Sin's Punishment

Chapter one

As the city roared with cheers after Shadow had defeated Black Doom and made his return from the ARK, he was expecting G.U.N to be pointing their weapons at him. Though that wasn't their reaction, the welcoming was much calmer, the air wasn't as tense. The only thing that grew tense was him.

"Shadow!" Sonic called when he realized that his ebony twin had returned back from his mysterious little trip. Behind him stood Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Amy, and the Chaotix.

"Sonic?" Shadow questioned in a mumble. His body shook from weariness as the super form had drained almost all of his energy to the point that standing was near impossible. But since he wasn't sure what G.U.N was planning at that moment, he knew it was best to not show any signs of his current condition.

When the president and the commander both took a step towards the hedgehog, Shadow simply took a step back, and Sonic watched them for any intimidating movements. To his surprise, there was nothing from anyone. Shadow was the only one who appeared nervous.

"Project: Shadow, I mean, Shadow," the commander began, "we all would like to thank you for stopping Black Doom and for putting an end to the conspiracy that he had planned for us on Earth. I'm afraid there's no better way for us to thank you properly, but by asking you to become an agent for G.U.N. we could use someone of your abilities."

Shadow flinched in shock. Never did he expect something such as this.

"So, what do you say?" the commander continued to press for an answer.

Sonic placed a hand on Shadow's shoulder, "do it," he ordered gently, "Shadow, this might be the getaway you were searching for!"

A part of him knew Sonic was right, yet another part told him that working for G.U.N would only cause more of a friction between him and his past that he had now managed to release from the grasp.

The commander took a chance to approach the hedgehog again. This time Shadow didn't back away, and Sonic removed his hand from his shoulder, "do you accept the our offer?" the commander pressed again.

Standing became to much and, before he could answer, he collapsed to the ground. Though he remained conscious…for now.

Sonic kneeled down to the hedgehog's aid, and gently assisted him up to his feet.

"I…I do accept," Shadow managed to answer.

The commander grinned in response, "then welcome to the team. If your body's feeling up to it, then, stop by the base, and we'll give you everything you need."

As he walked away, Shadow nodded weakly.

A smile inched Sonic's muzzle as he adjusted the weight of Shadow's body carefully, "you did good," Sonic spoke to Shadow, "I'm glad that you decided to reconsider and give humanity one last chance."

"I decided to give lots of things another chance," Shadow struggled to say while sending Sonic a hopeful stare.

"Then I suppose, you're willing to take our rivalry and change that into an act of friendship then?"

The ebony hedgehog gave off a weak 'heh' before breaking the glance, "I suppose I could, Faker…though I will forever be better then you."

The other hedgehog laughed, "I refuse to argue with this statement. Lets wait until you are able to stand on your own before we get TO cocky, okay? And remember this: I could easily drop you and walk away, and there's nothing you could do about it."

"Consider the argument dropped," Shadow explained with a gentle, weak, chuckle.

Sonic smiled warmly, "listen, you're exhausted. You can hardly stand, talk, let alone walk to wherever it is you live. So I'll take you to my place. You can rest there."

Shadow's ears perked at the words. Just a few minutes ago they called a truce and, already, Sonic was taking Shadow over to his place? Rouge and Omega became Shadow's closets friends ever since he had been released from that cursed capsule. Though he never took the word 'friendship' lightly, his friends always stood before him. Therefore, he couldn't let his emotions ruin his train of thought when it came to the lives of his friends, allies…partners.

It would seem that Sonic was the same way.

When Sonic and Shadow were arch rivals, all Shadow saw was this blue, speedy, cocky pest. He had not once took Sonic's other traits into notice. Maybe he didn't care…

…or maybe he was jealous.

"I know this is probably a meaningless question, but can you move?" Sonic asked.

Hesitantly, Shadow released himself from his counterpart's grasp but, almost immediately, his body became to weak to support his own weight, Shadow nearly collapsed to the ground. Fortunately, Sonic was there to catch him before more serious complications arise on Shadow's already frail body.

"I kind of figured. Though it was worth a shot," he explained with a frown, "I know it's difficult, but try to remain conscious."

Shadow gave off a weak nod as his eyes narrowed. It was becoming more and more difficult to stay awake, but he knew that Sonic couldn't carry him all by himself. The least he could do was try and help.

Slowly, Sonic took a step and Shadow managed to walk with him. It started out rather slow, but the movements eventually picked up to an even, steady pace.

"I was thinking off giving you something that'll knock you out for a few hours, though something tells me that wont be necessary," Sonic pointed while struggling to control himself from falling over from the other hedgehog's weight.

It would seem that every minute that went by, Sonic's body grew heavier, "Shadow, you have to stay conscious until I get you back to my place," he urged, afraid of what could happen if he just fainted. Even Sonic never used his super form to this point.

"I am conscious…" Shadow muttered, his eyes closed shut.

"Your eyes are closed, never a good sign."

Sonic was expecting a smart remark, but received nothing, "Shadow?" Sonic questioned, but nothing. Not even a groan to alert him that he was awake.

Sighing, Sonic forced all of his strength to walk the hedgehog to his place, and after a few minutes, finally arrived.

Groaning, Sonic somehow managed to open the door, and quickly laid Shadow on the couch nearby.

He gave off another sigh as he stared into Shadow's unconscious, child-like face, 'what am I going to do with you?'

To be continued…

That about sums up the first chapter.

Shad: why the hell are you inviting me over to your house….so afraid…

Sonic: I'm not the type of person to take advantage of someone when they're unconscious, Shadow!

Shad: ………………………….

Aww, poor Shadow! Wanna hug?

Shad: …stay the fuck away….both of you…