We do not own any characters. Though, as does most everyone else, we wish we did. Collaboration of different POVs written between BitchxPlease and Victoriaa. 100% Human and completely out of character.

Bella's POV

I have lived here all my life, in this small, Podunk town. This place was shitty. I was going to get out of here as soon as I could.

It wasn't fair. Charlie was able to travel the country, doing is job, supposedly. But I had assumptions that he did not spend his nights alone, but rather with the city skank. Whoever it was in whatever city he was in.

A one night stand with the sluttiest girl out there was Charlie's idea of a good night. Who knew what kind of diseases my father had now....

Ew. I'm not even going to think like that. Though I don't see him much, that's just sick. Even thinking about it. Ew.

A one night stand with the town hoe was how I was brought into this hell. My loving, adoring, caring mother, Renee, had been one of Charlie's flings. She was gifted with me. But just like Renee, she disappeared. I don't hear from her a lot, but so be it. She's a bitch anyway.
Though I did get a bit of both my parents.

I wasn't monogamous. I liked to keep my doors open. And I never did anyone twice. I peaced out of that cock joint before things got too serious.

Ever since I had discovered my boobs and my ass I had been flaunting that shit since the 7th grade.

I had been with a lot of people. Had my fair share of dick. Nowadays I knew what I liked and what I didn't. I had become a picky slut.

Not like Lauren and Jessica who would fuck anything that had a penis. Two legs, four legs, no legs, it didn't matter as long as it had some sort of phallus to penetrate their nastiness.
Today was routine.

I was to go to school. Come home. Leave. Party. Fuck. Come home. Sleep. And repeat.
There was always a party somewhere, and you fucking bet I'd be there.

The blaring honk of a horn announced the arrival of my two best friends, Alice and Jasper. Those two were the shit. My best friends for life, they would be there for me thick and thin no matter what.

We carpooled with each other all the time. Rotating between who would drive.
Today just happened to be Jasper's turn.

I slammed the front door behind me, not caring to lock it. If someone wanted to break into my house, they fucking could. I'd find them though, and beat the shit out of them. My dad is a fucking FBI agent, he has the connections to find who did it, and I'd just get the shit beating rights.

I walked to Jasper's truck, a huge ass 2008 Chevy Silverado. Dark blue, naturally, since that was Jaspers "color", supposedly.

I don't know why he found it necessary to put the biggest tires he could possibly find on this thing, it made it beyond difficult to get in.

Finally, after doing a jump, grab, pull maneuver I found myself sitting in the passenger seat beside Jasper.

I turned to look at him, trying to catch my breath from the simple act of getting into the fucking truck. Holy shit. Like seriously, maybe I should lay off the damn cigs.

"Hey," I said in-between breaths. Strands of my dark hair were plastered to my face because of the sweat. My chest heaved up and down and my lungs felt like they were going to explode.

"God damn Bella, fucking lay of those damn cigarettes," he bitched as he screeched out of my driveway.

"Fuck off Jazz," I heaved, still trying to even out my breathing. It was no secret that I was a chronic smoker. A couple packs a day was the norm for me. It relieves stress, what can I say?
"You're one to talk," Alice chimed from the back seat where she was perched. Alice was the observer, quiet and smart. She kept us out of trouble. For the most part. But once you got that bitch partying, she was going it hard. Going all out and shit.

Jasper's response was a simple flip of the bird before speeding off toward school. It wasn't far, and we could have walked if we had to. But when your parents were rich beyond all belief and you had your own car, why bother?

Half the students that went to this school had a car made this year. Not some old ass piece of shit that normal teenagers get.

Myself included. My daddy bought me a beautiful 2008 Audi Coupe, in the color black, to bring in the New Year. It wasn't my first choice in vehicle, and I had thrown a huge fit, but the shithead wouldn't budge.

Jasper managed to squeeze his beast of a truck in one of the school parking spots. Good thing I was thin, no fat bitch would be able to fit through the space Jasper created.
I stepped out, holding the door while Alice got out. Jasper waited at the front of his truck for us.

"What are the plans tonight?" I asked as I went to stand beside Jazz. I straightened out my navy blue shirt, part of the nasty uniform we were forced to wear. Granted, the uniform wasn't that bad. We just had to wear the navy blue shirts with the school's logo, 'Forks High School: Striving for the Best'. If the teachers and staff only knew what their "best" did every night at parties.

