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Chapter one: War

For the last three centuries, a bloody war has taken place between the people of the land and the people of the ocean, or merpeople. The reason for the start of this war was lost with the winner of the first battle two centuries ago, but one fact is for certain: the land people hate the sea people. normal citizens have leaned over time to stay clear away from the battlefields, which were generally paved with the blood of both side's armies and normal citizens like red frosting on a dirt colored cake. at the end of the first century of the war, the people of the sky, or flyers announced that they were going to remain neutral during the battle and would not help any side. This became unimportant until one of the flyers most well known and wisest prophets looked into the future. What he saw shocked and scared him so much that he called a meeting of the flying people's elders and explained to him what he saw. Once the elders heard the prophecy, they announced it to the citizens of the sky:

"In two centuries from now,

this horrible war will end

but not at a fair cost.

Two people, one from each side

will die by their own people's hands

and thus, through the tears and the morning

the war will end.

We must let this happen and remain neutral until this happens or the battles will continue on. We elders know how hard it is to see the merfolk and land walkers kill each other, but we must bite our tongues until the time is right. May god help us and those who will save this civilization."

From that day on, the flyers didn't even associate with either fighting race. They remained out of the fight's way and prayed to their gods that the two people who would end the war soon appear, or else all is lost. Meanwhile, the merpeople and the people of the land continued to fight and kill until their generals made only one agreement. With this constant fighting, both sides needed time to rest and gather up needed supplies. The two generals, at the end of the second century of war, decided that they both would take one day off a week to get things ready for the next week. during that one day, no one would fight or fire a weapon. These two even signed a contract and put it in the hands of the flyer's elders for safe keeping, even though they were neutral. This plan worked and was held out until the current time. however, the prophecy was still kept in the flyer's minds and they continued to pray. Things continued on this way until the middle of the third century, when a member of one of the warring sides breaks a rule and wants to see a better side.