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Last Chapter

Bella needed me and if she didn't I needed her and I couldn't lose her again~ Emmett


by KellmettRocksThatHat


A hand smashed against my face and I fell onto my knees, clutching my nose, resigning disgust and nausea as warm, thick blood ran through my fingers. Her face lit sadistically when she heard the sickening crunch.

"Jasper. Why do you disappoint me? Really, I only kept you as a leader but it seems your will as waned for victory. Will you be a liability much longer or shall I just have Damien make your death swift now?" Her voice as soft as feather, laced with sleepless malice pierced me with a promise.

"No, Maria. My apologies . You know my only allegiance lies to you and our family," I said through the pain. I let my hand fall to my side, covered in blood. At least for once it was mine.

"Very well. I have a soft spot for you Jasper. But, if you defy me again. I will dismember you. Slowly," She smiled. Damien was at her side, a thwarted look setting in on his features. He was looking forward to killing me. Backstabbing bastard.

She turned, sitting back into her chair and ushering two of the younger soldiers behind me forward.

"Leave now, Jasper," I nodded, a sharp pain shot across my face and I flinched before bowing and turning quickly on my heel. I briskly walked out of the main hall, ignoring the sneers I got from some of the younger men, dubious of my obligation to the multitude.

As soon as I got into the cold, vacant empty hallway I broke into a brisk sprint. Dirty heads popped out of doorways, thin and blood splattered. Young faces aged far beyond their years. Already having fought to there deaths, murders and children who were made into soldiers with the offer of shelter, food and solace.

I rounded the corner and pulled the drooping doors open to my small, clustered bedroom. Books where thrown across the floor, some thorn and shredded, obvious someone had entered into my bedroom without permission and destroyed one of my most valuable possessions.

I clenched my jaw, let my hands ball into fists with chagrin. I got to my knees and picked up the pages of the bounded book that Rosalie had given me years ago. Thinking of her sent a spasm of pain through me ten times worse than the broken nose and I fell onto my bed.

What would they think of me now? Or did they even think of me? Was I just a fragment of a memory that they long forgotten and filled those memories with new ones of loved ones and happy times. Am I one of nightmare things?

Yes, I was. Even if that was true, those nightmares that I starred in were the best of my days, a fairytale that lulled me to sleep each night, not the glazed over look of each life I took or the family member that had not been protected and murdered by hands of avenged soldiers.

What would she think of me now? What would loving, kind Alice think of me now. The answer was simple. She didn't think of me, probably had a life of her own and for that I was happy.

A tear slipped down my face and I wiped it away, vexed. Did little Bella and Rosalie have children of their own or husbands who cared and respected them, were they happy? And Emmett and Edward did they finally find peace? If they were then I could deal with the burden on my shoulders.

I laid down, the bed moaning in protest of my weight and looked at the ceiling, cracked and dirty, spoiled with stains that showed its character, old and refuge for those who seek asylum.

My eyes fluttered close and darkness took me back in the years just months after I had been released from the clinic and was back in my home town in Texas, staying in a rented apartment as I worked in a demanding cafe.

I shifted the tray of glasses from one hip to the others and I staggered back behind the counter, unloading the plates and utensils quickly. A bell rung and my head turned to see the new customer. A ray of sun entered, coming from each side of the woman and for a moment I wondered was she an angel.

Her lustrous brown hair was pinned up on her head, curls fell down by her rounded face. Glossy lips parted into a heart breaking smile and a small, perfect nose held up a pair of sunglasses, covering her eyes. Her bronzed skin was glowing and her small, petite body was clothed with a yellow sun dress that hugged every curve perfectly.

She walked over to me, the door shutting behind her, closing out the brilliant, blazing light and cutting off my haze.

Her glasses black as coal reflected an image I tried to avoid. Me. Her lips shiny with lip gloss parted once more a smooth, melodic voice broke the silence.

"Hi. Can I have a coffee, please?"

I nodded, picking up the boiling kettle and poured the coffee into a white cup, sliding it over to her. She took a sip and sighed contentedly.

"This is the best coffee I have ever had. Who should I bid my thanks to?" She rose a delicate eyebrow and I smiled.

"The names Jasper, ma'am," She laughed and they sound brought a icy chill to my spin. It sounded wrong.

"Please, don't call me ma'am. Its Maria, Jasper," She purred my name and I gave a cautious smile.

"You know, I think this has the potential of a beautiful friendship, soldier," She laughed.

