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"Okay, time to grab and run!" Wrin called, parking the car. We got out as Wrin started to explain the procedure. "Alright, we're going in, grabbing anything that doesn't require preparation, and doesn't expire, that means chips, candy, bread, crackers, that kind of things. We then load the van full of it, and run like there's no tomorrow. If we find any problems, Viz will claw the eyes out of the problem." I shuddered, but nodded. Wrin laughed and slapped my back "I'm joking, you're going to run with us while we run screaming like little girls."


I hate this job.


Wrin held up her giant hammer, Michael identified it as a sledgehammer but I thought it was fun to call it the giant hammer. The doors were closed, and wouldn't open even as Wrin and Michael tried to pull them open. Wrin decided to smash the windows, but considering the part of town we were in, the hammer just bounced back and slammed into her hip. I jumped as she fell in pain, slashing the doors with my claws for hurting her. Happy that the doors were thoroughly dead, I knelt next to Wrin, who had sat up.

"You ok?" I asked as Michael moved the hammer away from Wrin.

"Fine, it'll bruise, but its not broken Michael says. That particular bone is hard to break anyway." Wrin smiled as I offered my arm to help her up. She pulled herself up as Michael tried to break the doors where I slashed them, they still weren't breaking.

"Viz," Michael turned to me, "Your claws cut holes in the door, can you cut out the glass in front of the door?" Shrugging I nodded, placing my claws on either side of the glass I started cutting. The sound somehow reminded me of nails scratching a chalkboard, or even a piece of paper. Both made my skin crawl. Wrin and Michael stood behind me with their fingers in their ears. When I finished opening the glass I popped it out and hefted it towards the car.

"What are you doing?" Wrin asked as I put the glass on the roof of the car.

"Saving the shield?" I said as I looked at my hands. I should've worn gloves to carry the glass, now I was bleeding. I shrugged it off and wiped the blood off on my pants. Wrin shook her head and entered the building. I took a moment to read the sign on the side of the building.

The building was huge, beige and had huge H.E.B. letters on the side. I had no idea what that meant. Shaking my head I walked into the building behind Michael just in time to get a skull-full of brains splattered on me.

"Sorry!" Wrin tried to wipe the brains off, I held her wrist to keep her from physically touching them. Wiping it off was no easy task, as it had gotten into my hair, I decided to find something to wash it out later as I released her wrist.

"Don't touch the innards of the dead. Only the dead may do that" I grinned as Michael sniped a smoker off one of the isles.

"If you ladies would be so kind as to start removing the pests in the building, we could get out of here and back to the station as quickly as possible."

"You got it!" I grinned as Michael and Wrin both took two isles side-by-side, gunning and slamming down any infected they found. I headed down my own isle, only finding a single infected common on the way. However I did find something else to my liking.

"Ooo baby come to mama" I grinned, holding up a large cast-iron skillet. I ran my claws over the edges, listening to the metal sing as I scratched it. Squealing happily I hugged the skillet, picking up a second one and running down the isle happily.

I turned at the end of the isle to see a human.

"What the hell?" he asked. He was taller than me by an inch. He wore a black hooded cloak that looked too cliché for me not to giggle. The cloak was opened to reveal a black shirt, a phoenix insignia plastered unto the shirt. He was wearing a pair of brown-baggy pants that nearly killed the whole 'I'm a dark person' look, he had a scarf covering his face and gloves covering his hands, he stood there staring at me as I looked dumbfounded back.

"Why is a witch running around with skillets?" The man asked as he began to pull his fingers out of his glove, "And she has blue eyes." His appearance was scaring me, but I refused to back down. I raised my skillets, prepared to defend myself if necessary. I refused to kill a human without provocation.

He tossed one glove down, pulling the second off, but I was focusing the darkness that was his face. The hood and scarf obscured my view as he stopped a few feet from me, the second glove dropping. Confused, I blinked a few times, trying to decipher if he was really just standing there. When I opened my eyes, he was gone. The scarf, and his gloves lay on the ground in front of me. I spun around just as a claw collided with my skillet. Quickly I slammed my second skillet against his shoulder, causing him to stumble but not fall. He lunged for me again, this time I dodged and slammed a skillet in his face. Reeling back he held his now bleeding nose. I had the advantage now, I was going to be top-dog and that was it. Rushing toward him, I spun my skillets, aiming to hit him twice in the side of the head. He however chose not to be my prey and disappeared again. I jumped back just as he landed, he had leapt up, jumped against the ceiling and tried to land on me.

