The sun was warm on the bare of her back. It felt nice. Despite the heat, her arms were covered in Goosebumps. Today was perfect. The weather was lovely, not a cloud in the sky. The grass was newly cut, spreading a fresh earthy scent about the air. She could feel the eyes of her family upon her as her father linked his arm around hers and led her forward. This was it.

Part of her knew music was playing, but Rose Weasley didn't hear it. She was looking ahead of her where Scorpius Malfoy was standing. His father, Draco Malfoy, was standing at his side with his hand on his son's shoulder. Most people didn't notice it anymore, but his hand was scared from the burns he had recieved months ago. Those scars were nothing compared to the ones on his heart. He had lost his wife in the invasion that had almost cost him his life and the life of his son. But today, his eyes were twinkling, though not in their normal mischievous way. Rose realized with surprise that he was holding back tears. It shook her confidence for a moment. She had vowed not to cry today. Enough tears had been shed as of late.

The last few months had gone by in a blur. After the attack there had been a lot of questions, a lot of meetings, a lot of visits to the Ministry. Rose had gotten sick of it immediately and had asked to be left alone for the sake of her studies. It wasn't until almost five full weeks after the attack at Malfoy Manor that she and Scorpius had had a moment alone together. They were sitting in the Great Hall, having breakfast, when he asked her to take a walk outside. She had thought this was odd, considering how well everyone was getting along, especially despite all the rumors and wild stories that had been made up after the attack, but she obliged. They strolled down to the Quidditch pitch, where she had been left waiting for him that day. It was there, in the middle of the field, that he dropped down on his knee and pulled out a small leather case.

She had expected him to say a lot of things to her and yes, someday she suspected this would come up, but not now. It seemed so soon and much too sudden after everything that had transpired. "I sat down with your parents and my father," he began, "And they all agreed that they were comfortable with me being in your life. When I told them that I hoped our families would unite with us, they were happy. I think things are finally going to be the way we want them to be, Rose." And then he opened the box. Inside was the single-most beautiful piece of jewelry she had ever seen. Glistening in silver and entwined with gold was a ring that was both ornate and simple at the same time, a perfect combination to express her and their relationship. And in that instant, her life changed forever.

Back in the present, she noticed the number of people watching her with watery expressions. Turning to look at her father, Rose was shocked to find a tear rolling down his freckled cheek. "Dad?" He let out a puff of air, feigning indifference. A smile appeared on her lips as she gave his hand a squeeze. "I love you." Ronald Weasley mouthed, "I love you, too," back to his only daughter, before taking another deep breath, one that required a lot of effort.

As they continued down the make-shift aisle, Rose thought about how all of this had come together. After all the petty fights, all the nights worrying about how she was going to remain in Scorpius' life here they were. They were getting married. She could scarcely believe it.

It had started here on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch and here was where it would start anew. Chairs had been set out in lines, parted down the middle to allow for her to walk down and to the arch at the end. The arch was hand-made of wood and covered in ivy. Lace had been draped about it to decorate it as well. The entire thing was charmed with the wishes of their guests for a long and happy marriage. The altar, which was housed underneath the arch, was a small wooden thing, barely noticeable under the arch. That was where McGonagell stood, her petite glasses on hanging on the lower portion of her nose. She was watching everything and everyone all at once, but Rose could tell that a majority of her attention was on her.

Rose thought about the day when she had met Scorpius on the train. It had been over eight years ago. Before she had known who he was, before they had even gotten to Hogwarts she had been drawn to him. She had known the instant she had seen him that there was something special about him. It hadn't been love at first sight, per say, but it had been a significant moment. He was the reason she had conjured up the strength to defy her parents, the drive to keep her practicing Quidditch, the voice in her head giving her the courage to face all her fears.

She remembered when they had been in third year, assigned to research a mythical creature of their choice and write a paper on their findings. Her goal for the assignment was to choose the most complex creature and write a full scroll on it to make her mother proud. While she had been pouring over book after book in the library, Scorpius had been goofing off behind her. He charmed her quill to draw tiny caricatures of her family in the margins of her notes and had enchanted her books so that they conducted a little dance on the tabletop. At the time, she had been furious with him. Looking back on it now, all she could do was stifle her laughter. He had always been there for her in every way she could possibly need him. It had taken her some time to realize what a tremendous force in her life he was. And now he was standing right in front of her. This was it.

Her father handed her over with a nod. Both he and Mr. Malfoy took their seats in the front row with the rest of her family. If no one knew about their past, no one would have suspected that Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger Weasley, and Ronald Weasley had ever been enemies. They appeared to have the ties of a friendship that ran decades deep instead of barely a year. It was funny how things worked out with time.

"Ready?" Scorpius asked her, taking her by the hand.

"Bring it on," Rose smiled.

As Professor McGonagell started the ceremony, the sun set on the Quidditch pitch.