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Chapter 8:

EPOV (Esme)

Flashback (Emmett is 1 and a half years old.)

Emmett buckled up? Check. Car keys? Check. Money for the groceries? Check. Great! I'm ready to go. I pulled out of the driveway and made my way to the grocery store. Emmett was in the car seat in the back, nibbling on his toy. I smiled. My son is such an angel. Carlisle and I have been trying to get him to say his first sentence for a few days now...but we've had no luck. I pulled into the available parking space and went to the backseat to get Emmett out, making sure to lock the car after.

"Mommy!" Emmett shouted pointing to the cart in front of us. It was one of those car carts where the children pretended to drive around. I took the cart and put Emmett into the driver seat, putting the sides down after. Now lets see what we need...

I spent the next half hour finding all the food we needed for this week. I pushed the cart towards the check out. There was a pretty long line.

All of a sudden, Emmett started crying.

"Emmett, honey, what's wrong?" I asked taking him out of the seat.

He pointed to the self-check out. Well...why not? I pushed the cart into the self-check out lane.

"Do you want to scan the items honey?" I asked and put him on the side of scanner...he was too short to reach.

Emmett nodded and I handed him the box of Cherrios. He scanned, with me helping of course. Everything was going fine until the handed him the cucumbers.

"The item you are trying to weigh is too heavy, please remove the item and try again." The machine said. I looked at the screen and saw that it said 42 pounds. I then looked at the scanner and saw Emmett siting on top of it with the cucumbers in his lap. I removed the cucumbers and then I took Emmett off the scanner. Did it just call my son fat?...

After I finished loading all the groceries I put Emmett in the backseat, I got in the driver's seat, making sure my door didn't scratch the expensive looking Porsche next to me. I started the engine and started to back out of the cramped space. Slowly...slowly. I was doing great until...BOOM, I crashed into the car on the other side, an expensive looking BMW.

"Damn that stupid fucking car." I cursed under my breath.

"Damwn thawt stoopd 'ucking ca!" Emmett shouted.

My sons first sentence...

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