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"OWIE!" wailed four-year-old Massie Block. "Your huwtin' me Mommy!" She winced as she drank her orange juice through a straw.

"I'm sorry Sweetie, but don't you want to look cute on your first day of school?" Kendra Block cooed, pulling Massie's hair into a high ponytail and tying it with a shiny red ribbon. "Alright, we're all done. Are you ready to go?"

"YAYYYYY!" cried Massie, slipping on her black ballet flats, which went adorably with her knee-length, dark purple dress. "C'mon Mommy!"

"Wait up, Honey! Mommy's coming!" Kendra yelled after her only daughter.

Massie raced out the door of the enormous estate, giggling with glee. It was her first day of school at Westchester Pre-School. Massie skipped around the pool and did a happy little dance. The sun was beginning to shine through the puffy white clouds. I can go swimming after school! Massie thought joyfully. Then, she performed a cartwheel, just like she learned at gymnastics camp that summer, and sprinted out the big black gates. Massie skidded to a stop right in front of the Blocks' driver, Isaac.

"Hello, Massie dear." Isaac smiled down at the toddler.

"Hi Isaac! Ish my fiwst day o' school!" Massie stated proudly and bounced on her toes. "I'm gunna pway games, an' make fwiends an' dwaw pictures an'…"

"That's wonderful, Massie!" Isaac interrupted. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah, but we hafta wait for my mommy," Massie replied, turning toward the estate.

Just then, Kendra came jogging out the door and toward the car. "Ok, let's go," she panted. Isaac, Kendra, and Massie piled into the car. As soon as they were settled in and Massie was placed in her car seat, Isaac started the car. "Okay, Massie, lets go over what we talked about yesterday," Kendra said sweetly.

"Oh-kay!" giggled Massie. "Make fwiends, don't be shy, wisten to da teacha, have fun, an'… um an'…"

"Remember, the most important one," Kendra told her.

"Oh yeah! Be da best Bwock I can be!" Massie said happily, remembering her mother's words from the previous day.

"Yes!" Kendra yelled, giving the toddler a high five. "Your father and I are so proud of you." She sighed.

Massie nodded and clapped her little hands together excitedly as Isaac pulled up to Westchester Pre-School. She pressed her face up against the cold glass of the window. Outside, a mob of toddlers and their parents were talking and playing. A grin formed in Massie's face. Soon, I'll be in school! Massie thought joyfully.

"Ok, Massie, this is it!" Kendra unbuckled her seatbelt, slid open the door, and hopped out. She lifted Massie out of her car seat and placed her on the ground. "What do you say to Isaac, Sweetie?"

"Thank you!" Massie yelled into the car.

"You're welcome, have a good day!" Isaac replied.

"Bye bye!" said Massie, waving.

As soon as Isaac left, Kendra gripped her daughter's hand and they walked toward the school. They passed hundreds of people, but Massie didn't recognize one of them.

"Mommy, are any of my friends here?" she asked.

"No, Massie, all of your friends are at Westchester Elementary now," Kendra told her.

"Awww," whined Massie.

"C'mon Honey, you'll make new friends. It'll be fun!" Kendra tried.

"Okay…" Massie said reluctantly.

"That's my girl," Kendra said proudly as they approached the front desk.

"Hi there!" said a perky blond woman. She squatted down to see Massie at eye level. "What's your name?"

"My name ish Massie Bwock," stated Massie. "And this is my mommy," she said, looking up at Kendra.

"Hi, Massie!" the woman said enthusiastically. "My name is Julie. I'm the teacher." Julie looked up at Kendra. "You can sign Massie in on the pink sheet," she told Kendra.

"Ok, thanks," said Kendra, scribbling on the pink sheet. "Massie, be good, ok? I'll see you in a couple hours." She gave Massie a kiss on her forehead, and then she was gone.

Yeah, I know that's not really Massie's personality, and there are a lot of things that don't fit in with what the book says (the Blocks didn't get Isaac until Massie was in 3rd grade [see Invasion of the Boy Snatchers] etc in this story, but this is just how I imagined it. This is my first fanfic, and it's probably not my best writing, but I just got the idea so yeah. Hope you like it. Please rate and review. I have the next chapter and I'll post it later today if you guys like it. Thanks so much!!! ~gummychoco