Narrator: I don't know how I got there but the next thing I knew I was home up to my neck in covers

Norma: Kevin honey can you hear me ? Kevin wake up please ? (turns to Winnie)

(Kevin opens his eye's)

Norma: (to Winnie) yep he's got a tempter of 100.4

Jack: (looks at Kevin) Norma he's waking up

Norma: (looks over) Kevin thank goodness your back

Kevin: (groggy still not able to get word's out) wa…wa…what happened?

Winnie: (walks over beside Kevin's bed) We were up at the point and you passed out

Wayan: Yea butthead you were out for like an hour

Chuck: Glad your back buddy (pats Kevin's leg)

Paul: (walks up) How ya feeling ?

Kevin: (still groggy) Horrible

Norma: Well your sick

Kevin: I kind of figured that (tries to sit up)

Narrator: My body felt like someone had took a straw and sucked all the energy out

Norma: (Kevin falls back against the pillow) Honey don't try to move

Jack: Ya need anything

Kevin: (starting to doze off) sleep

Norma: OK lets all get out of here and let em get some sleep

Winnie: Me and Paul will come back and see you tomorrow I lov….

Narrator: I was gone

(the next morning Winnie and Paul walk into Kevin's room Kevin is still asleep Winnie is holding a glass of juice)

Winnie: Paul you want to see about the movie

Paul: Yea

Winnie: I'll wake him up and see if he wants some juice

(walks over a sit's down on Kevin's bed lifts his hair back and kisses him on the forehead)

Winnie: He's still warm

(Kevin opens his eye's)

Narrator: Before I knew it was the next morning and there was Winnie sitting on my bed

Winnie: Hey honey

Narrator: I would have said hey but my mouth was as dry as the Sahara dessert

(he sees Winnie holding the glass of juice)

Narrator: Bingo

(he starts reaching out for the glass of juice)

Winnie: (see's him) oh here you go (hands him the glass as he pulls himself up with his bed rail)

(Kevin starts drinking)

Narrator: the juice felt like a water fall going down my throat

Kevin: (to Winnie) Hey

Winnie: I would kiss you but ya know

Kevin: Yea I wouldn't want you to get sick (looks at Paul by his TV) Paul what are you doing

Paul: Well

Winnie: I thought you might want to watch a movie

Kevin: Allright

Paul: Allright I can't get this VCR to do anything

(Downstairs Winnie runs into the kitchen were Norma is)

Winnie: Mrs. Arnold

Norma: Yea Honey

Winnie: Can we bring Kevin out into the den we can't get the TV to work in his room

Norma: I guess honey

( Winnie and Paul have Kevin draped over their shoulder's pulling him out of the bedroom)

Narrator: I never realized before how much I took advantage of being able to walk

(they hit his head on the door)

Kevin: Ow

Paul: Opp's sorry

(They lead him over to were the couch is made up for him to lay on)

( They set Kevin down and then Winnie sits down and Kevin falls back on her lap as she covers him up)

Paul: Here we go (he falls back against the couch)

( the screen lights up there is a man and women in the scene)

Narrator: Oh no CHICK FLICK !!!

Paul: Oh no

Kevin: Winnie why ?

Winnie: Ah come on it's a good movie

Paul: Yea maybe for a girl

(Scene changes to Winnie crying at the screen and Kevin is asleep on her lap and Paul is spread out across the floor asleep)

Narrator: Two hours later me and Paul were out like a light

Winnie: Oh guys this is the best part (jolts to were it wakes up Kevin)

Kevin: (groggy) huhhh…

Winnie: Paul wake up (kicks him in the leg)

Paul: (groggy) what…what's going on ?

(Norma walks in)

Norma: Hey kids how's the movie

Winnie: it's great…not that these to would know they've been asleep for most of it

Paul: (still groggy) No we havn't

Kevin: (still groggy with his eye's closed) We've been wide awake the whole time

( Norma bends down were Kevin's head is)

Norma: Ahhhhhhh… you sound stuffed up agine (pulls out a hankie) Blow into this

(Kevin blows into it)

Narrator: It felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted out of my air way

Norma: Dose that feel better

Kevin: (waking up a bit) lot's thanks mom

Norma: well what do you kids want for lunch

Kevin: Don't even mention food to me

Narrator: It felt like I had been up the whole night throwing up everything I had eaten in the last month

Norma: What about ya'll Winnie, Paul ?

Winnie: I'll take a cheese sandwich

Norma: OK what about you Paul

Paul: I think I'll have what Winnie's having

Norma: allright then they'll be ready in a minute Kevin you want some juice

Kevin: Yea

Norma: OK

Narrator: that day Winnie and Paul stayed at our house all day with me I didn't even know they had left until

Norma: Kevin honey (Kevin cracks his eyes open he's laying on the couch)

Kevin: where…where is Paul and Winnie at ??

Norma: They left about an hour ago they said they would have woke you up but you looked so peaceful sleeping they just couldn't do it (bends over) but Winnie did leave you a message (kisses him on the forehead) she said to give you a kiss for her and tell you she loves you very much

Kevin: Mom

Norma: Yea honey

Kevin: What's for supper ??

Norma: You feel like eating

Kevin: A little