Five days later a man rolled back and forth in his bunk. He was becoming increasingly irritated at the noise coming from outside. "What the fuck is going on?" he muttered to himself. He had had enough. He rolled out of bed, groaning and then yelped as his bare feet touched the cold floor.

Throwing on his slippers he walked over to the portable heater and turned the knob to high heat, shivering now that he had removed himself from underneath his warm blankets.

He approached the window of his dorm and looked out towards the helipad farm. "What the hell? Where are they all going? He thought out loud.

He watched as several of the new military transport helicopters, after being mounted by heavily armed soldiers, lift off and head south. His noticed that two of them had weapons pods on them and machine guns poking out the sides.

"What the hell? Are we at war?" He couldn't remember anything from the news briefings that would suggest such a thing being possible. He wondered if the Russians had finally crossed the line or had finally made their move. There were treaties that were supposed to stop such a thing from spreading to Antarctica, but that didn't make him feel any safer. If that treaty was so widely respected then why did this base carry the arsenal that it did.

He shook his thoughts away and hurried over to the intercom. "Hey Shields you there?" He asked.

After a few seconds a voice belonging to Jason Shields responded, "Yeah, what's up?"

"You know what the hell going on out there?" The man asked.

"Yeah, like they would tell my ass John. All I know is someone on the continent put out a distress signal. I'm guessing Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz got a chance to go get them some glory," Shields replied.

"Yeah, no shit huh?" John said with a laugh, "Who knew they would get their chance in a place like this."

Listen, I am going to get dressed and go try and find out more. I'll let you know what's up if I find out anything," John offered.

"What you wearing now big boy? You necked?" Shields voice asked seductively.

"Fucking queer," John retorted and then cut the intercom off.

He walked over to his wall locker and start dressing himself in a heavy wool dark blue sweater and a pair of jeans which he pulled over his thermal underwear. After pulling some socks on he got into his work boots and walked towards the door to the hallway outside his room.

The hallway was a bit colder then his room but not by much and his attire kept him comfortable. He began the 3 minute trip to the radio room where his friend Bob Walters, the Communications Tech was working.

As he left the hallway and entered the main hallway linking the buildings together he stopped to enjoy a view out of the large bay window. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked out over observation hill. Now that it was winter, all he could see was darkness except for the lights strung about on top of the large hill. The orange lighting from the rest of the base did little more to brighten up the area. The whole base was awash with a dull orange glow.

Just as he was about to move on, he caught something big moving near one of the lamp posts. At first he thought a large bird or something but that was impossible as there were no large birds here. And it looked like more of a dog shape, but he could have sworn that it was in the air.

The shape had disappeared very quickly and although he kept looking he could not see anything else. One of the dogs must have gotten loose and made it way on top one of those shacks he figured. He knew that it was unlikely but what other reasoning would explain the shadow he had seen. Well he could be losing it. He shook off that thought and continued on to his destination.

As he approached the ComTech room he began to hear Jimmy Hendrix floating out of it. Flashing a smile and shaking his head he slowed himself down and began to sneak up to the open doorway. Peeking past the door frame he looked into the room and saw Bob sitting at his desk and strumming an air guitar like a mad man.

John slowly crept up behind the man as the song entered into a faster tempo guitar solo. As the song finished and the last chord hung in the air, Bob had leaned backward in his chair with his eyes tightly closed and his hands spread wide out mimicking the last guitar note, John leaned forward and yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK!?!"

"Holy….ahhhhh," Bob cried out and fell backwards with the chair, arms pin wheeling, hitting the floor with a loud thump. "Holy fucking shit," he yelled and as he saw John there with a big shit eating grin on his face he continued his profanity further, John!?, you asshole, what the hell is your fucking problem?" Then Bob's tone softened and he started laughing. "You scared the shit out of me," he said.

"Well, that was the plan, John replied with a laugh, you looked dumb as shit through out that whole process. I just wish I had a camcorder."

"Eat me," Bob retorted. "What are you doing here anyway, isn't this usually your sleep time?"

"Yeah, but the military hightailing it out of here woke me up," John answered. "So spill it, what happened?"

"You know that I don't run the TacNet comms John…," Bob started.

"Oh cut it out numb nuts, I know you listen in on it anyway, just tell what their doing will ya?" John interrupted.

After a short moment of silence Bob spoke, "Fine, fine, apparently they got some kind of distress call from some big fancy corporation that has their own research base here."

"Really? Who?"

"I didn't catch the name; I had to turn down the music. Anyway, the guy sounded real nervous and at points he was practically hysterical," Bob began again.

John's eyes narrowed as he sat down on another chair listening intently.

Bob continued, "The guy starts saying that the company had recorded sudden and large seismic events coming from the sector where we got Outpost 31. Most of the rest is strange and I missed bits as the equipment was fading in and out from the storm."

"Wait a minute, isn't 31 where Macready is stationed?" John asked.

"Yeah, yeah I think so," Bob answered, well apparently the company also has their own private Para-military security force, and when they couldn't raise 31 on the radio they sent two units out to investigate what was wrong. The second team went to another base that some foreigners run to check on them as well. I think he said Norway or something."

"Yeah I heard about them, they haven't been here too long," John said.

"Well from what I could make sense of the rest, the two outposts were demolished and the teams found some weird shit there.

John's eyes widened, "No shit? Any survivors?"

"They didn't say. The guy on the radio only said that they had found a few dead and then they lost contact with one of the teams. The guy then started telling them crazy shit like no one was who they are and that they were under heavy attack. The security guys went nuts and started shooting up everyone else, and I shit you not I thought I did hear some gun shots in the back ground. Then guy started getting hysterical saying shit like I can hear them in the vents and at the doors, how he wasn't supposed to leak this information, and asking the Army to please send reinforcements," Bob stopped talking.

"Well…then what?" John begged for more information.

"What, that was it. The radio just made a loud screeching sound and then went dead," Bob finished.

"Well fuck me, no wonder they took off loaded for bear," John exclaimed.

"Yeah well that's there, were here."

"You don't seem too worried about it." John stated.

"Shit man for all we know the dude has lost it and tore up the radio equipment. Let the Army guys handle it, that's their thing," Bob stated matter of fact.

"True, but lets just hope that's all it is. We don't need them bringing any of that so called weird shit back with them. Who knows what kind of stuff those companies do here with no government supervision. Not to mention that I would like to know if Macready is ok," John responded.

"Yeah, I would too, I'll keep my ears open," Bob offered.

John thanked him and shortly after walked out of the room. He felt strange. He felt like something heavy was weighing on his mind and couldn't shake it. He remembered the feeling though. This is how he would feel sometimes when he flew Gunships back in Vietnam. When he started a mission and he felt like this, something had always gone wrong. They would lose a bird or come under heavy fire or in one case he was shot down and had to fight his way back to a U.S. patrol. That was when the feeling was the strongest he had ever felt, until now.

Remembering that weird shadow earlier did nothing to ease his mind. Something was wrong and it was happening right now. He walked off to the cafeteria area feeling very troubled.

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