Authors Note: Hey thar, first story I've written that I planned on posting right after I finished the first of god knows how many chapters. This story was inspired by my good friend Wrin. I got a really cruddy test score the day we designed this, and couldn't get myself out of the resulting hole I kept digging myself into. So, she inspired me to write this!

PLEASE NOTE: My language is sometimes foul, so if you can't stand cursing, please STOP reading.

The characters belong to their respective owners. The Smoker, Hunter, Boomer, Tank, Witch, all infected, Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Bill all belong to Valve and whoever else is associated with the game Left 4 Dead. I do not in any way shape form or fashion own, or take credit for creating them.

The character Wrin belongs to, well, Wrin, my college study-buddy and whatnot. Awesome woman she is :D

The character Vizzera belongs to me, and solely me. If you want to use her you have permission, just give credit of her creation to me.

I may have missed one or two things not created by me. However, the story idea is Wrin's, the character Wrin is hers, the city is real, the school is exactly the same as my school with a few changes to make the story work of course, and Vizzera is mine. Otherwise, everything else belongs to Turtle Rock Studios (well former, now its Valve).

Beep Beep Beep my phone alarm chirped. I hate that thing, since all it does is wake me up to what people call reality, and sometimes I just wish to be left to the safety and niceness of my dreams. I opened my greenish blue eyes, and looked over at the phone. Rolling around in my bed, I positioned myself so that I could grab my phone off my desk. I opened it, praying that it was just a text message from Wrin or a random person, I'll even be happy if it was just a call, rather than the alarm telling me its time to say 'Hi world'.

Saddened by the fact that the beeping was my alarm, I placed my phone back on the desk and rolled back to my position from before, fully determined to milk out another ten minutes of sleep. As my eyes closed I saw something that was kind of odd on the other side of the room but pushing that thought to the side I fell back into the blissful sleep.

What seemed only seconds, my phone was once again going off to tell me to get out of bed. Again I reached over and turned it off like last time, but the difference was me sitting up. Looking at the time my clock was showing, I started to freak out. There was only ten minutes until class, which meant there will be no breakfast for me this morning.

Screeching, I jumped out of my comforting bed and got dressed, barely remembering to exchange my pajamas for my jeans and a t-shirt. I was able to pull my long reddish brown hair into a ponytail in a hurry. I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my cell phone, wallet, my backpack, and ran for the door, while grabbing my keys from their basket as I ran out the door.

I ran down the hall of the dorm, down the stairs, then back down the hall and across the parking lot before it dawned on me. No one else was running or walking with me like normal, it was dead silent. Besides the unnatural white fog and drizzly atmosphere, it looked like a normal Sunday. Everyone was usually too drunk to actually get up in the morning. Stopping suddenly in the middle of the parking lot, I took out my phone and looked at the day it proudly showed.

It was Monday…

"FUCK!" I yelled as I began to run again, crossing the parking lot in a matter of seconds. I ran down the tennis fields and up the hill to the Café. By then I was breathing heavily, almost about to pass out, I bravely checked my phone again. The time showing 8:18 AM, there is still two minutes until my first class, two minutes before I have to walk in and explain myself to the professor.

I started to run again, I ran up the stairs near the library, and down the breezeway, barely slowing down to open the door to the Math building and into my classroom. I looked around as I caught my breath. I just ran into the classroom, not worrying why the light wasn't on, and why no one else was in the room.

"Maybe he cancelled class and no one told me." I coughed, as I leaned back in my chair and continued to breathe heavily. Waiting to catch my breath, I looked at my phone, and took one more gulp of air before calling Wrin.

Wrin didn't answer, nor did her voice mail. It was her provider, stating that the cell-tower was out in her area. Groaning, I called my mother, but got the same answer, upset, and angry, I called my brother, who was on the same cell tower as I was calling from. I only got his voice mail the four times I called. Shaking my head, I got up to leave just as Wrin ran into the classroom, her long auburn hair was wind blown and she was breathing heavily.

"Is my phone on daylight savings time?" She asked as she put her backpack down and slumped in her chair.

"Probably, I think mine is too, since I just got here before you did." I leaned on the desk, resting my head on the table and pretended to snore.

"Viz quit that, your going to start drooling." Wrin laughed as she poked my shoulder "Lets go see if he is in his office."

"Who's office?"

"Dr. Ulzubek, of course who else?"

"But I'm still catching my breath; I don't want to walk up the stairs!"

"Well, get over it." She told me, I wanted to complain but with her blue eyes staring back at me, I knew I had no choice but to go.

Groaning, I found myself walking up the stairs, and into the Computer Science wing of the Math building. Every door was closed except Dr. Ulzubek's door, his room was dark, and there was crime scene tape in front of the door, blocking our entry.

"Dr. Ulzubek?" I asked, peering into his window between the religious doo-dads he kept in his office.

"Professor?" Wrin peeked into the office, only to jump back, holding her nose immediately.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I poked my head back into the room, ignoring the stench. The room's air was stagnant, and the air smelt, well sour and moist at the same time. I couldn't really see anything in there no matter how far I poked my head in without actually stepping into the room. Whatever air freshener Dr. Ulzubek has, was doing a poor job at combating the stench.

