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A light rain fell softly on the ground as the two lovers sat quietly under the large umbrella he had had the foresight to bring along. The winter months were fast approaching, but it was still relatively warm in the Hidden Leaf Village; perfect for a nice hillside picnic. It had been sunny and warm at the beginning of their date, but as evening fast approached, the white clouds had turned gray, and the young couple had had to seek shelter under the discarded umbrella that had been tucked away, behind a nearby tree, when first they arrived to set up the checkered blanket and small wicker basket on the grassy hillside.

The rain had darkened the sky and deepened the usually soft colors of the setting sun. The light reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and purples had turned deep and dark; but nonetheless, it did not discourage the two lovers' peaceful date; nor had it made the sunset any less beautiful in their eyes.

"Tenten." Neji whispered her name, as he bent down to kiss the rise of her collarbone, while the two of them looked out into the crimson horizon. "I love you." He murmured, as he kissed his way around to the nape of her neck; her breathing slowly growing shallower with each light, feathery kiss that touched her flesh. "I love you." He repeated; kissing the corner where her jaw met her neck. "I love you." He once more repeated; kissing his way along the ridge of her jaw line towards her chin. "I love you." He lightly brushed his lips on her chin as he whispered those three delicate words; moving his mouth up to linger by her lips, but never quite touching them. "I love you." His repeated again as he continued along the edge of her jawline; purposefully kissing away from her lips. "..." A small smile momentarily interrupted the onslaught of kisses, as he smirked at the whimper she let out when he moved away from her lips. "I love you." He brushed the side of her cheek with tiny little pecks as he moved up to her forehead. "I love you." He kissed the center of her brow. "I love you." He repeated; kissing down the bridge of her nose. "I love you." He breathily whispered; arriving at the tip of her nose; her cute, tiny nose... "I love you." He lustfully groaned as his mouth hovered over the kunoichi's plump and inviting lips; his breath caught in his throat as he looked deep into her longing eyes.

Oh how he loved her.

He loved her more than the words he kept repeating over and over; he loved her like he could never quite express, but nonetheless tried.

Eight months earlier, when he thought he had lost her, Neji had learned how important it was to never hold back. He loved her, and since their return from the Kingdom of Gesshoku he vowed to himself he would never let her forget it; never let her doubt it. He would tell her every day, for the rest of their lives, just how much she meant to him.

"I love you." He longingly whispered once more, before finally bringing his lips down to meet hers, and ending the torment his teasing kisses had built up in the both of them.

Hungrily, their lips met in a long passionate kiss, as he pulled her tightly to him. Adrenaline rushed though his body like a flooding river; his heart beating painfully fast as he hungrily and possessively devoured her mouth with his. He wasn't about to let her go, not now, not ever.

"I love you too, Neji." She said between breaths after he finally released her lips.

"Hn." He smiled contently; tightly, and lovingly, wrapping his arms around Tenten.

He felt so lucky to have her...


"Ijinu!" A very pregnant Himakai stared at her feral-eyed husband with a disapproving scowl on her face. "Just stop." She commanded. "Sit!" She patted the seat next to her on the couch.

"Fine." Reluctantly, Ijinu put down the crib he'd been trying to assemble and walked over to where his beautiful wife was sitting and talking with their newly arrived houseguests.

"Wow." Hana approvingly smiled as she watched her older brother walk mopingly over to the living room; like a dog with it's tail between it's legs. "He's like a trained puppy." She smirkingly teased her older brother, from besides their mother.

"Shut up." Ijinu growled; glaring at the younger woman.

"Hahaha." Tsume bellowed loudly as her two elder children glared at one another. "Exactly like his father." She winked at the blue-eyed kunoichi. "Inuzuka men are house broken earlier!" She snickered. "As soon as they sniff out their mate, they become completely docile."

"Hehe." Himakai giggled at the blush the feral eyed man tried to conceal as he turned his eyes back to the unfinished crib her brother, the former-Captain Hakumi, had sent from his new Kingdom of Gesshoku, a few days earlier, with the promise that he would soon be arriving to pay them a visit for the first time since their wedding just a couple of months earlier.

"Hahaha!" Hana hollered uncontrollably. "That means Iji-kun's been house broken since he was a toddler!" She teased; well aware that her big brother had been in love with the blue-eyed kunoichi since he first met her when the two of them were no more than eight years old.

