a Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Fanfiction

by Adrimarie

A Local Summer Story

Hello and welcome. Did you come here to hear my story? My name is not really that important but I do live in a small beach side town known as Nijibe where we believe that anything impossible can be possible. People come to my town in hopes of having their wishes and dreams come true; most of these wishes and dreams related to finding true love and romance. You hear those stories about summer loves? Not here in Nijibe. Here, there is no such thing as a temporary true love. When we say true love here in Nijibe, we really do mean eternal, pure love. Still not convinced? Well, you have come to the right place at the right time, my friend.

Let me tell you a story of someone whom I am very close and dear to. Don't get me wrong, this person is still alive and well, but this person's particular story was one of the very talked about throughout town which made others believe that a true love like that can be possible if you would just believe in it. There were many versions, but since I happen to be someone close to this person, I know a lot more, which is why I'm glad you are here to see me. Well, the story goes like this...

This was a story of a girl and a boy who met at the open beach across from our neighborhood seven years ago. You see, their meeting all began with a song where the girl heard the boy sing the most beautiful melody she had ever heard in her life, all because of the angelic, pure voice that this boy brought to this song. She wanted to sing with him just to show how much she loved his natural talent but she was afraid that she would mess the song up with her not-so-talented voice. Even if that was the case, the boy still invited her to sing with him. Right then, the girl opened herself and sang her whole heart without even thinking of how good or bad she sounded. The boy smiled at her, showing his thanks for joining him at that moment.

Just as things were getting good a storm arrived and struck the boat where the boy was standing and fell overboard. The girl swam her way to the sea to save him and was able to swim him safely to the shore. She was able to find a small rock cave nearby and she and the boy kept themselves dry over there until the storm was over. She tried desperately to wake him up but the boy would not open his eyes. She did not know what to do and was desperate to keep him alive. There was no one around for her to find help and did not want to just leave the unconscious boy behind. She held him in to her arms to keep him warm and whispered for him to open his eyes and wake up. Then she found herself falling asleep and fought the drowsiness on her own to keep herself awake. Knowing she was going to surrender to her drowsiness she decided to take a short nap. She took off a friendship bracelet that she made from her right wrist and placed it around the boy's right wrist so in case that he disappears from out of the blue that she can find him and identify him. Afterwards she unconsciously kissed the boy on his lips and then closed her eyes, crying herself to sleep.

Next day came and the girl woke up, only to find the boy next to her missing. She got up and ran out of her small cave but the boy was nowhere to be found. She even searched around the shores to see if her friendship bracelet was dropped somewhere but she had no luck. Just as she wanted to continue her search a familiar voice called to her from afar, calling her to come home.

The girl gave up her search and followed the voice that was calling to her. When she reached to the person who called her she sighed in sadness and told this person of her moment with that mysterious young boy from last night. The person thought that she was hallucinating and that she had been spending too much time at the ocean when there was nothing of interest there. Even if that was the case, the girl never stopped believing that the boy she sang, rescued, and spent the night with was real. She never stopped hoping and wishing that the boy whom she fell in love with briefly within will show himself to this very beach. But for now, it was time for her to go home. The person took the girl's hand and made their way back home.

Still not convinced? Don't worry, this is just the beginning. There's a lot more to this than what I just told you. A whole lot more...


Welcome to my very first fanfic written for the nostalgic magical girl from the beach front series, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. I've gone through both the manga series and the anime series these past few weeks and it looks like all possible gap-filler ideas for a fanfic has already been covered by none other by the creators themselves, Pink Hanamori and Michiko Yokote (if you read vol. #7's side stories, you'll see what I mean by this). I did not want to repeat myself with possible plot ideas when it's already been covered in the manga itself so I decided to do an alternate world-type of story using the characters and simply write an original story with them in it. I fell in love with all of the characters that I just had to find some ways for me to include all of them in this fic.

There are a few notes that I would like to point out.

#1 – I'm not an expert with the geography of Japan, but from the knowledge that I have the Shounan region not too far from Tokyo was the only place I can think of famous for its awesome beaches, its fancy beach resorts, their Boardwalk area, and the hottest surfing spots in that country. Though the name of the town/city in which Pichi Pichi Pitch took place was never mentioned in both the manga and the anime I'm pretty sure that the scenery was modeled from the Shounan area. I gave the name Nijibe for the town, which literally translates as "Rainbow side" (like "seaside" or "oceanside") when written in Kanji. I've forgotten the rules regarding Kanji "on/kun" readings and how to use them, so if there's anyone who has better Japanese language skills than I do, please correct me. I'd really appreciate it. ^^; I would have just went for the English name but I wasn't sure what the readers/fans prefer, so there you go.

#2 – Keep in mind that the characters' roles have been changed for the sake of this fanfic. I don't want to "recycle" ideas being used in the original story so I'm attempting to write something different and still keep the same characteristics of the characters we know and love. There is NO form of mystical/magical girl battles thing between good and evil or anything like that, however I promise there will be lots of singing in there.

#3 – Yes, I know you've seen in the fansubs (and in the manga too) that Nicola's spelling is "Nikora." I saw the original Japanese text and it was written in Hiragana, just like how Lucia's name was written as. Since they are both from the same kingdom (North Pacific) and that Lucia's name being Italian I thought I'd follow suit because Nicola is also an Italian name (Nicole would be the English, obviously). Besides, it kinda looks weird seeing the Nikora spelling to me is a bit out of place if she were the sister of Lucia.

#5 – The songs were derived from the old beach/surf rock songs from the '60s since I found a lot of elements in the original manga that reminded me of those cheesy '60s teen beach movies (yes, even the mermaid & surfer boy falling in love thing was in one of those movies too). No copyright infringement intended. There's also a few words that are my originals. I could use actual Japanese beach/surf rock (The NaBs, etc.) but it'll take me forever to translate everything (and it makes no sense using the original Japanese lyrics when majority of the readers don't know the Japanese language.

More to come, obviously!

RATED T for the the VERY mild language AND slight adult situations.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is © 2003 Pink Hanamori and Michiko Yokote. All songs used are © respected songwriters/owners. No copyright infringement intended.