If you have an allergy to Valenwind, Cloud/Reno or slash pairings in general, then don't read this. Don't come crying to me when you get a nasty rash.


1. Horizon

"Look at it, Vince!" Cid breathed, his eyes sparkling, one arm draped over the wheel of the Shera, the other wrapped tightly around his lover's waist as the ship burst through the clouds and into the bright sunshine. Vincent gently lifted an elegant hand to shield his eyes as golden sunlight filled the bridge of the airship. The world stretched out like a vast carpet below them, the glassy sea glittering in the distance as the Shera roared overhead. "The whole world... and it's mine..." Vincent smiled a little. "Ours, I mean." Cid amended, giving the taller man's waist a gentle squeeze. "So... we're free at last, eh? Where do you want to go first?"

"I don't mind." Vincent responded automatically. Cid turned his head and shot him an incredulous look.

"What? There's gotta be somewhere you want to go!"

Vincent folded his arms elegantly. "Why don't you choose?"

"I ask you where you want to go, and you've got the whole fuckin' planet to choose from, and you want ME to choose for you?" Cid glowered for a moment, but soon sighed and shook his head.

"You're flying the ship." The caped man's mild response made Cid throw his hands in the air in exasperation.

"A'right, fine. I'm taking you to Costa del Sol." He decided, and went over to check the large world map he had posted on the cabin door. A soft sigh from behind interrupted him. "Somethin' wrong?"

"Costa del Sol is so hot this time of year…" Vincent pointed out. Cid huffed and turned back to the map.

"Awright… what about Kalm?" Vincent wrinkled his nose slightly, and Cid's eyes narrowed. "Vince, I swear, if you don't suggest something in the next ten seconds, I'm taking you to the goddamn Golden Sau – shit!" he ducked and held up his hands as Vincent abruptly drew his gun, aiming it right at Cid's forehead. "I was jes' kidding!" he protested shakily.

"Move over, Chief. I'm going to settle this now." Cid followed the taller man's gaze and sighed loudly in relief when he realised Vincent was aiming for the map directly behind him. Once Cid had returned to his spot at the ship's wheel, Vincent stepped forward, shut his eyes, and pulled the trigger.

The noise made Cid wince and cover his ears, instantly regretting his decision to let Vincent carry Cerberus inside his beloved airship. He glanced back over to the map, now with a neat, smoking bullet hole almost directly in the centre. When he saw where it was, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. Vincent's crimson eyes widened when he finally opened them and saw the reason for Cid's outburst.

"Look out, Costa del Sol, here we come!" Cid drawled, grinning almost ear-to-ear and seizing the wheel of the Shera once more. Vincent glowered at him as he re-holstered his weapon. "Ah, don't look like that, Vince. Yer aim was perfect!" he chortled.


2. Reasons

Even though Vincent had decided long ago that he was neither able nor worthy to love or be loved by anyone, Cid had time and time again proved him wrong over the few years they'd been together.

Like the time he woke alone one morning to find a note pinned to Cid's pillow, labeled "10 reasons why I love Vampy Valentine" in an apparent attempt at gothic lettering. Underneath it, Cid had slipped another one, this time headed with "10 more reasons why I love Vampy Valentine."

Vincent had felt his heart swell with inexplicable warmth as he read them, even if the hated nickname had almost killed the moment.


3. Bump (Cloud/Reno)

Reno always told Cloud that he should smile more often.

"It suits you." He said earnestly, in a rare moment of seriousness. He rolled over onto his side so he could watch the other man's reaction.

"I smile enough." Cloud objected, leaning against the bedhead and frowning thoughtfully at nothing in particular.

"Oh, sure." Reno scoffed, and sat up to press his forehead against the blonde's. "When you're taking the piss out of me." Cloud rubbed small circles on his boyfriend's lower back as they kissed. However, Reno was not one to be deterred. "When was the last time you smiled, really smiled, just 'cause you were happy, huh?"

"I…" for once, it was Reno who got to crow triumphantly as Cloud found himself at a loss for words. Cloud rolled his eyes.

"You're so immature." He informed the man grinning down at him. Reno only proved this when he stuck his tongue out. "I do too smile." He added, before the redhead in his arms could say anything.

"Now who's immature?" the other man teased. Cloud just leaned over and flicked the switch on his bedside lamp, plunging the bedroom they shared into darkness.

"Goodnight Reno."

"Hmph, fine then. C'mere." Reno leaned down for a kiss, but yelped as he hit his forehead against the bedhead with a sudden 'thonk'. "Ouch! You moved!"

Cloud laughed until tears fan down his face.


4. Dawn

Cid Highwind, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed and bristly captain of the appropriately named airship, the Highwind, looked much less intimidating when he was curled up in the pilot seat under a green fuzzy blanket and wearing a goofy, contented smile on his face. It seemed almost a shame to wake the man. Almost.

"Chief, wake up." Short and to the point; the only way to communicate with a groggy Highwind. Cid muttered something unintelligible and probably rude, and shifted in his seat to face the opposite direction from whoever was interrupting his pleasant blue-coloured, sky-filled dreams. Vincent fought the urge to roll his eyes and promptly yanked the blankets away, dumping them unceremoniously on the floor. Cid groaned, groping around blindly for a moment with his eyes tightly shut, while the man standing over him looked on with a mix of amusement and exasperation plastered on his usually stoic face. "It's dawn. Cloud and the others will be up in a minute, and they won't be happy to see you sleeping on the job… not while you're supposed to be flying the ship."

"Bah, 's on autopilot." The blonde man grumbled, reaching for his pack of cigarettes before realising it wasn't in its usual place. "…The fu – …oh hell no! Vin, you give those back!" he scowled muzzily in Vincent's general direction. Vincent just held the contested object out of the pilot's reach, wrinkling his nose in distaste.

"Isn't it a little early to be smoking?"

"It's never too early!" Cid snatched feebly at the packed in Vincent's hand, but the gunman's superior reflexes won as he jerked them away. "Sonuva–"

"I'll give them back… when you're awake." Cid just snorted and turned over, curling back up on his seat, minus the blanket Valentine had swiped from him. Realising the pilot probably had a spare packet tucked away somewhere, Vincent growled darkly and proceeded to glare daggers at the back of Cid's head. "Get up." He insisted.

"...You gonna make me?" Cid wondered aloud; rather childishly in Vincent's opinion.

"No, but I expect Chaos would love to." Cid peeked over his shoulder to check if the man was smiling, and Vincent carefully arranged his face so that he was most definitely not.

"Alright, I'm up, I'm up." Cid finally grumbled, practically rolling out of his chair. A man of his word, Vincent handed the packet of cigarettes back and stalked away with the intention of finding something edible in the kitchen before Yuffie tried to cook anything.

Later that morning, while Yuffie was waving a tea towel at the smoke detector and Tifa was dutifully scraping the remains of yet another ruined breakfast from a blackened frying pan into the bin, Cid threw down his newspaper onto the table with a sigh. "Y'know, I never can tell if Vince is just bein' playful or if he's gone goddamn insane when he threatens to limit break in the morning." Said gunslinger ignored this, nonchalantly turning the page of the book he was reading.

Tifa held up the frying pan for a moment to inspect it, before dropping it into the bin with an air of defeat. "Cid, as the ship's pilot, it's probably best for everyone if you don't aim to find out."