"You're too smart for a normal witch" the man growled, shocking me as he jumped forward, knocking me off balance. I landed on my back, my skillet blocking the claw he had aimed for my heart. "And too fast for a mindless infected." He grinned, shifting his weight to push my skillet away, his now free-claw aiming for my heart. He didn't see the skillet slam into the side of his head, sending him flying off me, and into a beautifully stacked display of condoms.

I got up quickly as he regained his bearings, tossing a skillet to the side, I deflected another of his claws as he tried to defend himself, punching him in the face one more time as I stepped on his left wrist, immobilizing it and pinning his right arm to the ground with my skillet. I smiled as I slid my claws along the side of his face, leaving one claw near his throat at all times.

His eyes were pitch black, both glaring hatred into my own eyes as I continued to inspect him. His hands were claws—smaller than my own, but still claws none-the-less.

"Dearest hunter," I smiled, leaning close to his face as I spoke. "You will help me, will you not?"

He turned his head away, exposing his neck to me, but did not respond.

"Dearest hunter, I will let you live." I felt the need to be as creepy as possible, so I kissed his cheek, grinning as I let him go suddenly. I picked up my second skillet and left to the next isle, sure I would never see him again.

"So, everything is clear?" Wrin asked as I sat on the belt the cashiers used.

"Yea, we get to 'shop' now?" I grinned. This 'shopping' sounded like running down the isles with your hand in the shelf as things dropped into your cart.

"Yep! Viz, do you remember anything about food?" I started to nod before I realized the only thing 'food' meant to me was my previous dinner I got into trouble for. I shook my head sadly.

"You'll help load the cars we unlock for you, and you're in charge of guarding them then." Michael said as he headed for the outside. I followed while Wrin grabbed a cart and started doing exactly what I wanted to do. I made a mental note to do that sometime, even if it wasn't for anything.

Michael unlocked six cars for me, one was huge, which I put the un-breakable glass into. Michael tried to convince me to leave it but I stopped him when I pointed to the sun. He ran inside to complete the task assigned to us.

Working hard not to break bags with my claws, I ended up getting behind, fighting to keep up with the duo that had stacked thirteen carts for me to pack up. Frustrated as I broke yet another bag of flour, I threw the bag on the ground. It was already ruined, and I had to tell Michael about it the next time he hauled the next set of carts out.

"Having problems Blue Witch?" a male voice called from behind the truck, I looked up and recognized the same hooded face (or lack of at the moment) man I had beaten up earlier.

"Yes." I growled, carefully ripping a bag of cans, having them all fall in a heap at my feet. "Fuck." I sighed, tossing the now useless bag. The plastic was too thin for my sharp claws and it was getting really annoying. The man walked around the truck and knelt at my feet, picking up the cans. It scared the crap out of me.

"Here you are." He said, carefully placing the cans into the bed of the truck. I didn't want to relinquish the truck to him, nor did I enjoy the fact he stood so close.

"What are you trying to do?" I asked, placing my claws on my hips, trying my hardest to convey anger. The hooded man turned to me, kneeling once more.

"I am attempting to prove myself useful to my master." He didn't even speak softly, he made sure I heard what he was trying to say. This guy was scaring the living right out of me. I stepped back, but he didn't move.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I shuddered, raising my claws. He still stayed kneeling before me, his head down.

"You proved your dominance quite effectively master. I wish to serve you, to better hone my abilities as you have done, and to have someone to protect."

"Stand up, talk to me while you help me load this truck." I sighed, he immediately did as told, hefting the larger bags of food, supplies and whatever else the duo of doom collected. I could barely pick up a container of ketchup before he emptied the cart, pushing it away and pulling the next one.

Damn I'm useless.

"What would you like to know master?"