"The bitch Newton is having a party," Jasper told us as he leaned against the grill of his truck, his hands tucked in his pockets. A strand of his gold hair hung in his face. Seriously, if Jasper wasn't my best guy friend, I'd probably fuck him. He was brilliant and completely chill. Not to mention gorgeous.

But me and him were like brother and sister; I had known him my entire life. And I wouldn't ever do a friend; it's like one of those unwritten sex laws.

Sex Law Number One. Thou shall not fuck the best friend.

Sex Law Number Two. Thou shall not fuck the guy a best friend is crushing on.

Aw, lovely, quiet, little Alice. How me and her became inseparable...I couldn't tell you. But we were now. And though the three of us were all connected at the hip, it was no secret between Alice and I that she was crushing majorly on the Jazz Masta. Crushing hard.
She probably had those fantasy dreams that you woke up to craving and sweating and panting for more about him. She probably got off just thinking about him.

But somehow she never managed to show her infatuation. She kept it pretty cool, never showing more than just a friendship interest.

"Newton's it is," I agreed, taking a spot beside Jasper. Alice stood in front of us, clutching her handy, dandy, notebook to her chest. She never left that damn thing anywhere; it was pretty much glued to her hand. I had yet to find out what was in it, which was one thing she never shared.

But whatever.

"We should probably get to class," Alice announced, glancing around the filling parking lot.
Seriously? We still had plenty of time, and hell, I needed a cig. It was just like Alice to freak out about getting to class on time. She was goody, goody like that.

I pulled a cigarette from my back pocket, reaching into Jasper's with my other hand. I knew for damn sure he'd have a lighter, he always did.

"Really Alice," I said between the cigarette and lighting it, "We have plenty of time." I handed the lighter back to Jazz.

I took a long drag, basking in the nicotine rush. I exhaled slowly, relishing the calm the cancer stick provided. Jasper snagged it from my hand just as I was about to take another puff.
I glared harshly at him, but he was unfazed.

"We're bunking at your house tonight Swan. Esme and Carlisle are being too observant for their own good," he said on an exhale.

Nodding in agreement I turned to Alice. "You too?" I asked.


When Jasper had said we, he didn't mean Alice and him. He had meant him and his step brothers; Emmett and Edward. All of them would stay at my house when their parents got too nosey and suspicious. My house was always open to them, besides, Charlie was always gone on those "work trips".

Speaking of the two step bros, they were walking across the parking lot now.

You always knew when they arrived because you could almost hear all the girls squeal and come in their pants.

I'm not going to lie. Edward and Emmett are fucking gorgeous. Hot ass, underwear model hot. Emmett was huge, muscular and burly. Dark hair, tall. Definitely doable. Edward was also muscular, but not so...BAM! Muscles. His hair was always arranged in this sex hair hot mess. And it was this amazing bronze color....

Those two were definitely at the top of my list of people I'd like to fuck. Right up there with Brad Pitt and Cam Gigandet.

The three of them. Yes, I said three. And I hate to even mention the bitch that flagged behind Edward. Rosalie Hale. The queen bitch. The person that I loved to hate, and that was no secret. She was the epitome of gorgeous. I hate to admit it, but it's the truth. She's blonde, big boobs, blue eyes, thin frame, curvy. All the guys got on their hands and knees for her.
Though I had my beliefs that she was infested. With God knows what. It was no secret that she was a sex fiend.

Anyway. The three of them approached us. We all hung out and got along, for the most part. Sitting at the same lunch table and all that good high school bullshit.

"Newton's?" Emmett asked.

"Damn straight," I said, snagging my stolen cig back from my friend.

"Crashing at your place?" a different voice asked. God. Damn. That voice made my knees weak. It was smooth and sensual. Fuck. But I passed if off as nothing more than a, 'what I wouldn't do to fuck that', feeling.

I couldn't admit it. I couldn't have a crush on Edward. Bella-fucking-Swan does not crush on guys, ever. She does them, and then gets the hell out of there. All knew I had never had a relationship other than sex with a guy. Though I think I could live with that if it came to Edward.

Like the idiot I was I couldn't answer, I just stood there, staring at him, the cigarette still sitting in my mouth.