-1Prompt:A Painting


Quote: "If you don't mind, I would prefer not to be scarred for life."

Theme:Valentines Day

For Twin Exchange monthly challenge: February.

George sat very still, trying to breath as shallowly as possible. Hermione was perched on his lap, also trying not to move. He was getting bored. Throwing a quick glance at Fred, who was sitting a few feet away, George blew lightly into the bushy hair beside his face. He felt his wife adjust slightly, obviously irritated as his attempt to distract her into moving. Again, making sure Fred wasn't looking, George rubbed his thumb lightly down her side. She made a strangled grunting sound and squirmed slightly.

"Sit still Granger," Fred said, returning his attention back to the couple and then to the canvas in front of him.

She rolled her eyes at his insistence on using her maiden name. She dug an elbow into George's ribs and smiled smugly when he grunted loudly and started to bend forward.

Fred's eyes snapped to his brother. "Keep on with that and it'll be March before you get your Valentine present, Granger." He eyed her suspiciously.

"You're already a week late, what's another week or so?" Even so, George felt her body tense up beside him.

"Yeah yeah, I'm almost done," he mumbled. A door banging open, caught them all off guard in the silence.

Harry shrugged as he rounded the corner. "Sorry, wind caught it." He looked over Fred's shoulder and his mouth dropped open and he lifted a finger to point at the painting. "Is that-"

"Shut it Harry," Fred slapped his hand lightly. "There. Done," he announced. He quickly spun the portrait so the couple could see it.

George waited while Hermione's eyes took in the well done painting. "But, I…" she stuttered. "Fred, why did you draw me like that?" George smiled at his brother's artistic ability to draw a very pregnant Hermione despite the thin model sitting in front him. "I'm not pregnant."

"Well, I think it's time we work on that, don't you?" George answered for his twin. He wrapped his surprised wife in his arms and kissed her softly. They began whispering to each other of future plans.

"We're doing the making of the baby next, Harry. You should stay." Fred smirked, enjoying his brother's happiness.

"If you don't mind, I would prefer not to be scarred for life."

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