba had already melted from the pleasure the coolness of the shop provided him. If his parents hadn't been so cheap and bought an air-conditioner like they should've, then maybe Kiba wouldn't have had to skip out on his daily house chores. And although there was hell to pay later on, he decided it had been worth it.

Hinata had expected as much. The shop was packed full of preteens and others their own age. Many were chatting amongst themselves, while others placed their orders or ate. Several girls, however, were particularly noisy around a table sitting in the corner.

They waited for about five minutes, but since no one came by to take their orders, busy as they were, Hinata stood up and asked her teammates, "W-What would you guys l-like to drink?"

Shino was about to object to her buying for them, but was cut off when Kiba answered "Soda please!" She nodded and looked to Shino with a smile.


Deciding that there would be no point in objecting the girl since she'd already offered, Shino said "Iced-tea."

"Alright then," she smiled. "I-I'll just go up to the front and p-place our orders there, okay?" They nodded, prompting the Hyuuga to go up front for their drinks.

After paying the kind and elderly man, Hinata smiled in appreciation for his preparation of the drinks. "Th-Thank you, ojiisan."

He smiled in return, the skin near his eyes crinkling as he did so. "It was my pleasure, young lady."

Walking back to her table with the tray of drinks in hand, Hinata set it down. Kiba snatched his glass, more than eager to drink it all in one gulp. Shino thanked her before picking up his glass, tugging his collar down before lightly sipping at it. Removing the straw from its paper wrapping, Hinata gently placed it inside her own glass of iced-tea, stirring the ice-cubes around before taking a sip herself. It was fresh and light on her tongue. Smiling, she began to drink more, not realizing how thirsty she had actually been until now.

Content, Kiba leaned back in his chair, arms dangling at his sides. "So, what do you guys want to do next?"

While Shino said nothing, Hinata continued to sip lightly at her iced-tea, unsure of how to answer. She never knew what to do. It was usually Kiba or Shino who decided it. She could've suggested training, but felt that Kiba would object to it due to his loathing of the insanely-hot weather. Either way, she didn't really care. Being with them was enough for her.

"Ah!" Kiba slammed a fist into his open palm. "How about swimming? That okay with you guys?" he asked.

There was a moment of silence before Shino finally answered. "I…don't swim."

The Inuzuka rolled his eyes. "Baaaka, you don't have to. You can just watch while me and Hinata have all the fun, right Hinata?" he grinned.

Blushing, Hinata averted her gaze to the side before meeting Kiba's eyes hesitantly. "Ano…K-Kiba-kun, wouldn't I n-need a swimsuit to g-go swimming?"

The dog-boy scratched the back of his head in thought for a minute before replying "Oh, you're right."

Shino spoke up this time. "Do you have one, Hinata?" she shook her head. "Do you want to swim?" She took a moment to answer before nodding, a pretty blush painting her cheeks. "I see."

"Well, that settles it then," Kiba said as he stood up, raking back his messy, brown hair. Shino stood up as well, hands in his pockets.

Hinata looked to the both of them, confused. "A-Are we going swimming now?" she asked. Kiba clapped a hand on her shoulder with a grin.

"Not until we go and buy you a swimsuit first, baka."

Sasuke hated girls. This was a fact he could not deny, but it didn't mean he liked boys either. Both, in his opinion, were annoying. In fact, everything was annoying to the Uchiha.

He'd only wanted to escape the heat and eat in peace. In return, the price he'd had to pay resulted in about a dozen girls surrounding his table at the small shop he'd chosen to take refuge at. While the girls bombarded him with countless invitations and confessions, the boys had taken to glaring at him in silent jealousy. As if it was his fault. He never asked to be handsome. He had his mother, who he loved, bless her soul in heaven, to blame for that.

With a barely audible grunt, Sasuke continued his walk down the dirt road, occasionally kicking aside a pebble of some sort out of boredom. Killing time was a lot harder than it seemed.

Flipping back her shoulder-length pink hair, a young woman, who many-men in particular, considered a living goddess, walked the streets of Konoha with her head held up high, an air of superiority about her. Haruno Sakura was indeed one of the most beautiful women to inhabit the village of Konoha. She was tall and slender, delicate-looking on the outside, with monster-like strength on the inside. Her pale and peach-like complexion looked absolutely stunning against her vibrant, jade-green eyes. During her days as a former chunin, she'd developed her skills over the years, physically and mentally. She was what every man looked for in a woman. Beautiful, smart, and strong.

But despite the perfection she displayed publicly, inside, the kunoichi cursed silently to herself.