"Doesn't he keep this room clean? I remember it smelt like vanilla in there all the time before." Wrin said while holding her shirt over her nose, peeking in. The scent was still too strong, and caused her to back away again, and finally I couldn't ignore the smell anymore I backed away.

"Well, class is certainly cancelled with a ruined office." I said as I reached in my backpack, grabbing a pack of berry-flavored gum and handing a piece to Wrin. I just stood there sniffing a piece while she started to talk.

"I'm guessing so is the professor's mood."


"What was that?" I asked, turning back towards Ulzubek's office.


"Um..." I cautiously walked over to his office door once more, poking my head into the room. "It's starting to really… smell worse in here. How that's possible, I'd love to know."

"Maybe something died in there." Wrin peeked in the office with me, popping her gum in her mouth and chewing on it loudly.

"You're doing that on purpose." I groaned, raising my gum to pop into my mouth in retaliation.

BLAARGGG – A large…fat…obese…thing came from the darkness, wearing that weird purple hat that Ulzubek usually wore on his head. His normally prefect suit was stained with vomit, and ripping at the seams in several places. A few large zits were on the thing's stomach, and seemed to be growing out its mouth.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" I screamed grabbing Wrin in the process as it vomited all over me. My gum was ruined.

Wrin pushed me away, making me release her in the process. I didn't wait for myself to regain any sense of direction. I grabbed my backpack and ran, running straight to the bathroom, into the stall, and vomited in the toilet. Somehow, Wrin was right behind me, laughing as she leaned against the bathroom door.

"You look like shit" She said as she took some paper towels from the dispenser

"Thanks, I've always wanted to look like someone's inner workings." I groaned, taking my completely stained and ruined shirt and pants off and sticking them in the sink to attempt to salvage them. "I just love to lose perfectly good gum to bile, it always makes my day." I turned on the faucet, and went back to the toilet to flush it.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt..." Wrin started singing as I put my shirt in the sink.

"Shut up."

"It's in your hair" Wrin commented as she handed me the wet paper towels, I took them, but dunked my head in the flushed toilet, running my fingers through my hair as I kept flushing the toilet. "That, was disgusting Viz."

"Just hand me some more paper towels." I reached back, not looking as I began to wring my hair dry. Wrin grabbed some dry towels and handed them over.

"So what was that Viz? Dr. Ulzubek's hat was on that thing."

"It reminded me of a monster from that game I've been playing, Left 4 Dead." I said as I began to dry my hair, taking my clothes off the sink and putting them on while they were still wet. Thankfully the stench was gone, as well as the vomit. "It reminded me of a Boomer." Suddenly it hit me, and I grabbed the bathroom chair and barricaded the door.

"What are you doing?"

"Barricading the door what does it look like?! Remember what happens when a Boomer vomits?" I said as I sat in the chair and perched my legs against the wall, pushing into the door.

"A bunch of infected come and rip apart Bill." She responded "But that's immediate, we've been in here for ten minutes and no response."

"That's because this is reality, the infected could take a while to get here. Not to mention, they don't magically spawn in the classrooms like they do in the game."

"We would have heard them if they were coming."

"I had my head stuck in a toilet, how could we hear them?"

"You had your head stuck in a toilet, I would have."

"You would have heard even through my constant barrage of flushing and had the water running?"

"Yes, I wasn't right behind you, I was by the sink."

"You're impossible you know that?"

I finally crawled off the chair, scooting it back so that I could peek out of the door. The hallways were empty, but I knew about that Boomer, I knew he was out there, which meant if I was right, there'd be hunters, smokers, tanks, and witches that could just as easily kill me as soon as I left the toilets.

"Let's just go already," Wrin said as she pushed past me, out the door, and started down the hall. When I walked a step or two out of the safety of the bathroom I noticed something in the corner of my eye, and looked over, screaming as I pushed myself up against the wall.

Wrin turned around just in time to see a Hunter jump on her. Oddly enough, the hunter was female, wearing a suit, her hair in a loosened bun as she raised her arms, ready to claw Wrin to pieces. I pried myself off the wall and reached Wrin in time, and kicked the Hunter off her. When the hunter got up to the pounce position, it tried to pounce on me instead, jumping straight at me, I ducked in fear as Wrin got herself off the floor. The hunter missed the first time but then pounced on me from behind, and Wrin ran up to me kicked her off once more. This time, I pounced on the hunter. With my weight atop her, the infected couldn't do much more than just wiggle around.

"WHAT DO WE DO?!" I shrieked, too afraid to turn my head away from my victim. Wrin opened the classroom door nearest us, and made sure no one was inside, she then grabbed the hunter's left wrist. I jumped off the hunter, quickly grabbing its remaining wrist as well, and we turned to the classroom and launched it. Before it had even touched the wall, we slammed the door shut and began to run down the stairs, and out of the mathematics building.

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