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It's been 75 years since he broke my heart. 75 years since I became a vampire. After he left Victoria came, she thought it would hurt him more if I became a vampire. I just moved back to Forks, Washington. I was going back to school and I knew he would be there. I still loved him so much. I was going to make him want me back no matter what it was.

School was going to start in about 20 minutes. I slipped on my black and white mini skirt with the black lace underneath with my pink hi-top converse with my black spaghetti strap shirt and my dark red Roxy sweater.

I got into my cherry red Lamborghini with black flames and drove to school. When I got there I saw everyone staring at my car, so I revved the engine just for fun. Nothing has even changed here in the past 75 years at all. As I walked to the front of the school to my first class I saw all eyes on me. It can get annoying after 75 years. But I wanted everyone to notice me today, just to make Edward jealous.

Alice was in my first class; before the bell rang she came and gave me a huge hug. "Bella! I can't believe you're a…a vampire! I thought I would have seen that! We thought you died! How did you even become a vampire?"

"Hey Alice. I know ha-ha I can't believe it either! Um Victoria came back and changed me about a month after you left." The bell rang and we went and sat down. The next class I had was English. Alice, Jasper, and Edward where in that class to; the only seat was unfortunately, but fortunately next to Edward. When I walked in his eyes got wide and his jaw dropped. The teacher made me introduce myself and told me to sit next to Edward. I guess Alice had somehow kept me out of her mind. "Hi!" I said as I sat down next to him.

"Hey." He sounded stunned. I guess he still couldn't read my mind. HA! "So…um…how did you become…a...Vampire?"

"Um Victoria, She came back about a month after you left." He looked sad like he was mad about something. I knew that look; he thought it was his fault. But there was something he wasn't telling me. Lucky for me, I could also read other people's thoughts, but I could turn it on and off, along with other awesome things.

What?? Victoria, how could I let her near my Bella!!! Oh no, what will she or I do about….

The teacher asked him a question! Now I will probably never know about what he was thinking. Maybe Alice will know, I'll just ask her at lunch. Hopefully they would let me stay with them since I have nowhere else to go. I saw a guy that looked just like Mike Newton, he must be his grandson. He wouldn't look away. I hated it when guys did that.

Wow! Is that the new girl! Wow! Maybe she'll go to the spring fling with me!

Yup definitely Mike's kid, Chad. It was finally lunch; I couldn't wait to actually talk to him! I saw Emmet, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Edward, and! No, he wasn't! My Edward was holding some….some other girl's hand!! If my heart could break, it officially did! How could he? She had bleach blonde hair, even though he said he preferred brunettes!! She had on a jean skirt and a Hollister shirt.

Wow! Why did you ever leave her Edward? She is HOT!-Emmet

OMG! It's Bella! She's a Vampire. Cool.-Rosalie

Oh no Bella. Edward you are such a DORK! Look what you did! I told you, you shouldn't have broken her heart, she so wants you back!-Alice

Ew. Who is that, Why is Edward gawking at her!!-The other girl

She went and kissed him while he was looking at me! I wanted to cry but I couldn't anymore. That was it; I was going to make him jealous as hell! I walked to the table doing a serious strut I learned from years of modeling. "Hi guys" I said. Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper, and Alice all got up and gave me a hug.

"Hey Bella, how have you been?" Rosalie asked me.

"I've been good! How have you been?" I replied back.

"Good! We all have missed you so much!"

"This is Ali."

Wait! Is that Edward's Bella! Oh no, they said she was dead! She is not going to take away my Edward!!-Ali

"Hey Ali, I'm Bella!"

"Hmm, Hi" She said really bitchy. Edward didn't look away from me the whole time, but he didn't say anything either. Occasionally when Ali saw him staring at me she would lean over and kiss him. It barely fazed him.

I went out to my car hoping Edward might follow since Ali had to go to class. He did follow. When he saw my car his jaw dropped! I guess he liked it.

"Hi" I said when we were alone.

"Bella, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left. Will you forgive me?" he was holding both my hands now.

"Yea, I guess. Aren't you like in love with that girl…um…Ali?"

"Not in love"

"Yea sure, whatever, I have to go to class now." None of the Cullen's where in my social studies class. I still couldn't help thinking about him and her! She was not going to stay with him; I knew that for a fact! I still loved him so much! As soon as class was over I had my free period. I ran to my car turned up the music and dry sobbed for the hour. But, I had a plan to get him back!

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