Now at the rank of Jonin, Sakura, much to her dismay, was still an apprentice to one of the legendary three Sanin. The current Hokage, Tsunade-sama, also known as the Godaime. It wasn't that she didn't like the Hokage; in fact, she absolutely adored and admired her. The woman was her idol. What ticked Sakura off to no end was the fact that Tsunade had refused to help her in her need of great assistance.

"Tsunade-sama can be so mean sometimes…" she grumbled, pouting as she tightened her hold on the several books she currently held. Over the past few weeks, Sakura had been studying and secretly working on a jutsu. A jutsu she'd thought up that Tsunade had refused to help her with. Said jutsu was created for a purpose and one purpose only.

Her entire body went stiff the second her eyes landed on the love of her life.

Sasuke stood at a fruit stand, turning the apple over in his hand to check for any imperfections on the piece of fruit. In a flash, Sakura had immediately dashed over to his side, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously at him while he regarded her with disinterest.

"Hi Sasuke-kun," she smiled shyly, making circles in the dirt with her sandal. "What brings you to this part of the village?" She glanced up at him from beneath her long eyelashes, wondering if he would return her stare. He, however, did not, and during her moment of shock, she watched as he walked away, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his shorts.

Her heart had literally broken into two.

Why? She cried to herself silently. Why do you have to be so cruel? Everything I do is for you, Sasuke-kun!

A more than eager Sakura ran to catch up with him, her arms flailing behind her as she did so.

"I say blue," Kiba mused, studying Hinata in order to visualize her in his choice for a swimsuit.

"I think white would look better," Shino commented.

"Blue," Kiba growled.

"White," Shino replied.

Hinata, along with Kiba and Shino stood inside a clothing shop. Today's sale consisted mainly of swimsuits. Hmm, go figure.

"Which one do you like better, Hinata?" Holding out the hanger with the swimsuit hanging from it, Kiba held it up in front of her, allowing her to get a good view of the two-piece bikini. The top was strapless around the shoulders and only went around the neck with a thin strap. The bottom half flared out into a short and frilly-looking skirt with short-shorts attached underneath. Shino held up a one-piece swimsuit. It was pure-white with a modestly-low neckline and spaghetti straps. The bottom half held beaded, tear-shaped crystals around the waist. Both were honestly, very pretty in her opinion, but when it came to decisions, Kiba and Shino were practically at war with one another.

Not wanting to hurt either of their feelings, or become the cause of a fight, Hinata smiled and said "I-I like b-both of them."

Both boys looked at her and then each other for a moment before releasing a long sigh. Their sister-kunoichi certainly had a way of settling things in her own subtle manner. Walking up to the counter, they put down the swimsuits and pulled out their wallets.

"Oi, over here you guys!" Kiba shouted to the other two from across the clearing. Hinata and Shino calmly made their way past a thicket of trees, stepping over the thin, yet sharp branches that would no doubt hurt them.

From what they had been told, Kiba was taking them to his secret place. A river hidden behind the dense forest that no one else knew about.

"The water there's really clean! I think it's something you'd like, Hinata!" he'd said while grinning.

Holding onto a branch overhead to keep from falling, Hinata stepped over a fallen log with an army of ants coming out from it. She giggled to herself as Shino bent down to get a closer look at them, the expression on his face unreadable as he stared.


"Coming," he muttered, more to himself than her.

She sighed and decided to go on ahead. Oh well.

Being careful so that she didn't snag her sundress on any of the lower branches, she jumped, as delicately as she could, over several more fallen branches, many of them thick with protruding and pointy ends. As she jumped over a few more, a blush instantly lit her cheeks as she froze, rooted to her current spot. Although dresses were a bit breezy, Hinata knew the limits to how breezy a dress could be.

Slowly, she turned around to untangle the hem of her sundress that had tangled itself with one of the lower branches, blushing as she did so. Oh my, she thought embarrassed. I really should be more careful. After freeing her sundress, she gently smoothed out the hem. It's a good thing that no one else was around to see- she froze immediately in her thoughts, her gaze landing on the person who stood a good ten feet away from her. Lavender eyes instantly met obsidian orbs. Her heart quickened as her blush worsened.


Hinata shivered inwardly as she stood before him. For a boy her age, he was certainly intimidating. She'd never spoken directly to him before, nor had she been as close as she was now. But that was what made it kind of scary.

He was the object of every girl's affection; handsome, yes, but not really Hinata's type. He was the village heartthrob, and an exceptionally talented shinobi, possibly on par with her genius cousin. Finally, he possessed the Sharingan, an amazing genetic technique he made use of during battle.

He was Uchiha Sasuke.

And he'd seen her underwear.