"What gave you the idea I'd accept you as my servant?" I asked, giving up and allowing him to do all the work. A boomer waddled toward us as he unloaded the carts.

"I did not think you would to be honest, However, in my profession, I cannot allow myself to be defeated in any circumstance. If I were a proper hired-killer, you would have been dead before you opened your eyes. However you were not."

"I was dead before I closed them." I grinned as the boomer stood near us, gurgling as he watched us. "You're like me." I pointed out. I didn't like being dead, but I loathed being the only one of my 'kind' so to speak. I didn't want to toss this man to the street just because he attacked me. I desperately wanted a reason to keep him. Damn he seemed more and more like a pet to me the more I thought about it.

"I am a de-infected Hunter. I prefer to keep this a secret." He said, pulling a new cart up. "My name is Mark Salazar, I am Yzse when I am a hunter."

"You come bowing to me begging for me to be your master, yet demand I hold your privacy?" I asked, moving out of the way between carts. I helped by pushing the carts closer.

"Unfortunately it is the only thing I ask of my master." He pulled the next cart.

"Fine. Just, don't act so damn submissive its creeping me out." I pouted. I hated myself for allowing this. The boomer giggled, or gurgled, I couldn't tell which.

Mark nodded, quickly taking care of the rest of the carts. I made a mental note to stay ahead of him on anything I could, and to ask Wrin to teach me what I knew before I died. I headed over to the curious boomer, who smiled as I approached.

"What are you doing here? Risking death." I asked as I stopped a few feet from him, the boomer gurgled, burping as he opened his mouth. He tried again, this time managing a few words.

"My buds and I wanted to invite the beautiful woman to dinner." He said, I looked around but found no 'buds'.

"What dinner?" I asked, causing Mark to look up, watching me.

"We found a feast the other day. Thought we'd share the last of the feast with a beautiful lady." I shuddered. Something told me that this 'feast' was the remainder of a survivor group. I wanted to save them.

"Of course I'll attend! Where is this feast?" I smiled, trying my best to look ravenous. It worked, the boomer waved at me to waddle with him. I turned to see that Mark was no-where to be found. Good for nothing 'servant' he was. Sighing I followed the Boomer.

We headed down a few blocks to a building, where the boomer held the door open for me. Inside I found three smokers, five hunters and a tank sitting around a sobbing group of people. Several corpses were laying around the room, most had been shoved into the corners of the room.

"They're going to kill us!" a young woman wearing a black t-shirt that's three sizes too big, black combat jeans and boots sobbed as she fell to her knees. Another woman, wearing a police uniform, the shoulder ripped and bloodied, I could see from here a large gash in her shoulder rendering her arm useless, a Kevlar vest hanging uselessly on her good shoulder knelt, wiping the tears from the first woman's eyes with her good arm.

"Now Kena, don't worry we'll get out of this." The woman forced a smile that did not touch her eyes. I watched the woman named Kena look up, but fell face down into the concrete sobbing when she saw the fake smile. The police officer bit her lip, upset that she had obviously done something wrong.

In total there were twelve survivors huddled together, each one had one of two faces, either a petrified face, or a determined 'I'll go down fighting' face.

"Don't they look delicious?" the boomer asked me, the tank looked up, smiling as best he could at me. Two hunters kept attacking each other in the corner fighting over who got which survivor.

"Who is this Alex?" a smoker walked up to the boomer who clapped a hand on my shoulder. The smoker was a young lady, around my age or so, maybe older. Her hair was covering her distorted face, but she was wearing a beautiful dress, her feet in heels that were too large for her.

"Cara, this is Blue Witch, don't you remember seeing her in the moving box with the other people? She's got human minions!" Alex, the boomer grinned. Cara, the smoker, shook her head. She didn't like me at all.

"Greetings Blue Witch." A young witch came out of the corner of my eye. I turned quickly, reacting by attacking the witch immediately. The witch diverted my blow easily, twisting her own softer claws between mine.

"Hello to you to." I spoke softly, this woman put me on edge and I didn't like it.

