Hermes' Worst Fear

"Kino, do you love him?"

Kino finally sets down her novel when the motorrad's constant pestering became too persistent to ignore. Her brown eyes narrow irritably at her companion.

"No Hermes," she sighs wearily, "I don't love him. Happy now?"

It appeared to be so since Hermes suddenly went silent for a few moments. Content with the absence of noise, Kino picked up her novel and continued to read.

"You're lying," Hermes accused, followed by Kino groaning, "I saw you and him yesterday down at the river. He was - !" The motorrad's voice became stuck as he tries to speak the next two syllables that caused his engine to rumble with anger.

Kino finds herself sighing for hundredth time tonight, "Kissing me?"

"Yes!" Hermes exclaimed angrily, "He was kissing you!"

"Do you need a gas refill?" Kino said, getting up. "Is that what this is about?"

"Don't change the subject!" Hermes growled, "He was totally all over you..."

"Yeah, so?"

"...and you were liking it!"

"If it bothers you so much, then don't think about it."

"Ergh! The thought of it is so horrifying, Kino! Next you two will be running off to get married...then having children!"

Kino shoots her friend a confused expression, "Hermes, I don't think that's even possible..."

"If you loved him, you wouldn't need me anymore. You'd probably just sell me off to some vendor who could care less about me so you can save space in your guys' love nest!"

"What in the world...?"

"I'll probably just fade away like last time before we met." Hermes voice is suddenly soft, "I would be so lonely."

Kino was now sitting right in front of the motorrad's headlight. She put a hand on it and rubbed it affectionately.

"I would never leave you," Kino whispers to her companion, "Why would you ever think that?"

Hermes only grumbles like a child, "Because you love him."

She sighs, "I don't love him, okay? And even if I did, I would never let it come between us. There's nothing in this world that can ever make me think about leaving you."

Hermes falls silent again. He feels comforted by her words and that look of utmost sincerity she was giving him. His mind can finally rest peacefully and not have to worry about Kino not being beside him the next morning.

Kino finally moves back to her sleeping bag, slightly weary of the fact that she had to tuck her motorcycle to sleep, and proceeded to reading her novel once again. Her eyes sped over the pages and absorbed the several hundreds of words like a sponge.


Kino let out a groan. "What now?"

"...So you don't actually love him, right?"

"Hermes," Kino rolls her eyes, "There's no way I could ever fall in love with Riku, okay?"