First of all, I need to thank my husband, who has put up with an absentee wife for four months while I was writing this story. Yet, despite being a fan fiction widower, he has read all the Twilight books and is now finishing Golden Moon. You're the best, honey. Mwah!

I would, of course, like to thank everyone who has read the story! I am amazed by the number of hits and views this story has received over the past 4 months. Since this is my first fan fiction story, I really didn't know what to expect. Needless to say, your support has exceeded even my wildest expectations. So thank you ever so much!

I would like to send an even more special thank you to everyone who has submitted a review at one time or another throughout this story's run. I didn't realize this before I started writing, but reviews really help! Just knowing that someone cares enough about your writing to put down a comment is a tremendous boost!

And then there are those of you who have become as closely involved with these characters as I have, and have really helped me throughout the story run. I don't even know how to put my thanks to you into words. You have really touched me!

My biggest reader thank you has to go to the three readers who were with me when I first started posting (in those first two chapters where Jasper hadn't even made an appearance yet!) and stayed all along: Shellebean, XteamXjasperX and Zombie's Run This Town. Your support from the very beginning was absolutely crucial, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Of course I also have to thank everyone who has ever recommended this story, whether informally to a friend or through an e-mail group or by mentioning it in an author's note. I fully recognize that many of you would not be here right now if you had not heard about the story from IdreamofEddy or Lillie Cullen or several other authors who have mentioned the story in their author's noted (Boy, right about now I wish I had kept a list!) Thank you so much for the recommendations!

And an enormous thank you goes to Breenieweenie who created the awesome trailer for the story (link is in my profile), thus bringing even more readers to Golden Moon. Every time I watch that tailer I am amazed! The song she selected is absolutely perfect for the way Bella feels when Edward leaves in the beginning. Just to save you the trouble of looking the lyrics up, I'll post them here. The song is The Day The World Went Away by Nine Inch Nails.

I'd listen to the words he'd say
but in his voice I heard decay
the plastic face forced to portray
all the insides left cold and gray
there is a place that still remains
it eats the fear it eats the pain
the sweetest price he'll have to pay
the day the whole world went away

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank the ladies who have previewed my chapters at various times throughout the story run. bbwhisperer, calliope jones, chel88, ffyreflyy, IdreamofEddy, lizbit, and mmsimpy09. These ladies were there to help me with the hardest chapters, and without them this story would not be what it is today! Thank you!

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And now, answers to reader questions.

By far the most frequent question has been about future stories, sequels, epilogues, etc. Here are the answers:

1. Will you write more Jasper/Bella stories? I am so invested in the Golden Moon Jasper and Bella that I cannot imagine writing another story with characters with the same names and different personalities. So while I never say never, the answer is probably not, unless it is a sequel to Golden Moon.

2. Will you write the whole Golden Moon from Jasper's POV? I'm afraid not. the story is simply too long to re-tell. We'll just have to be satisfied with the glimpses we have into his mind from the three chapters chosen by the readers in the poll. These chapters will be posted at a later date as part of the Of Vampires and Women story. You can put that story on alert or add me to your author alerts to get updates when the new chapters post.

3. Will you write an epilogue or story explaining what's up with Mike? As many of you realized, there is more to Mike than your average sparkling vampire. I confess that ,while I always liked Mike, and from the very beginning when I outlined this story he was the one who was supposed to get transformed into a vampire at the fight scene, I actually fell in love with him more as I was writing the story. And I do not want to give him up. So I am in the process of outlining a follow-up to Golden Moon that will be about Mike's newborn year, and will hopefully answer a lot of your questions about him.

4. Will you write an epilogue or sequel about Bella and Jasper? Yes. A follow up Bella dn Jasper story has been outlined and will eventually be written. However, the Mike story will be first in line to be written.

5. Will you write more stories involving other characters? Not for a while. Finishing Golden Moon was a huge goal and test for me. Now that I proved to myself that I can write a story this long from start to finish, my goal is to do the same with an original fiction idea that has been floating around my brain for many years. So my time for writing fan fiction will be more limited in the future. But as I get ideas, I may do some one-shots. Those would be fun!

