Disclaimer – I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender. The prequel to this is FOUR AVATARS: Banishment. That is more of a setting up of things more then anything else. I'll recap in the prolog here.


Water… earth… fire… air… there used to be very many tales told in my tribe of the old days, when things where much different and things were in balance. This was before my father left the Southern lands, before my mother died, back to the time when my grandmother was a child, if not before. That was when all the nations had hope.

These tales told of a balance kept by the four Avatars, a cycle that went continuously through each of the kingdoms, though at times shortly overlapping. There were the Air Avatar, the Fire Avatar, the Earth Avatar and the Water Avatar, which were at this time in that order, the first cycle, second cycle, third cycle and forth cycle of.

Grandmother liked to describe the cycle of the Avatar's like a clay pot that was forged cylindrically and then twisted slightly so that the top was three quarters around the circle from where it started, though sometimes a little bit off. The first cycle of the Avatar represents hope, the second strength, the third knowledge, and the last one, luck.

In our world, we had these four Avatar's taking care of us, protecting us. Then, all of a sudden, the Avatar's just disappeared one day. That was when the Fire Nation began to strike against all the other nations, bringing into everyone's life, despair. But I still hope that all of this turmoil will eventually come to be fixed.

~ Katara

Water… earth… fire… air… that list the current roster for the Avatars when they were last seen. They just up and disappeared a hundred years ago. Their names were Lyto of the Northern Water Tribe, Fumi of the Earth Kingdom, Kuzon of the Fire Nation, and Aang of the Air Nomads.

The circulation of the Avatars is like a clay vessel, twisted three-quarters of the way around. If one were to twist it to far one way, it all would break and shatter. This is what would have happened when the current Fire Lord Ozai found Kuzon and killed him, and the second was to be born into the Air Nomads.

This wasn't because of the fact that they were all gone, but the fact that it would have disturbed the whole pattern disastrously. Thus, the second had to be born into the Fire Nation again. To be expected, certain changed would slightly occur as to keep the pattern of the Avatar vessel in shape.

The former Fire Lord Azulon had no clue as to what his youngest son had done, at least for the most part. He had not clue that Ozai knew ever since he killed the one named Kuzon, who Kuzon would be reborn as. He wished with all his heart for this person to die in birth, or to be killed after birth, as it would reveal likely his crime.

Or perhaps it wouldn't… but it is the only logical explanations why Ozai would treat someone or something with such disdain, or how Ozai came to be so dark minded to lose all interest in anything but power. Kuzon has told me, when he has been able, that he doesn't understand why Ozai killed him.

It can be understood that there is confusion with Kuzon, as unlike the other times that the Avatar's are reborn, he wasn't born as a separate entity, like Avatar Aang and Avatar Ruko, but as one being, being blocked off by his second half. And might I add that the two are so similar, I find it quite funny… as does Kuzon… but not his second half.

Kuzon has his second half's memories, but his second half is trying to block of his first half completely. It is sort of like a split personality, yet not, as they are the same person at all times… it is just that Kuzon can't always come forth. But as to what Kuzon is confused about…

Kuzon wonders why his other half is so loyal to Ozai. He wonders why his 'father' killed him and then maimed him, yes… in that exact order. This would mean that Kuzon is the same person as my nephew… ironically. Kuzon I believe… reflects what Zuko may truly realize but just doesn't want to. And by forcing them separate, there may be repercussions' later on.

How do I know Zuko is the second Avatar, our Fire Avatar? There were small signs from when he was younger, but I also took him to take the test, which he passed, by selecting the correct weapons from a huge group. Of course… it could be said that I was trying trickery just like some of the others out there.

But I wasn't… Zuko picked each and everyone exactly, not knowing the true reason for him being there. He does not know yet what I do know. He does not know that if it comes out that he is the second cycle, that his life is in jeopardy, perhaps not through death, but at least through loss of his freedom. Perhaps this is for the best, or perhaps the worst.

~ Iroh

Author's note – There… the recap told from Katara's perspective, then Iroh's. I originally wanted to do it with just Katara, like she does in the first few episodes of the show, however… I found her view point was going to be quite limited, so I added in Iroh. Feel free to ask questions.