Weeks had she come slowly seducing me to her. She eventually told me of her plan and I laughed. It was preposterous, insane and totally and absolutely Maria.

"Join me, Jasper! We will rule together, set our own family up and be royalty," Her brown eyes were never more alive.

"Your crazy," I snapped, loading a cup onto my tray and staggering to another table. Maria on my heels.

"Why? Is it because I suggest killing is part of the job description?" I didn't say anything but I knew she saw me wince and flinch away as she reached out for my free hand.

She scoffed. "Killing will come instinctively to you, Jasper. Don't you think I can see that viciousness in your eye? All the things her father did you, are they not just eating away at you?" My breathing hitched.

"How did you?" It came out as a whimper and suddenly everything ached, including my heart that pulsed and paced in my chest, hammering against my rib cage, pining to get out and lay at Maria's feet ready to be stamped on.

"It was every where Jasper. He really messed you up and I was so surprised to see you that first day when I walked into this wretched place. That's why I picked you..to be my first soldier. To lead our armies into battle, once I get them and to thrive with me on our throne made from blood and bone ," She pressed her warm body against mine and my head screamed to push her away. My heart too.

"I'll give you a week to think it over, my soldier," She whispered, placing a kiss on forearm and turned for the door, walking into the dark, starry night.

When that week came I agreed to go with her and packed my few possessions. She took me to an abandoned hotel, a huge domain with shaky structure. It was empty, falling apart and my new home.

"This is our palace," She murmured and skipped forward. In that moment I knew I was wrong I should turn back but what could I do? I fished into my pocket and withdrew a creased picture. Six teenage faces smiled up at the camera. A blonde boy hovered at the back of the crowd but a black haired girl stood beside him, holding his hand and screaming 'cheese'. I shoved it into my pocket and followed Maria into the darkness metaphorically and literal.

My eyes snapped open as my door crashed open, revealing the woman who I had dreamt about. Her lips, no longer shone and her hair was covered in a layer of grease and dirt. Wickedness twisted her face and she grinned.

I closed my eyes and wished I was dead. I knew what was coming and it was so much more than death. I pictured Alice and I in a hotel room, spotless and just after being cleaned my a maid. Her face was close to mine and her spiky hair was caressing my cheek.

"I love you Jasper. Your safe with me. You're mine," Her words weren't territorial or vicious but loving and proud. I had pictured this so many times I had now perfected every detail. The softness of her hair and the silkiness of her bare skin as it brushed mine. The vividness of the glisten in her eyes and the ways our fingers enlaced each other. The feel of the bed spread underneath us as we embraced . The window and pictures in the room. The vibrant colors that made everything so real.

Maria slammed the door now, locking it so she didn't have any interruptions. She slid out a cane from her back and approached the bed.

I sat in the darkness later. Mine skin marked with new bruises as Maria liked it rough. Tears streamed down my face and I no longer felt ashamed to cry. It was the only thing to do. I couldn't leave. I would be killed. I wasn't worthy of the memories I bared. Or the pictures of Alice I conjured, not when she lay down with another man every night, made love to him.

A ringing broke the heavy air and I jumped. I searched in the dark for the cell phone that was only rung by Maria to keep notified. My fingers enclosed in a small, slick cell and I flicked it open. Unknown Number came up on the caller display and I hesitated. Was it a prank? I pressed the Answer button and held the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" My voice was thick with tears and I sighed.

"Jasper? Man, its good to hear your voice," The voice was so familiar like it belonged to a dream but I couldn't place it. I stayed silent.

"Its me. Emmett," I nearly dropped the phone and I felt my jaw go slack in disbelief.

"Emmett? Oh my God. Its so good to hear your voice. I missed you man, I really, really missed you," I cried. A hitch of breath on the other line.

"Me too, Jas," A softer edge to his voice he rarely showed.

"How did you get my number, no one knows it," I said, suddenly bewildered. He scoffed on the other line.

"Dude, I tracked your cell by GPS. I'm not dumb. I tried Rosalie and Alice too but I couldn't find them. Just you and Edward," My heart plummeted a small part when I heard about Alice and Rosalie but I smiled I had my brothers back.

"Edward, is he okay? Are you? " I breathed and he laughed, shaky.

"Yeah, he's still is cocky as ever, little son of a bitch but that's not why I'm calling. It's Bella," My heart clenched.

"She needs our help and I know exactly where she lives,"