Sin's Punishment


"Shadow," Rouge said, doing her daily job of annoying the black hedgehog, "where are you going so soon? You're not finished with your shift."

Shadow chuckled and stared at the bat girl, "the commander said I could leave early because of a phone call I received."

The bat girl tilted her head, "Phone call? From who? Stating what?"

"I'll explain later, all I know is I have to be home ASAP. Don't worry, I got the report from yesterday's mission and it will be filed by tonight."

She narrowed her eyes, "you said the same thing about last month's report!"

The hedgehog laughed softly and headed for the exit, "I mean it this time," was all he said before walking out of the building and made his way to his apartment. It had been over a good six months since he had killed Knuckles and everything seemed to be okay. Of course he still had yet to tell Rouge of his on-going relationship with Sonic, but he figured he'd save that for another time. The injury on his head had healed completely and showed no signs of scarring, which was also good because Rouge had no idea that Shadow had killed the red echidna. It was only a matter of time when Rouge's curiosity would change to straight out suspicion.

Sonic and Shadow's relationship seemed okay, too. Of course they fight like every couple does, but Shadow was the first to kiss Sonic and make everything better. He wished for nothing more then to make Sonic happy and would do whatever it took to always see Sonic's heartwarming smile or hear his laugh.

A few minutes later, Shadow had arrived to his apartment and opened the unlocked door before walking in, "Sonic?" he called when he didn't see his blue lover in the living room or any signs that he was in the kitchen, "I got your phone call," he continued to talk out loud, "you said that there was something you wanted me to talk to me about."

Sonic walked out into the living room after Shadow had finished talking with a smile on his face. Remaining quiet and suspicious, Sonic took Shadow's hand and guided him into the bathroom.

"Sonic, what's going on?" Shadow asked him after he couldn't handle anymore of Sonic's secrecy.

The blue hedgehog giggled and he faced Shadow, "I'm pregnant."

Shadow flinched, "you're what...?" he asked to have Sonic repeat himself just to make sure his ears heard correctly.

He smiled warmly, "it worked...all that effort and time, it worked. I'm pregnant, Shadow..."

"Oh my God..." was all Shadow could say about it and Sonic threw himself in Shadow's arms, tears running down his face. Shadow stroked his love's spines and smiled warmly, "yes..." he repeats in a gentle whisper, "it worked..."

The end.