Blushing furiously, Hinata hid her face behind her white and delicate hands, unsure of how to respond to what he'd just seen. He saw! She thought to herself, shaking her head furiously in embarrassment. He definitely saw them! However, before she could even say anything, Sasuke casually strolled by as though nothing had happened, but her ears hadn't deceived her. She'd caught what he had said in a low voice as he walked by, the corner of his mouth lifted upwards into a small smirk.

"Nice panda," he snorted before walking away.

Hinata fell to the ground, her entire face flushed red as she covered her eyes.

"Oi, Kiba! What the hell are you doing here?" Clad only in his green boxers, Naruto yelled the second his eyes landed on the dog-boy of team eight. Kiba had come stumbling out of the trees with a few scratches on his face, wincing as the bright sunlight shone directly at him. He had definitely been in the shade for too long.

"I should be asking you that, moron," Kiba replied while scratching at his face. He slid off his wife-beater, bundling it up before tossing it aside. "Last I checked, this was my secret place."

"Like hell it is!" Naruto retorted. "I found it first!"

"No, I did," Kiba growled.



Both boys were now face-to-face, growling at one another. Another voice spoke up, only to break them apart.

"What are you doing, Naruto?"

Upon hearing the voice, Naruto's face immediately lit up. "Sakura-chan!" he cried, running towards said girl to throw himself at her, only to be punched head-on in the face. "Ow…"

"Hello to you too," she growled, a small vein throbbing near her forehead. "Anyways," she began, tossing back her glossy, pink hair. "Have you seen Sasuke-kun?"

"The teme?" Naruto scoffed bitterly. "Last I saw the bastard, he left to go eat or something. That was about an hour ago though."

The pink-haired beauty shook her head in disbelief. "Ugh, I can't believe I lost sight of him like that. I could've sworn I saw him near this area though…" she murmured to herself. She shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, I'll just look for him again. Naruto, you're coming too."

"Eh?" the blond whined. "Why do I have to help you look for that teme, Sakura-chan? I'm already busy swimming here-"

The loud cracking of her knuckles was more than enough to get the blond back into his dark-blue jeans. Slipping on his orange shirt, he followed after a very pleased and smiling Sakura, his face blue with fear.

Kiba scratched the back of his head. For a girl, she was quite violent, and honestly, Kiba wasn't too used to girls like that. He was used to shy and quiet girls, like Hinata. Speaking of which… his eyes searched the clearing of the river. Where was Hinata? Shino too.

Shaking his head, the Inuzuka sighed. "Don't tell me they got lost…?"

Sasuke walked through the dense forest, enjoying the cool shade the tall trees had provided. A warm breeze swept through his damp hair, his irritation returning.

After successfully ditching Sakura earlier, Sasuke had decided to take refuge at Naruto's so-called, 'secret place.' Honestly, how gay could the dobe get? While wandering aimlessly through the forest, however, Sasuke had come upon a certain Hyuuga. A girl who'd been in his class for the past few years. A girl he'd never really noticed until last year. Her silk-like hair and lavender eyes would come-and-go within his mind. He thought about her on occasion, but not all of the time. He had a life too, as hard as it was to believe, and didn't want to use most of it by thinking about her.

However, his recent meeting with her had been a shocking (though he didn't show it), if not an amusing one as well. He fought back the urge that twitched at his lips, thinking about the blush that had stained her face a horrible red earlier. The way her big eyes looked, glistening with tears of embarrassment, her pink lips quivering. She was so… Shaking his head to clear his thoughts of her, his face returned to its' usual, impassive expression. The Uchiha did not want to get a nosebleed over a girl he'd just seen, especially one who wore panties with a cute panda on the back.

No, Sasuke did not think the Hyuuga was cute at all.

"Mou, Sakura-chan!" Naruto cried, tears streaming down his face. "How many times do I have to do this? My chakra's almost gone already!"

Sakura slapped him in the back of his head, earning a cry of pain from the other boy. "As many times as it takes," she growled, frustrated that her experiment was only about sixty-percent of the way. The other forty-percent left her confused. What frustrated her even more though was the fact that Tsunade had refused to help her. Her reasoning had done little to assuage the eager Haruno.

"Sakura, you're an amazing kunoichi with even greater potential. You're also my favorite student, so I want you to remember that. But remember this as well, you are still far too young to even think of creating a jutsu with no purpose."

"But sensei, the art of seduction is essential to a female ninja in training, isn't it?"

The Godaime waved a hand. "Why would you want to make yourself sexier? You're already pretty enough as it is."

"Thank you for the compliment, but-!"

"Unless," Tsunade began, her eyes glinting like that of a hawk "this is all for a certain Uchiha that you have certain affections for."