"You will begin our feast. Please, select your meal." The witch smiled, releasing my claws. Alex nudged me forward. I shuddered as the humans scurried back, one bumping into a hunter. The hunter reacted by kicking the human back into his flock.

"Please don't kill us" one woman sobbed, this 'Kena' woman. I took a step forward just as the same woman from before jumped forward, spreading her arms wide. Even through her brave act I could see pure terror in her eyes, her body shook like a leaf as she spoke.

"I swore on my life I would protect these people, you have to go through me first!" she cried. The edge in her voice that would have given her some leverage against a normal infected was not there. It would only entice the infected to choose her so they could kill her slowly.

Grinning, I picked the terrified woman.

I rushed over, swooping the woman in my arms swiftly and kidnapping her into a dark corner of the room as she screamed. I set her down on her feet and put a finger to my lips quietly as the other infected closed in.

"NAOKO!" a man screamed as he tried to chase after me, a smokers tongue wrapped around his neck and pulled him back as Kena screamed, curling into the fetal position.

I pulled up my sleeve and bit my arm hard, splattering blood and flesh on my chin and mouth I walked back pretending I was happily full. The other infected seemed to approve. The boomer waddled up to a human and grabbed her arm, smiling happily I walked over to the boomer and gave him a kiss to his cleanest cheek. Thankfully he was a very clean boomer.

The boomer smiled as I turned around, making the move to walk away. As soon as the woman behind me screamed, I spun around and cut the boomer's arm off. The shocked look on the boomers face was enough to make me squeal as I pushed him to his friends, the smoker had already released the man who fell to his knees coughing. I lept forward as a hunter flew past.

"Goodbye my dear friends. You were fun while it lasted." I smiled, swiping my claws across the boomers stomach. He gave me a very sad look, as if he were about to cry out before he blew up. I hated seeing my victims faces.

The witch shrieked, rushing me. I ducked behind her claws and shoved her into the tank as the smoker grabbed my neck with his tongue, pulling me back. I reached up to claw the tongue off when a hunter landed on me, knocking me off balance and holding my hands down. Gagging and wiggling I lay there as the tank and the witch walked forward, both angry. The witch knelt down so that the only thing I could look at were her own orange glowing eyes. I saw the smile in them, the grin as she shoved a claw in my chest, then a second, then a third. It hurt like all hell, but I couldn't scream.

As the world began to dim I gagged once more, feeling my own blood drip down my chin as I forced a scream, as I screeched to my fullest.

That did it. The weight on my chest was gone, replaced with a limp body, the tongue loosened and the tank stepped back with his hands raised in the air. The light came back just as I watched the tank crush his own skull in.

I killed them?

The witch lay on me, her eyes open but her heart had stopped. She had an astonished look on her face, her claws still in my chest. The hunter that had sat on me was now face-planted into the concrete, his head right next to my own.

"What the hell happened?" the voice I recognized as Naoko's asked, she kicked the infected off of me.

"Lets get out of here!" someone called, yet I sat up. "Fuck, kill it!"

"She saved us." Kena said softly, her voice was nearly gone from screaming and crying. I coughed once more as I unwrapped the tongue from my neck. Apparently my scream killed infected only. But that didn't make a bit of sense.

"What happened? How did they die?" I asked, looking toward the group. They all gave me inquisitive looks.

"One second you were dying, the next you opened your mouth wide and they all fell." The man that had been pulled by a smoker offered a hand up as I spoke, I took it gratefully, making sure not to claw him.

"Weird. I have a crew." I spoke softly. "We are headed to a safe zone, we could use your help." I smiled. Naoko looked to her crew as everyone nearly spoke in unison.

"Let's go!" most said. Some said something to the same degree but it was all a 'yes'. I smiled and led them to the truck.

Mark was standing there alone when we got to it.

"Where's Wrin and Michael?" I asked, Mark pointed to the store.

"I reported your whereabouts and the survivors you were to likely save to them. They are trying to get as much supplies as possible and already rigged the vehicles to drive. I was headed back to help you when you arrived." Mark reported. I liked him, he was a good soldier for our group. Thanking him, I waited for Wrin and Michael to come back.

Gods how many survivors were we to find?

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