This is what I wanted. I had to sign these papers so I could move on with my life.

It wasn't supposed to happen this way.

Getting drunk and married in Vegas to a complete stranger.

Fairytales don't begin that way.

As my husband, soon to be Ex-husband sat across from me I tried to gather enough courage to just sign

I picked up the pen, but it weighed a ton, like it was made out of iron.

I managed to get the pen to the paper that was going to end my marriage to the man sitting in front of me.

He had an unreadable expression on his face. He looked sad, maybe, kinda, I'm not sure. Thinking was becoming way too hard.

I knew I was going to sign, but then everything began to slow down, like time was stopping.

And as I went to sign the infamous divorce papers, my eyes lost vision, all thought ceased to exist and my world went blank.

Okay…this is my first story. I hope you enjoy and I would love feedback!

I'll try to update often and I pretty much know where the story is going so hopefully I can please people with a good story.