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"Hey. Wake up." A warm hand grasped my shoulder and shook me gently.

"Hn?" I was still very sleepy. Between the seven hour plane trip and then the five hour bus ride it took to drive here, I only managed to sleep for three hours.

I looked out the muggy window of the old bus. It was raining.

The woman next to me smiled and held out her hand to help me up. She obviously could tell I was tired.

"We're at your stop sweety." She laughed.

"Really?" I rubbed my eyes and looked at my watch. It was only 4 p.m. "Thanks." I mumbled as I took her hand and stood up.

I grabbed my suitcases and headed out the door. As soon as I stepped off the bus I gasped. In front of me stood the most gorgeous mansion I had ever seen. It was a lightly faded pink building covered with vines on one side, with rows of pink and red roses lining the outer edges of the walkway leading to the mansion. It was humungous! I examined every inch of the front lawn and spotted a young man, probably about seventeen, picking a rose. I decided to talk to him.

"Um...hello?" I said, walking up to him with my luggage.

He looked up from where he squatted in front of the flowers. I found myself staring into a pair of gorgeous onyx eyes.

"Yes?" He asked, his tone laced with annoyance.

"Um...I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I'm a new student..." I forced myself to look away from his gaze.

"Oh." He sounded a bit amused. "Isn't Naruto a boy's name?"

I felt my cheeks growing slightly pink as I fidgeted in my spot.

"Y-yes..." I stuttered, and, realizing I might blow my secret, I added, "It can be...but not really."

He looked at me skeptically. "Whatever. Talk to the lady at the desk to the right of the front door when you enter." He pointed a pale finger towards the front door and went back to looking at roses.

Just before I turned to go inside I asked, "What's your name?"

"None of your damn business." He replied flatly.

Fine. I didn't care who that perfectly gorgeous guy was anyways! And I definitely didn't care why he was sitting in front of an all girl's school either! But then again...why was he there? I ignored my thoughts and opened the door. While talking with the black haired boy I completely forgot about the rain. I was soaked.

From behind a large oak desk a pretty woman with honey-colored eyes and blonde hair looked up at me.

"Hello. You must be Naruto. I'm Miss Tsunade." She smiled and shuffled some papers around on the desk. Then she turned her attention back to me, most likely noticing how wet I was. "Poor thing. You're soaked. Well I'll get you to your dorm as soon as possible." She stood up and grabbed one of my suitcases. "I'll take this for you dear."

I grabbed my other one and smiled. "Um. Thanks."

"Anytime kid." She said, and added, "That's what I was hired for."

I followed her down a series of identical hallways. The walls were covered with faded blue wallpaper and pictures lined the entire hall. The rug was beige with random burgundy specks. I had to admit, this place was pretty fancy. We finally arrived at a silver-rimmed door with a dry-erase bored sign that read: "Sunny Blossom Dorm. Welcome Guests!"

"This is your room. Your room mates should be here. Come to me if you have any questions. Oh! And please get into something dry! We don't want you getting a cold on you your first day!" Miss Tsunade chuckled and headed back the way we came. I waved to her and sighed.

'Okay. First day. Room mates. Girls. Good thing I look too much like a girl to stand out.' I thought, and smiled at that fact. No other school would let me in, so Iruka told me I'd have to pretend to be a girl, at least until he could find me another school. I looked at the door. "Here goes nothing."

I opened the door to find a bright yellow room covered with pink flowers.

"Um. Hello?" That was really unnecessary, seeing as I already had two pairs of eyes staring right at me. The emerald eyes belonged a pink-haired girl, and the pale white one's belonged to a small, black-haired girl.

Suddenly the pink one shot out of her seat. I was shocked. She was at my side and taking my things in five seconds! She held out her hand to me.

"Hi! I'm Sakura Haruno!" She announced, then pointing to the obviously younger girl, said, "And that's Hinata Hyuuga! She's really shy."

I looked at Hinata and smiled. She stared at the ground but graced me a timid smile nonetheless.

"H-hi..." She stammered. Her voice was so quiet.

"I'm Naruto..." I said, expecting surprised looks from the girls at my name. I was astonished that they didn't say anything about it. Probably just trying to be nice.

"Nice to meet you! You can have that empty bed over there." Sakura said, pointing to the bed on the other side of the room. "We've already taken the bunk bed."

I picked up my suitcases and set them on the plain mattress. "Thanks." I said, opening it.

"Why are you so wet?" Sakura asked, pulling on the sleeve of my oversized orange hoodie. I moved my arm away from her.

"I did have to walk to the door." I pointed out sighing. I pulled out a pair of black jeans and black hoodie and headed towards the open bathroom. "I'll be right back."

I closed the door behind and sighed, once again. The bathroom was quite average sized compared to the rest of the building. The only thing that was abnormal was a full length mirror in the corner. Girls sure do like checking their appearance.

I pulled off my shirt and looked in the mirror. Why was I cursed with such a feminine figure? I wanted to be bigger and stronger like all the other sixteen-year-old boys! Instead I was small and weak, not to mention a hemophiliac, anemic, asthmatic, and the list could go on forever! I guess I was just unlucky...

I quickly pulled on my black hoodie and jeans and headed back out the door, a bundle of wet clothes in my hand.

"Much better." I said as I plopped myself down on the creaky old mattress. That place looked fancy but the bed was the same old springy block. Hinata and Sakura looked at me with confused looks. Then Hinata looked down to magazine and ignored Sakura walking up to me.

"Hey Naruto," she started. "You know there's a uniform?"

I cocked my head to the side. Uniform? No one told me that! "So?" I replied.

"So..." She said, prolonging the word "so". "You can't wear," She pointed to my outfit in disgust and turned her head, "That." She said it with obvious hatred.

I looked down at my dark attire. "What's wrong with it?"

"You have to wear the uniform to class and extracurricular activities." She explained, going over to a dresser and rummaging through it. She pulled out the most horrific thing I had ever laid my eyes upon. Rosy pink sailor-suit style top with a red plaid skirt below it. My eyes widened.

"I have to wear that!" I practically screamed in horror. Hinata giggled. It must have been the look on my face.

"I like it." Sakura stated plainly. "It goes perfectly with my hair!"

"Um...I don't really like it. The skirt is too short my taste." Hinata added. I smiled at her. I could already tell which of my room mates was the sensible one.

"Okay! So, now, as your new friend, I'm going to give you the makeover of your life!" Sakura yelped randomly.

"Uh, no thank you Sakura. I like the way I am." I stated nervously. I didn't particularly enjoy the thought of me wearing make-up and having my hair styled. I am a boy after all.

"Oh well!" She said, pulling out a pair of scissors and a bag, which I assumed was full of make-up. She looked at Hinata. "Hold her down Hyuuga!"

Hinata stood up and grabbed my arms as I attempted to escape out the window. (Probably not the sanest decision.) She whispered into my ear. "Sorry, Naruto. You have to let Sakura have her way or she'll become a demon. It's scary." She shuddered and I relaxed.

One make-over couldn't be so bad. Could it?

~~End Chapter One~~

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