Due to hand and arm problems, I use voice dictation software. When using voice dictation software it is essential to proofread your work. In addition to incomprehensible sentences, you occasionally end up with very funny ones. From this story, the best are:

He left the horse at the Westgate with Caranor, and dented cans that the mix courted by the dwarves. - entering Khazad-dum. I don't know what it means, and I'm not sure I want to know.

No one could force him to create that his own whale - apparently Sauron now builds whales of his own free will. Sounds like a nice hobby.

You come bearing an unresolved grunge against one of our citizens - a guard of Lorinand, speaking to Celebrimbor

I find your tail most alarming, he said. - Amdir, speaking to Celebrimbor. I'd be a bit alarmed if Celebrimbor suddenly grew a tail. An experiment gone wrong, perhaps?

These next mistakes are from Pivot Point

1) He wore his Black hair braided, and he had the most piercings Celebrimbor had ever seen.

2) Celebrimbor studied him intently as they exchanged vows.

Anyone would think I was attempting to write truly bad slash here. But no, it is only my computer which wishes to slash Celebrimbor and Sauron, and to turn Sauron into lord of the piercings! Perhaps that's what he wanted all the Rings for...