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"Zero! Zero! Zero!" The chant echoed through the T.V. which lit the insides of the car with color. The young man inside the car smiled, he had seen Zero slay the Emperor of Brittania, Lelouch vi Britannia. "Driver head to Mount Nanmoku," the young man said as the driver answered with the stern shout, "Yes my lord!" 
 The young man began to laugh. He had just fooled the world. Everyone believed he had been killed. Suzaku, Nunally, even C.C. thought he was dead. There was only one who had any idea he might be alive and that was Orange and that was only because he had ordered Orange to secure a base in Japan should the Emperor's death be imminent.

That base was the abandoned JLF base at Mount Nanmoku. Of course the base had its own private defense force and a regular supply train courtesy of the Geass. The world had believed the Emperor was dead and now all the hate would be gone, that was the plan of the Zero Requiem. He would have gone along with it as well. However, he knew that humanity would go back to the status quo if no one kept guard over this new world. He could trust no one to do that except for him but even he needed an accomplice. He needed C.C. but for now this time wouldn't permit him to be active. Sightings of the Emperor this soon after his death would only draw suspicion from Suzaku and endanger the zero requiem. It was also a safe bet that the black knights would be watching C.C for now, she was after all Lelouch's partner.
 Lelouch smiled, for now he would watch. He would be like a shadow…no like a G-d he thought to himself. He had survived death, killed his father, and taken over the entire world. He did what only a G-d could do and then he created a new world.

The car finally pulled up to a small cottage built into the mountain. The wooden door to the cottage opened up as two guards stepped out and opened the car door for Lelouch. This base would be his heaven, he thought to himself smiling as he stepped into the cottage.

The cottage was in the remote part of the mountains so the air should be clean from any pollutants of an urban environment but the stench coming out was contradictory. In fact the cottage was a toasty 89 degree Fahrenheit. That was because it served as the main ventilation shaft for the entire underground complex in the mountains. Anyone searching with a thermal scanner would easily find this remote base and an outdated Burai Knightmare factory if they knew where to look but with the cottage keeping the heat anyone passing by would think the occupants just didn't like the cold. Though to be certain that no one would be looking for him he made sure to burn the paper trail the JLF had left behind. The only way he would be found was if Toudoh returned to the base and that was unlikely.

Lelouch couldn't help but smirk at how the JLF had worked out the many problems with underground bases. They had been an intelligent maybe even formidable ally when he first met them but he had used them and they were no longer of any use when he killed them. That was a few years ago, he laughed to himself. With his loyal soldiers behind him he headed down the stairs to the basement of the cottage and pressed down on an old shovel as part of a grey stonewall in front of him lifted up revealing a keypad with numbers. Punching in the code he was rewarded with a green light and a beep as a 2nd flight of stairs opened up. Lelouch walked down them and was greeted with a room splashed in red light. It had food stores and a few barrels of water. Anyone who had found the cottage and though it suspicious might find the basement and even find the secret entrance but they might stop after thinking this was what the occupants were trying to hide, a safe room. Picking up a barrels lid and reached down into it pulling a key from the side. He then had a soldier move one of the grain bags from the shelf revealing a keyhole. Putting the key in and turning it he felt the hot air blow against him as the shelf lifted up revealing a large opening. Lelouch and his guards walked through as he headed to the command center.

This would be his new home for the next few months. What a lonely fate to watch the world all alone.

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