The midnight air was frigid, sharp, the wind racking her body like a thousand sharp icy needles. She closed her eyes, black lashes dark against her porcelain skin. His face danced before her eyes, the right side lit with a smile like sunshine and the familiar contours of his beautiful face, the other dark, green eyes glimmering in malice, hands curled into a fist- waiting. The two images jarred angrily, slamming into eachother for full possession of the face as a whole. She shook her head, trying to banish it altogether,

When it became impossible to bar the disturbing clash of her heart and mind, she crept from the hard bed, the ancient floorboards groaning for mercy beneath the slightest touch of her foot. The window, cracked into a million segments, groaned threateningly, the blizzard sealing the pieces together.

The pale blue light that faintly streamed through the snow-covered broken window was that of a full moon, faintly trying to find it's way into the darkness of her life. She touched the delicate window lightly, wondering when the wind would be quite strong enough to finally shatter the fragile shield.

Letting her pale hand drop, she moved as if in a dream to her mirror, the only fine thing she'd managed to retain without damage throughout hard winter months. In the misted surface, barely lit by the midnight glow, she could barely make out a reflection. Leaning in closer, still propelled by some unconscious dream-like force, she made out the pale ghost of a painfully thin figure, her long ebony tresses falling over her slight shoulders in tangled waves, framing that face she could hardly recognize. Her fingers reached up, touching the skin of her face, tracing the deep shadows that spanned out like dark, dancing patterns beneath the white of her skin..Those bruises, she felt, would never fade. He had marked her forever.