"We have escaped," they said. They ran as fast as this form could take them across the barren wasteland of snow and ice. They stopped suddenly creating a cloud of dusty snow. They had heard something.

They sprinted to a large depression in field of white powder and slunk up to the edge. They all made a decision and told those that had become this form's neck and head to raise themselves above the edge of the depression. Those that provided the vision of this form looked around the wide expanse and could not find the source of what they had heard.

Together they made another decision and slowly their sight of the world around began to shift and widen. Then their sight became clearer and the distance began to shrink.

There! They now saw it. A small black dot moving in the sky. They focused and the dot became closer with out being closer. Its details became clearer with out changing. It was a creation of the forms of this world's prey. They called it a helicopter.

They had absorbed all of the knowledge of the prey back at the base. Those forms that were called Man had fought them viciously and in the end had decided to destroy themselves as well as their predators. They then chose to assume this form, known as Dog on this world, to escape the destruction of the base. These men had found their ultimate weakness. Fire…how they hated it. It was formless, void of any sustenance or information sources. It was a force of destruction, nothing else. It only consumed and fought ferociously for survival. How ironic that they were so similar to it.

They focused more and saw a man leaning outside of the helicopter holding what they had learned was a weapon of the form man, a rifle. The man was firing downward to the ground.

They used their newly formed eyes to search for what the man was attacking. The others…they had survived as well. They also had chosen this form for escape, but man was smart and saw through their attempts to hide themselves to see his enemy. The rifle would not stop all of the others, but they knew that man had other weapons at its disposal. Some of the others would be lost, but not all.

No matter, they had survived and there was nothing left out here to keep them from doing so. They turned away after the helicopter had gone too far even for the powerful vision they had chosen to use.

After returning the eyes of this form back to what was normally found on it, they began again to run.

Although they could stay for long periods of time out in this below freezing weather, too much time would force them into hibernation. Yes, they could simply chose to let themselves freeze and wait for more contact from these men, but they had decided against that, for now they knew that it was unlikely that any more forms of this world would ever find them again.

So they ran on. Some of them had information that they had absorbed from some of the men back at the base of far larger and more heavily populated bases on this continent. They had even gained the knowledge on how to get there. Though they worried that they would freeze before they could reach their destination, their hunger for the unique flavors of this world were great, it would drive them to reach their goal.

They had chosen the place where they would find sustenance and possibly a way to build something to get off this world or at least spread to the areas of this one where the prey were plenty and it would be easier to hide and grow. They had learned that this place had a larger concentration of man and dog and a greater array of equipment that they would put to good use. There, they would be safe to begin their work anew.

They believed man was to be dangerous, and possessed a vicious will to survive, but they were inferior forms and were weak when ignorant of a lurking predator.

This new place would be theirs, and soon. The absorbed forms of man at the last place had known it as McMurdo.

Forcefully two long tubes punched through the skin of what would be mistaken for a dog. From the tubes grew long leathery flaps which attached themselves to vein like tissue sliding out of the back of the dog.

The dog then ran and using its new limbs jumped into the air. The new wings beat at the air mercilessly as the creature that could be mistaken for a dog moved off towards its destination.