(the scene is the kitchen Kevin walks in the door from work)

( his mom calls from off set)

Norma: KEVIN !! Is that you ??

Kevin: yea ma!!

Norma: can you come here a minute

Kevin: yea (walks out of the kitchen)

(he walks down the hall and into his parents room where his mom and dad are laying in the bed)

Norma: (motions him over to her side of the bed) Kevin come here

Kevin: (sits down on the bed) What is it mom ??

Norma: how was school ??

Kevin: It was good…you feeling better

Norma: (coughs) I actually am a little…can you get me some juice

Kevin: (starts to get up) sure mom

Norma: and honey

Kevin: yea

Norma: there's some left over's in the fridge you can heat up for supper

Kevin: Thanks mom (walks out)

(a day later Kevin is sitting at the kitchen table studying the phone rings)

( Kevin up and picks up the phone)

Kevin: Hello ?

Paul: Hey Kiev

Kevin: Paul what do you want I'm trying to study

Paul: Mr. Cosmo want's to know if you can work as a cashier and deliver

Kevin: Do I have a choice ?

Paul: not really

Kevin: OK I'll do it

(scene fades the next morning Kevin comes into the kitchen wearing his pj bottoms and a tee shirt he opens the refrigerator and pulls out some orange juice his mom walks in)

Norma: What do you want for breakfest ?

Kevin: (walks over to the sink were Norma is) Mom are you feeling better

Norma: I'm feeling pretty good as long as I don't over do it

Narrator: My mom said she was feeling better but I knew by the way she looked she wasn't

Kevin: I'll just have some cereal mom

Norma: OK honey

(the next night Winnie is over helping Kevin study)

Winnie: Do you want to go over it with you agine

Kevin: I don't know why I can't get this (lays his head down on the table) I'm never going to get into collage

Winnie: Kevin is something wrong you seem tense

Kevin: I'm fine

Winnie: Are you sure?

Kevin: yes

Narrator: OK so I didn't tell Winnie the whole truth

Winnie: Well it's getting late I'm going to head on home

Kevin: OK (stands up and gives her a kiss)

Winnie: I'll see you tomorrow

Kevin: (kisses her agine) sure