6. What will the ratings be for Jasper's POV chapters and for future stories?- Japer's POV will always be rated M - I simply cannot write his POV as a T story solely based on language and subject matter. So sorry to all my teen readers. At this point I'm thinking that the rest of my stories will be M rated for this very reason and just because it's easier to write without constantly thinking about restrictions. While I do not mind lemons as part of a well written story where they enhance the plot, I am not a lemon writer, so please do not expect that in the future. Lemons, if any, will be few and far between in my stories, regardless of the rating.

I received some other questions as well, which I will attempt to answer here to the extent possible. Obviously I cannot answer questions about Mike - those answers will come in his story.

7. What did Jasper and Jacob talk about when they met in the forest during Mike's Party? The initial exchange between Jasper and Jacob (the "I know what you've been doing" exchange) referred to the fact that even though Bella had left him, Jasper was still frequently watching her. He wasn't stalking - he merely wanted to make sure she was safe (or at least that's what he told himself). Jake and the wolf pack knew about this and Jake wanted to make sure Jasper didn't try to talk Bella into getting back together, and there were constant wolf patrols around Bella to keep Jasper at a distance. By the time the two of them met up, they merely had a calm discussion where Jake explained to Jasper that unless he moved on, Bella never would be able to lead a normal life. He actually managed to convince Jasper that he was doing Bella more harm than good by staying in Forks. Jasper explained to Jake how he felt about Bella, and promised to think about leaving for her benefit. That's why he didn't put up too much of a fight when Bella asked him to leave later that night. He had already pretty much come to that decision himself.

8. Did Edward really love Bella and where the heck is he? The answer is yes, Edward really did love Bella in his own way. His love for Bella is very similar to Alice's love for Jasper. He loves her, but only if he can have her on his terms. And because, as Alice points out, he is terrified that changing Bella will cause him to be able to read her mind, he would rather totally abandon her than risk her getting changed by accident. However, he was thoroughly destroyed by having to leave Bella so, much as in New Moon, he left to try to track Victoria and ended up in South America somewhere, out of touch with his family. He has no idea what happened between Jasper and Bella. If he knew you bet he would be back in a flash. However, Alice knew that there was a possibility of Jasper being hurt if Edward came back, so she never told him about Bella and Jasper.

And yes, despite the quit elaborate story I just told above, one of the main reasons Edward was not in this story is because I was always "saving" his reaction for a possible sequel. So now you know. We may never have a sequel, but if there is one you will see Edward.

9. How can the Cullens be so forgiving of Alice and how can she be trusted with Mike? As Jasper alluded to in the last chapter, the Cullens are not as forgiving as it might first appear. I don't want to get into too many details, because we will see more of this in Mike's story. Suffice it to say all is not happy at the Cullen Clan in Alaska. However, at the end of the day both Esme and Carlisle work very hard to keep the peace among their children and to work out a peaceful resolution for everyone. I'm still not sure if they'll be able to succeeded here.

As far as being trusted with Mike, as we heard from Jasper it's really a question of whether Mike can be trusted with Alice. Without her visions she is absolutely no match for his newborn strength and she cannot manipulate him mentally the way she did Jasper.

10. In chapter 53 did Jake start to develop feelings for Bella beyond friendship? No, he didn't. But he is in a tough position. He suspects that Bella will eventually ask Jasper to change her into a vampire and he really would do anything in his power to stop that, including seducing her, if that were possible. Jake is not above playing dirty to keep Bella human. It's just that with Mike turned into a vampire there aren't enough good human alternatives to Jasper. But in the end, Bella's happiness will be the most important thing to Jake, as it should be to any big brother (even a non-biological big brother).

I think that just about covered all the question. If I forgot something please let me know and I will try to update this note.

Once again, thank you so much for all the reviews and for supporting Golden Moon! You all have made me a very happy author!


As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I've been writing pretty much non-stop since I finished Golden Moon last year. That's the good news. The bad news is that I've been writing other stuff, and I am nowhere near done. What does this mean for GM? Well, The sequels will come, but I cannot tell you when. Unfortunately, it probably will not be soon. I appreciate PMs offering encouragement and assistance, but really there is nothing anyone can do. I simply need to tie up all my other writing loose ends before I can come back to this series. I do want to thank all of you for your support. It means a lot, and I only hope that when I do return some day to write the two sequels, you all will still remember the original story.

Again, I am very sorry for the delay and I thank you for your patience. I swear I have not abandoned this story or the characters - just placed them a bit of a longer hiatus.