"Oi!" Ijinu barked; jumping to his feet to come closer toward her. "At least I've got a mate!" He growled. "At the rate you're going, Hana-chan, you're liable to end up an old spinster!"

"Oi!" Hana angrily glared at her brother. "I'll have you know, I've got plenty of suitors!" She indignantly yelled back.

"Oh yeah?!" Ijinu tauntingly smirked; knowing he had hit a nerve. "The four-legged kind don't cou-"

"HEY!' A loud shout at the entrance of the small house, followed by the sound of a door slamming shut, interrupted the bickering siblings. "Hey! Hey! Hey!" An enthusiastic Kiba ran into the room; waving a piece of paper back and forth as he rushed over to where the rest of them were sitting. "Guess what?!" He exclaimed as he came to a stop in front of where Ijinu had, moments earlier, discarded the unfinished baby crib.

"You got your results for the Jounin selections." Ijinu dryly responded, before turning back to take his seat next to Himakai again.

"And you passed." Hana added in an equally disinterested tone; leaning back into the couch next to her mother, directly opposite from her brother and new sister-in-law.

"fhm." Kiba pouted, as he took a seat on the opposite side of his mother; her previous enthusiasm completely drained from him. "You guys are no fun." He moped.

"hehe." Himakai amusedly giggled at the interaction between the three siblings. "Congratulations Kiba-kun." She smiled at the younger boy. "You deserve it." She added; knowing he had worked long and hard; training with Ijinu for months, after their detour in Gesshoku had caused him to miss the previous exams.

"Tch." Ijinu scoffed from besides the blue-eyed woman. "Of course you'd pass, runt!" He spat. "I trained you!"

"Yeah, well I did-" Kiba abruptly stopped; turning to his brother. "Wait!" He jumped to his feet. "Are you implying I wouldn't have passed if wasn't for you?!"

"Tsk!" Ijinu snickingly scoffed. "Yeah, what of it?"

"You self-centered, violent, ill-tempered, sadistic..."


"Eehehe." Tenten giggled as she felt the warm breath of the man she loved, blowing softly against her ear.

It still amazed her how much everything had changed in such a short amount of time. The stoic prince that rarely showed any emotion at all, had, over the course of a few months, turned into an affectionate, and somewhat touchy-feely, lover; who never failed to show her how much he cared. Though he remained the ever serious shinobi amongst friends and others, when it was just the two of them, it was almost as if he were a different man entirely. He would hold her, and kiss her, and tell her he loved her, with such passion and heat, it seemed almost impossible to fathom that this was the same man who was well known for his icy facade.

Their relationship had progressed a lot during those months as well. Though their displays of affection remained private, it was common knowledge throughout the village that the two of them were dating. In was also rumored, that soon they'd be following in her sister's footsteps, and walking down the aisle as well. Of course, that was still just a rumor; Neji had yet to ask her, and besides that, it was still much too soon and they were still much too young. Just the same, it made her happy to think that maybe one day they just might...

It also seemed to make the Hyugas quite happy as well; which initially surprised Tenten because she had always imagined that they would be much more strict about who their genius prodigy might end up marrying. But, from the many occasions in which Hyuga Hiashi himself, had hinted at the fact that the elders seemed more than eager to invite the weapon's mistress into their clan, as well as a recent conversation with Hinata and Hanabi, during a surprise invitation to lunch, that seemed to confirm that fact, Tenten was more that certain the Hyugas accepted her and Neji's relationship.

As for Neji, his acceptance as Tenten's possible future groom seemed only a little less promising. Though Himakai found him acceptable, Ijinu still growled at him whenever he came to pick up his 'precious sister-in-law' at their new, bigger, house. Hakumi had also taken to joining Ijinu in threateningly glaring at the Hyuga whenever he came by the village. It was disheartening to think they might oppose, but really Tenten was fairly certain both men actually liked Neji; they just seemed to enjoy torturing him as well...

"Eheheh." Tenten continued giggling as the Hyuga began nuzzling his nose on her neck. "Neji..." She squealed with delight when his lips touched her flesh.

"Hn." He grunted happily; nibbling down the side of her neck, to her collarbone.

""Ehm" A polite cough interrupted the couple's romantic moment.

"Haah!" Tenten gasped; looking up to see the blushing face of a certain feral-eyed boy who was busy trying hard not to look at the two lovers as they straightened up their appearance.

"Sorry to interrupt." Kiba bashfully scratched the back of his unruly mane. "But eh..." He slowly turned back to face the two older shinobi.

