Giving In

Chapter One: Late Mornings.

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Bella's POV:

Once again I'm sitting here… waiting for Edward. He had went out hunting. While I was laying on my bed I was thinking about how gorgeous he was. I love him so much but lately since I've tried to seduce him he's been taking his time coming here.

"Bella, love are you awake?" You see what I mean!

"Oh, Edward, you came. I've missed you so much."

His beautiful hair was all tosseled it made me crave him. When he noticed me checking him out the most gracious and gorgeous smile spread across his face.

"Well now didn't anyone teach you it's not polite to stare," he queried.

"Didn't anyone teach you its rude to keep people waiting?" I retaliated.

"My apologies, love. I was...tied up. Bella you know I had to go hunting, so I won't want your blood."

"Well...Edward, you couldv'e called me you know, instead of making me wait," I said to him.

"You have a good point love. Sorry, I will next time, I promise."

With that he came over to my bed and laid with me.

Knock, knock. "Bella, sweetie you up?" Charlie asked me through the door without opening it.

"Yeah, Dad, I'm awake. What's up?" I asked back.

"I just wanted to tell you I'll be out fishing for the day okay, I will be back later." Charlie stated to me.

"Yeah sure, sure, dad, I'll just stay here and watch movies all day." I yawned my reply.

I felt cool marble lips on my on my cheeks. Then I felt his cool hand make it's way under my arm to wrap around my stomach; at first I thought he was going to grab me, but then I rememebered this is Edward we're talking about.

"Edward, can we stay home tomorrow? I really don't want to go to school. I want to spend time with you," I stated. He just laughed and kissed my hair. I got up annoyed that he had once again ignored me.

"Bella, what's wrong with you? You know if we're both missing people are going to get suspicious," he said back to me.

"Yeah , I know. I just wanted some time alone with you that's all." I said to him hoping he would give in to me.

"Bella, please just drop it, okay? I swear we will spend some time together alone soon." He continued saying,

"Hey why don't you take a shower while I pick out a movie for us to watch, okay?" he asked trying to change the subject. I let him; doing exactly what he had asked.

I came downstairs a while later and sat on the couch. Edward was already sitting there so, I snuggled up to him. Lucky for me; it was hot or he would have thrown a blanket between us, I thought sourly.

Throughout the movie Edward's hand started rubbing my ribs, and his other hand was on the outside of my thigh. He started rubbing slowly. He then moved his hand on the inside of my thigh. I became very wet, then Edward stopped and looked at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry, love, I didn't mean touch you like that. I was just massaging is all. I didn't even know what I was doing. I'm so sorry," he blurted. How did he notice what he was doing? I didn't moan once or move.

Damn! I thought, I was so close too!

"But, Edward, how did you..." I trailed off confused,

"Bella… I didn't until I smelt..." he trailed off,

"Smelt what?" I asked and raised my eyebrow annoyed.

"Well, Bella, when I smelt your arousal and I figured the movie wouldn't have done that. Then I though it must be me, and What i was doing," he 's very smart… too smart!

"So, Edward, now that I AM aroused couldn't we.. you know?"

The look he gave me shut me down immediately, but also gave me hope when I noticed the slightest extra bit of bulge in Edwards pants. Which signaled to me that he wanted it just as much as I do.

"Maybe you should have something to eat and to get your mind away from things you know we can't do!" He said to me with a bit of… lose of breath and roughness to his voice. I liked it, no way I was giving up!

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