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Edward: 4

Bella: 3 and a half

Chapter 1:

Edward scampered around the park, looking for his friend, which was no where to be found. Edward was puzzled. Where was she? He wondered. He had checked under the slide, in the sandbox, and even on the bench where their mommies were sitting. Then suddenly, he was knocked to the ground by a little girl.

"Belwa?" Edward asked. "Where were you?"

Bella giggled before answering "Wit Mikey in da bushies."

Edward suddenly forgot all about the game and asked "Why were you wit Mike?"

"Becauz' Mikey good at hiding."

Edward felt mad that Bella would hide with Mike. She was his friend, not Mike's.

"But Belwa! You're my frien! Not Mike's!"

"I'm sowry Edwadd. I ove you more than Mikey." Bella hugged Edward with as much strength as she had. "Want to go nd plway in the sand box wit me?"

"Sure!" Edward said happily as he and Bella walked together over to the sand box, both forgetting about their previous argument. "Belwa. Prowmise me we going to be best friens foreber?" Edward asked holding out his pinky.

"Prowmise." Bella replied while taking Edward's pinky with her own.

For the rest of the day, they played together, until their parents had told them it was time to go home. Edward felt saddened that he had to leave his best friend. They had just ended their sand fight and Bella had won. Edward's hair was sticking out in ever direction, and sand was covering his entire body. Edward had went easy on Bella, because he didn't want to ruin her soft looking hair. He had always been fascinated by it. He had once even asked his mom why he didn't have long, soft looking hair. All his mom did was laugh at him and asked if he wanted mashed potatoes or macaroni.

During the car ride home, Edward's wide, green eyes had drooped and he was now leaning his head back against the car seat half asleep. His last thoughts before drifting away were about Bella. His best friend, not Mike's.

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