"What is it?" Neji growled unapologetically as he glared at the younger man.

"Ahh..." Kiba tried to avoid their eyes as he continued struggling in delivering his message. "Everyone's at the hospital... and they sent me here to get Tenten..."

"Haah!" Tenten gasped again as realization of what the younger Inuzuka brother was trying to say, hit her. "We've gotta go!" She exclaimed; turning to Neji, who had already finished picking up their more important items.

"Let's go." He nodded, before the three of them jumped up into the trees; swiftly dashing toward Konoha General.

With lightning speed, the three shinobi raced through the forest, and straight towards the village Hospital; into the hallway where the Inuzuka clan, as well as Hakumi and his high priestess, had already arrived and were patiently waiting outside the delivery room.

"AHHHH!!!!" A painful scream pierced the air, as the double doors to the delivery room were pushed open and a mortified man stumbled out. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" The screaming voice yelled after, from the other side of the doors, as a cowering Ijinu turned, confused, to face the small crowed gathered outside the doors.

"Hahaha." Tsume laughed at her son's terrified expression. "Get back in there!" She ordered between laughter, as the wild-looking woman helped the man up and began pushing him over towards the doors he'd just fall out of.

"..."As his mother pushed him closer toward the other room, Ijinu turned toward where Hakumi and his priestess were standing; amusedly watching the younger man in his state of panic. "You sure twins make her lose her abilities?" He asked the green-eyed man. "Cos I've seen her use her healing powers, and I know they work both ways." He nervously added; referring to the fact that the blue-eyed woman's ability to heal was also the ability to 'un-heal', and thus could kill a man with a single touch of her hands.

"Is big bad bwother Ijinu is scared of a wittle girl?" Hana tauntingly teased her older brother.(1)

"Oi." Ijinu glared back at the younger woman. "You ain't never seen this woman mad before." He warned.

"If she's anything like our mother..." Hakumi began from besides the fang-faced kunoichi.

"Hell hath no fury..." High Priestess Ensha whispered from besides her lover; having heard the rumors of the Legendary Demon Priestess of Gesshoku. (2)

Just then, a loud and painful scream in the operating room echoed passed the doors.

"It's still probably better if you went back in there." Tenten tried to smile encouragingly at her cowering brother-in-law; she knew, just as he did, it was true that as sweet and calm as Himakai regularly appeared before most people, when it came down to it, no one was as scary as she was when she got mad...

"Yeah." Ijinu defeatedly nodded; knowing full well, that it was safer to risk being killed by her now, than to not be in there with her and have the woman mad at him later... "Okay." He inhaled deeply; preparing himself to reenter the delivery room.

"Good luck!" Tenten earnestly smiled back.

"AHHHH!" Another scream resonated in the hall as feral-eyed man walked through the doors.

Tenten worriedly glanced over at Neji, who quickly took her hand and squeezed reassuringly.

"I HATE YOU!" Himakai's voice strongly yelled out from the other side of the doors. "Don't go!" She emotionally added a second later.

"I'm here." Ijinu's voice could barely be heard through the painful moans and grunts of his wife as she pushed through the pain.

"WAAAAAHHHH!" A loud cry from a baby silenced the screams, followed shortly after by a second near-identical cry.

"Haa." Tenten sighed, relieved; feeling Neji's hand give hers another encouraging squeeze. "Hehe." She smiled as she gazed around the room. "Family..." She quietly whispered to herself, before turning to grin widely at the white-eyed man who smiled back warmly.

Her family...


(1) "Is big bad brother Ijinu scared of a little girl"... Hana is baby-talking to tease him more.
(2) Just a reminder... Ensha is the Sister mentioned in the previous chapter. Oh and the Legendary Demon Priestess thing was just something to throw in... I figure Himakai and Hakumi's mother would be very strict and thus demon-like ;P

A/N: I'm not so sure about the LAST scene, but eh, over all I do like it... and I didn't really know what else to do... Anyway... I just wanted to add, the only really big loose end that I never got to explain (and I tried to fit it in, but couldn't) was the dream stuff... All the dreams Himakai had were the REASON she decided to marry Juushin, because she thought they meant that she had to marry him to save Tenten... but of course, being pregnant made her visions all wonky... anyway... that's it... OH... and I forgot to finally say... HAKU means ELDER BROTHER... hehhe.. that's why I never told you all what Hakumi's name meant.


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