Sakura gulped. "Er, well…that is…"

"Even more of a reason to not help you," The blond woman finished, crossing her arms over her large bust. She tapped her fingers impatiently against her arm. "Anything else you want to add on to that, my precious student?"

Sakura turned her head away in fear, rotating her entire body along with it. "N-No, that'll be all, thank you!" She bowed quickly before dashing out of her masters' office, leaving behind a trail of dust.

The pink-haired kunoichi shuddered at the memory. If her master were to find out what she'd been doing over the past two months, her head would surely be served on a silver platter, especially after said woman had forbidden her against doing it.

Sorry, sensei, but this is the only way I can win Sasuke-kun's heart!

"Again!" She demanded, prompting Naruto to repeat the transformation technique. So many times, she'd tried so many times to transform into a bustier and sexier version of herself, but to no avail was able to do so. The result outcome was a handsome, male-version of herself. Far from what she'd wanted, that is, unless Sasuke was… she blushed just thinking about it.

"I need to stop that…" she muttered to herself.

Hinata glanced around at her surroundings, unsure of where she was now at the moment. After her encounter with the Uchiha earlier, Hinata had aimlessly wandered into the thicker part of the forest, too depressed to notice.

She clasped her hands together in front of her chest and calmly told herself to not panic, no matter how much she tried to deny it. Denying the truth, however, would not help, nor solve anything.

She was, without a doubt, lost.

M-Maybe I can find my way out if I use the Byakugan.

Performing the necessary hand seals to activate her blood-line technique, Hinata jumped up onto one of the thick trees, using the branch as a tower to help her scout the entire area for any signs of another being with chakra flowing through them, hopefully a fellow shinobi. When her eyes landed on two people, she eagerly rushed toward them, jumping from tree-to-tree in the process.

Little did she know what would be awaiting her.

Much to Sasuke's surprise, and annoyance, he'd involuntarily stumbled out into an open clearing, only to see the last two people he'd been hoping to avoid.

Sakura had turned her head to stare at him, her gloved-fist paused in midair. Naruto sat on the ground, peeking at Sasuke from beneath the arms he'd been using as a shield. Both watched as the Uchiha stood there, waiting for him to say something. The dark-haired shinobi, however, merely turned on his heel to walk back to where he came from.

There was no way he was going to get involved in whatever the hell it was that they were doing.

He stopped in his tracks and grumbled a series of curse words as Sakura sweetly cried out to him "Sasuke-kuuuun~!"

Fed up with running away every, freaking time she came near him, Sasuke decided to face her and asked through gritted teeth, "What?"

Blushing, she looked up at him with a shy smile. "Um, I was wondering. Do you think maybe you could stick around to check out this new jutsu I came up with?"

He relaxed a bit at this. That was all she wanted? To just show him a jutsu? He thought about it for a moment before muttering a "Fine." But if she so much as showed a sign of wanting to attack him affectionately, then he was out. Crossing his arms over his chest, Sasuke stood in place, tapping his foot impatiently. "Well? Show me," he demanded. "I don't have all day, y'know?"

She seemed flustered as he said this, but immediately regained her composure in a matter of seconds. Sasuke could've sworn he heard her muttering something to herself, but couldn't make out her exact words. They went along the lines of "…not work," or "I hope I do this right…"

She coughed. "A-Alright then, here I go!"

Putting her hands together, Sakura perfectly executed the hand seals she'd memorized over the past few weeks. All that was left to rely on was the outcome. And hopefully, it would work. Just as she was about to finish up though, her senses forewarned her of something coming from behind. She turned around just in time to see someone heading straight for her. Her eyes widened however once she saw who it was.

"H-Hinata?!" What is she doing here?

"W-Watch out!" the other girl cried.

Using both her arms to block an oncoming Hinata by default, Sakura gasped in realization at what she'd just done. The palm of her hands coming into contact with the Hyuuga's stomach, Sakura watched in horror as the other girl became a poof of smoke.

Everyone remained still for the first few seconds. Naruto was the first to jump up. "Wh-What the hell just happened?" he exclaimed. Sakura cried inwardly as she chewed nervously at her bottom lip, hoping that nothing bad would come out of this. Sasuke merely stood there, stunned as well at what had just occurred.

The three stood, waiting for the smoke to disappear. When it finally did, however, they saw no Hinata, only a small girl with a sundress too big for her hanging off of her shoulders. She rubbed at her eyelids with her small hands, blinking rapidly before looking up at Sasuke with big and curious eyes. She stared at him for a few seconds before breaking out into an angelic smile.

Lavender eyes met obsidian orbs.

"Onii-chan," she smiled, her sweet voice filled with love.

Sakura's left eye twitched a few times before she fainted.

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