(A/N: I think this idea came from me thinking about how many stories about the werewolves end with a wolf howling…there was something else I wanted to tell you guys, but now I don't remember. Enjoy!)


Jacob hears a wolf howl somewhere in the forest.

It's probably Seth, telling him to come home, but Jacob keeps hoping that maybe, just maybe, it's Leah.

He has been looking for her for three days, but he refuses to phase to a wolf. It would be too easy to find Leah that way. He wants to let her escape, then find her after she's had her taste of freedom.

The wolf howls again. Jacob is sure that it must be Leah; he's too far away from La Push for it to be any other wolf.

Jacob follows the sound, brushing aside braches that are in his way.

The howling grows louder, and leads him to Leah's wolf, curled up behind a large tree.

When it becomes obvious that Leah is not going to phase, Jacob phases into a wolf so he can talk to Leah.

Why did you come to find me? Leah asks bitterly, but Jacob can hear a bit of happiness in her thoughts.

I came to find you because…because I thought you could use a friend.

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