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They where back. Bella had a plan, it was working. She was shocking the others and they kept going farther back every time. "Just go! I'll catch up with you later!" She yelled at us. We didn't move. "GO!" She yelled. Everyone else got in the cars and drove off. I stayed I wasn't leaving again. "Edward just go, I will be fine! I got us into this mess I will get us out!" She shouted at me, was she crazy? I was not leaving.

"No Bella! I am not leaving you! Not again!" I was completely serious. The eight where coming back towards us. She sent a shock so big and non-stop. They starting t go away! But then I felt it, it was worse than Jane from the Volturi! I let out a scream. I saw Bella get thrown over Adam's shoulder. I couldn't get up. I could tell she was too weak to fight back.


One of them through me over their shoulder, I wasn't sure which one. Everything looked so blurry. We ran for what seemed like days. I was too weak to notice anything. I was finally set down; the floor was wet and mushy. We were in the forest. They started yelling at each other I could barely make out the words.

"This is ridiculous!" I heard Anne yell. "Just get over it; it was over 100 years ago!"

"No! I will never get over this!" Adam yelled back.

"Shut up you two! This is stupid! Anne is right; it has been over 100 years! This is making no sense." The one named Shirley said.

"Fine, if out two want out leave! I will finish what we started. Connor and Antim will come with me!" He shouted at them.

"Fine! We will leave, Goodbye Adam" They sad at the same time.

"We shall meet again." He told them in a threatening way. I was thrown over his shoulder again. He started to run and I heard two other vampires meet up with us. I heard a door open and I was thrown in to a corner. The floor was cold but comfortable. I could hear everything, as usual; I just couldn't see or smell very well. I heard the three run up a flight of stairs and I wondered where the three went. I guess they didn't want to do this anymore.

Now I was worried. I think a day passed. Where was I? I was scared and wondered what they were doing. Was this all because of territory? There had to be something more. Right?

I felt better, not so weak. I opened my eyes; the room was pure white with a dark hardwood floor. There were some small windows on the back wall. I looked around and there was no sign of anyone else. I stood up and walked over to the door. I tried to move quickly and silently. When I got to the door I put my ear to it. I heard a faint talking and others moving around. There were six now. They didn't hear me at all! Perfect. I quietly moved over to the window. I tried to open it, it was locked! I was stuck, they where all out there and the window was locked.

I stared at the window thinking about ways to get out.

"Hello." I hadn't heard anyone come in. It startled me. I turned around it was the one named Antim.

"Why am I here?" The one named Adam walked in behind Antim.

"Only to get back at your little family, you see awhile back your little family and mine go into a fight. It was about territory. But they made part of my family leave and the one that happened to leave, I loved so freakin much! And now your family will have to see how it feels to lose the one they love."

"Excuse me?! I can see why…" He was in my face, are nose's where almost touching. He looked freighting. He was a lot taller than me at least 6'4.

"Don't even say it!" I backed up and he stayed right in my face, I was thinking about punching him right in the face or shocking him, but there were more of them and no way for me to get out. He grabbed both my arms as hard as he could. He could rip them off if he wanted. "It's your family's fault I have no one! Now your little Eddie will see how that feels." He squeezed my arms harder.

"What? No. I will not let you hurt him, or anyone!" I electrocuted him the hardest I could. He scram and flew out the door, making a hole in the door frame. He came running back at me; we crashed through the window and hit a tree. Connor and Antim came running out of the house. They watched us fight. No one had told me if he had any powers, they only told me about the ex-Volturi. We circled around each other and he pounced at me, I ducked at the last second and he barely hit me. I turned to face him, once my back was to Connor and Antim, they jumped onto my back and it made me fall to the ground.

I felt my arm come off and a foot. I shut my eyes tight. Then, there was a loud crash. I opened my eyes. I saw Edward; he had Antim pinned against a tree. I jumped up, forgetting about my foot. I fell back down; I put my shield over Edward. I noticed Antim getting mad; he was trying to use his power. It wasn't working. Alice, Jasper, and Emmett ran over to where we were. Jasper went for Adam and Emmett pounced at Connor. Alice ran over to me and helped e with my foot and arm.

Once I got my arm and foot reattached we got into the fight. I looked over at Edward, he was on the ground Antim had him pinned against a tree. I ran over to them and grabbed the back of his shirt and flipped Antim over. Alice got a fire started. Antim charged at me and I dodged him just barely. He was a very good fighter; he did used to be part of the Volturi. Edward caught him by the arm and it ripped off, he threw it into the fire. I turned and saw everyone was fighting. It was mainly two against one. We were winning.

Antim grabbed me by the hair and I went flying. I think I hit a tree or two maybe three. I recovered fast and jumped up. I saw Antim and Edward fighting. I ran as fast s possible and jumped on Antim's back. I flipped him over and he hit the ground fast and hard. Edward picked him up by the shirt and threw him into the fire.

We were the last to finish. Edward grabbed me around the waist and kissed me passionately. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist holding on to his shoulders for support. We didn't stop till we heard the rest of the family start to get irritated. I hopped off of Edward still kissing him. We stopped kissing, unwillingly. We watched the glow of the fire, he had his arm around my waist and I set my head on his shoulder. The fire soon ceased and I watched the smoke go into the sky, dancing its way around the trees.

We walked human speed into the house hand-in-hand. Alice, Rose, and Esme came and gave me hugs even Emmett and Carlisle did. We didn't want to talk about what had happened, really no one did. Edward and I went to our room. I lay on the bed and he lay next to me. I wrapped my arm around his waist and put my head on his shoulder.

"So are you going to tell me how I can read your mind?" He broke the silence.

"Eleazar told me I could and I practiced a few times, unsuccessfully." I told him

"Can you do it again?" He asked. I closed my eyes and started thinking about all the good times, when we first met, next was our first kiss. I felt his lips against mine I my shield went back out.

"Hey, I can't have any distractions." I said playfully. He laughed. I kissed him back.

"Okay okay." He said back. I closed my eyes again. I thought about our meadow, the prom, he kissed me again.

"Heyy" I said laughing

"Sorry." We both laughed net I thought about the day when we stayed in the meadow for hours (right after Ali had left.), our time in New York, and then the wedding.

He kissed me passionately; he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. He kissed the side of my jaw down my neck.

"Damn it!" He said still kissing me.

"We have plenty of time to work on it."

"Forever and ever." He agreed

"That sounds exactly right to me."

And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.

The End

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