Un? Sakura thoughts wondered to who says that phrase. Her fears were confirmed. There stood Deidara, beside a fallen tree.

"GAH! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! FUCKING SHIT, UN!" Deidara started to pull out his har as he stared down at tree. Blood seeped from the ground, as Dedara thought of ways to remove the tree. He paced around frantically, thoughts rambling through his head, forgetting about Sakura and Sasuke.

Sasuke had jumped out of the before the tree landed on him, though he couldn't say the same for Naruto. Sasuke's eye twitched, Deidara's antics reminded him why he hated blonds. What bothered him even more was that the idiotic blond, that was worrying about a fallen tree, instead of attacking him.

Sakura watched Sasuke then Deidara and back. Shit! Where's Naruto? She looked around frantically, looking for the other blond. Looked over to Deidara once again, seeing him pokeing something. A hand to be exact. She was already beside Deidara within a blink of an eye.

"Naruto!" She swipped his hand from Deidara. His hand was stiff, not soft like she hoped it would be. No, Naruto. Tears streamed down her face once again. Deidara stared confused then it clicked.

"Oi, Women, move, un." Sakura looked up to him. His hand made a shooing motion towards her. Deidara rolled tree of the body. Both looked down at the body.


"Aww....shit, un."

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